Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Teacher within us

Every year on the 5th of September, India comes together to honour our teachers. Being a daughter to a teacher I have grown up seeing my mom bring home loads of greetings on this day. For me, she is my first teacher and also the best. On this day all of us remember those special teachers who have taught us various lessons in life. Few of us call them up even after years to wish them on this day, while few of us write to them. 

But, has this thought ever crossed your mind, that we are nothing but a moulded structure of pieces of every teacher who crossed our life. I can proudly vouch for it. Who are we? We are nothing but bits and pieces of every teacher who taught us. These teachers need not only be the ones who taught us english or computers or Maths. They can be anyone who may have walked into our lives to teach us the values that define us as a person. They can be our parents or friends or our siblings too. 

It is the lessons we learn from them that makes us what we are. They formulate our decisions, our lifestyle, our talks and our attitude. We may have hated a few teachers in the course of our life, but do not forget that ever teacher has done his job of imparting knowledge. Something that is extremely noble is the art of imparting knowledge. 

There is a part of every teacher within us. Look back at your past and try to remember every teacher who has impressed you. 
For example, my friend once stopped me from throwing a piece of paper on the road. Ever since then I have stopped that and even stopped others from doing so. She taught me something that is going to stay with me for years to come. 

So always remember your behaviour clearly depicts your upbringing and gives the opposite person a picture of your values. These values are nothing but the lessons you have learnt. 

Always be thankful for the teachers and mentors who have crossed different paths in your life. They have done it all for free. All you owe back to them is a sense of gratitude and appreciation. 

Discover the teacher within you and thank him or her today!!

Happy Teachers day to all my lovely teachers and mentors who taught me the greatest values and morals in life. 


  1. So much to think about and so true.. How we behave gives people a glimpse of the values we have imbibed..could be from anyone..

  2. My country (the United States) should have a holiday like that. There have been so many teachers in my life - my parents, some of my school teachers, co-workers, some friends, and life itself. I shared this post with my friends on Facebook. I'll be curious to see what the comments are.

  3. Yes true. Thanks for dropping by

  4. Thanks you so much Alana for dropping by. Now I am curious as well to see the comments.