Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Life is not blind

Darkness is all I have known,
Brightness is something I perceive.

Shut are the doors of my vision,
Open - a journey so forlorn.

My soul yearns from within,
In search it keeps wandering.

He stumbles then rises,
Endures never forsaking.

Unaware am I,
Of the colour of my skin, my hair, my blood.
They say it's white, black and red,
Alas.... pitied by their vibes,
They pity my existence.

Echoes of difference,
I use, to judge every instance.
My senses are unyielding,
My soul pursues and keeps moving.

Humbled and obliged,
Praises to my being,
I know where I am heading,
My soul takes me along.

Meek are those many,
Who quest for their harbor,
Brave is my soul not weary,
It knows what to discover..

I am blind for that's what they say,
I seek, beseech and search,
My soul finds the key to my destiny,
My life is not blind,
For I can see my victory,
It lies in the luminosity.......

Not to be held, Never to withhold,
Need no eyes to feel the bliss,
Fighting the adversaries,

I strive to live long,

With eyes to see, With colours to dignify,
Why do you fall and give up? 
Why do you live to die?