Monday, July 30, 2012

Wounds from the grave - Part 3

Being a Saturday, the mall was filled with people. John looked around to comprehend the intensity of the damage if the bomb did burst before he could evacuate the crowd. 

"Jawaan, take the entire troop and start searching the nook and corner of the mall for any bomb. I want two of you to start checking the crowd if you find anyone suspicious”, he ordered his troop of officers.
John was busy searching for the reception of the mall when heard an announcement.

John couldn't believe what he heard. The crowd started to run helter skelter. He had no time to loose he had to see to it that the entire crowd was out of the mall. The walkie-talkie beeped and he picked it up to answer, “Sir the bomb is near the lift in the first floor. There is hardly any time to defuse it.” His junior spoke in a hasty fashion.

John kept the walkie-talkie and realized that he was near the lift. Before he could think of his next move he felt someone push him off the window and he was flying against the pull of gravity. His eyes closed and body light, he heard a devastating noise behind him and fell to the ground. He tried to open his eyes that had turned moist. 
Dirt particles were filled in his eyes while he tried to scratch them.

He was still in some kind of illusion when he heard someone familiar.“Are you ok John?”

John struggled to open his eyes. His vision initially blurred finally settled down and he could see Arvind fallen down next to him. “Dude..... Oh Man, was that you who pushed me down?” John asked him excitedly. He tried to get up and see if he was really safe. Turning around he saw that the mall was on fire but everyone was evacuated and he was happy that his mission was a success.

He went ahead to thank Arvind when he heard his mobile ring, it flashed Alina. “John, where are you?” Alina screamed crying on the phone. “Baby, what is it? Are you fine?” John was worried.

“John I am waiting at the restaurant near our house. Please come soon”, She spoke hurriedly and hung the call. 

Arvind agreed to accompany John. They reached the restaurant and found Alina sitting in a corner with the face covered. Seeing John she ran to his arms and hugged him.

 “Alina, What is it?”

Alina was shivering when she began to speak, “John, where have you been? I was alone in the house....” She continued to cry as she spoke in fear. “I ran to pick your call when the power supply went off. I suddenly heard a noise from the bedroom and went to see who it was when I realized that it was the stalker”
John’s eyes became wide open when he realized what Alina had been through. He made her sit on the chair close by and then she continued.

 “John, I couldn’t see his face clearly as he had a hat on his head. He came close John…. Very close….to… to kiss me.”, She crushed her fingers on her clothes as she spoke.

 “At that moment my hands grabbed the vase on the table and I hit him on his head and ran out of the bedroom. I am scared if I killed him John. I ran with no clue of what to do next. I immediately took my mobile and called you”, she continued crying and held him tightly.

Arvind who had been hearing the entire story suggested that they should go home and check if the stalker was still there. John held Alina’s hands and went with Arvind to their house.

He stealthily entered the house and switched on the lights to see that the supply was still cut. Arvind put his hand into his pocket and removed a lighter. Heled the way and John followed with Alina beside him. They slowly walked to the bedroom making as much less noise as possible. In the shadow of the light from the lighter he turned around to see Alina. She still had drops of tears left in her chin. But, her eyes looked a little fresh. He stared at her for a second and realized the fear she must have been through. Alina who was busy looking around to see if the stalker was anywhere stopped wandering when her gaze fell on John who had been noticing her. She gave him a slight smile and held his hands even tighter.

Arvind hid his lighter and opened the door of the bedroom slowly so that no one could see them entering. He slowly looked around the room with John following him. They looked at every corner of the room but no one was to be found. Alina heaved a sigh of relief that no one was there. Arvind left the two of them in the bedroom and ran to check the fuse. John made Alina sit on the bed and searched the room again. Within a few minutes the power supply was back and John found that the entire room was in a mess.

 “Thanks Bro. Thanks for all the help”, He thanked Arvind.

 Arvind left and John couldn’t sleep the whole night. Alina’s safety had become very critical. He had to shift her to a safer place where the stalker could not reach her and he could get enough time to search for the stalker.

He woke up by 5.00 am the next morning and packed Alina’s clothes in a small suitcase. He made breakfast and woke her up. “Alina, take bath and get ready soon. We are going to your father’s house”, He spoke in a flow as he was tying his watch on his wrist.

In an hour’s time they were outside “Varghese Villa”. Alina’s father who was in his 70’s stood outside to welcome them. John had called him early in the morning and informed him that he would be leaving Alina for a day at his place as he had to go on an urgent trip to Darjeeling. John had taken care not to inform him about anything that happened the previous night.

“Alina, you are going to be ok. Don’t let dad know about anything. I don’t want him to be worried. I will solve this case by evening” He assured Alina. She trusted him and hugged him saying she would be fine and brave.
John got into the car and waved her “Bye” when Alina ran to him. She stood near the car and whispered, “I will wait for you John. Come soon”

Alina sat speaking to her dad. She made sure that she didn't give him a hint about the stalker. She realized that it had been quite some time since she had sat and spoken her heart out to her Dad. They enjoyed the yummy Keralite lunch and Mr. Varghese left to his bedroom for his afternoon nap. Alina walked to her bedroom to see if it was still the same as she had left it 2 years back.

The bedroom door was open and she found the fan running inside.

“Hello, Ms. Beautiful”, came a voice from behind.

Alina turned behind to see the stalker stand in front of her. She could feel her blood race through her veins. She knew she couldn’t escape today.

“You hit me hard yesterday, dear. But I made my way out of your house just when you’re so called courageous husband came in alongwith you.”

She couldn’t bear the smell as he came closer to you.

“Alina, my sweetheart. Who is going to help you today? You husband is on some mission and your dad. He can hardly walk.” He laughed out loud as he spoke. He came close to her and held her tightly on her shoulders. He began to hurt her. Today he was not empty handed. He had a knife in his tucked inside his vest.

Alina was shivering, she started praying her last wish when she realized that she wasn’t going to make it. He pushed her to the wall and held out the knife in the direction to strike her. She screamed as he came close enough to hurt her and exactly at that minute the bedroom door flung open.

 “Ravi Verma, drop your knife and turn around”, John stood at the door. He was accompanied by five officers who made their way inside the room and caught hold of the stalker. Alina let herself loose and ran to John.
“John...... John......(crying)  I thought it was all over.” She wiped her tears.

 “I thought I wouldn’t see you again, You made it John. You made it. You came to save me......... My last wish (sobbing)...John...”

She hugged him and continued., “My last wish was to see you …..” She continued to cry when John spoke.

“Alina, it’s not me whom you should thank. Thank my friend.” John summoned the man behind the door to come out.


Arvind walked from behind the door wearing a police uniform and a gun in his hand.

“Oh John!!! Don’t give me the credit. It was my duty”. Arvind spoke and turned around to Alina.

“Mrs. Mathews, we just saved you from the criminal who was on his run out of the prison.” Arvind spoke much to her amazement.

“Ravi Verma was caught in a drug smuggling case a year ago. And the person who had arrested him was none other than your intelligent husband, John”, Alina who was still standing close to John turned to look at him

“Ravi, the stalker was involved in a major drug racket. It had taken the department a hell lot of time and loss of civilary to arrest him. It so happened that Ravi’s wife was a kind woman. She had no clue about his wrong doings. She couldn’t digest the shock that her husband was a rogue.”

“ Ravi was arrested on charges of smuggling on the 16th of June, 2011. She was completely devastated and his truth brought her shame. Unable to bear this humiliation, she committed suicide leaving her 5 year old son in the care of a nanny." Alina continued to give a kind ear to Arvind.

"In spite of Ravi being a criminal, he loved his wife very dearly and it was his love that had caused him to hide all this from her.” Arvind waved to the junior officers to take Ravi to the nearest police station.

Alina heard Ravi's past but she was confused as to why he was stalking her. “Arvind, I don’t understand why should he come behind me? What harm have I done to him?”

“It is not you Alina, it is John whom he wanted to take revenge off. He spent a year in jail and took sometime to plan the correct hour of his escape. His advocate, a criminal lawyer helped him in this plan." Alina who was still in a state of shock sat on the bed close to her.

"Now you must be wondering how do i know the entire story of Ravi?" Alina shook her head in acceptance.

"I was kept on a mission to search for him. I opened his case file and found that John had arrested him. On furthur investigation it was revealed that his wife had committed suicide on the day he was arrested. We knew that he couldn't have escaped without somebody's help. That was when we tracked his lawyer. On gun's point his lawyer accepted the truth and left us with a huge clue." Arvind had lost his breath and drank a glass of water.

"The clue was John. The advocate had blurted out that Ravi was in search of John. I concluded that he was going to harm John and since then I had been following John to catch Ravi red handed. I saved John a couple of times,from the truck accident and the bomb blast. This was the only way I could gain his trust. I was on a mission and I couldn’t have given John any clue about my identity.”

“On the day of the blast I revealed my identity to John when you had called to the restaurant. I led you both to the bedroom to find no one there. I went to turn on the fuse and noticed a photo lying near the switchboard. On seeing closely I realized that it was Ravi’s wife. That was when I confirmed that the person stalking you was Ravi Verma. I informed John about Ravi’s case  in your absence and we planned to bring you here.”

Alina’s question was still unanswered. “Alina I am coming to you. Ravi knew that killing John would give him a temporary suffering. He wanted to punish him for his entire life. He wanted him to endure all the pain similar to what he had endured when he saw his wife lay motionless before him. And hence he decided to kill you. You are John’s priceless possession and what could ”

 “We knew that he would come after you here and we caught him red handed”. Arvind heaved a sigh of relieaf as he finished.

Alina felt hard to digest what she had heard. She was happy that John was safe.

Ravi was put behind bars and held in charges of “Attempt to murder”. Arvind went back to Darjeeling after completing his mission successfully. Arvind continues to be John’s best companion.

“Jaan, come home soon today. I have a surprise planned for you” Alina walked outside the cake shop, speaking to John on the phone.
“I am sorry sweetheart. I have to rush to Darjeeling tonight. A drug peddlar is on his run.......”

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wounds from the grave - Part 2

"What's in your hand Alina?" John enquired.

Alina tried to adjust her kurta while she crushed the paper within her fingers. "Oh this paper!!" she smiled and tried to get into the house. "It was just some flier, Johny. I think some salesman must have left it here."

She walked past him to avoid him.
"Alina, are you trying to hide something from me?" Alina stopped and turned to John

"Me!!! No John. Why would i hide something from you? Infact what is there to hide from you", She went close to him and tried to look into his eyes to make him believe her.

"Don't look into my eyes and lie Alina. We have been married for 2 years and I can very well figure out if u lie or if you speak the truth!! Damn it !!!" He turned away from her and banged the table that was next to her.

She was startled for a second. "If i don't open up to John now it would be late" she murmured to herself.
He turned towards her, his eyes red with anger. "Alina, I have figured out everything. It's better you speak up before I make assumptions. "

"John", her voice started to choke as he spoke. "John somebody has been stalking me lately". She started to tell him everything from what happened at the mall till the letter she crushed. 

"So much has happened Alina and you are telling me all this so late", he held her shoulders and questioned,"What if something would have happened to you? I can't even imagine Alina"

He continued, "Tell me Alina, is there anything else that you have hidden. Am sure this stalker knows you. Is he your ex- lover or someone? Tell me Alina. Why are you quiet? Damn it!!!"

He left her crying and walked out of the house without giving her a chance to speak.

Alina sat alone in the dining room sobbing. She was caught in her thoughts. She struggled to contact John. She cursed herself for hiding everything from John. "I wish i had told him everything. He wouldn't have suspected me. Everything is my mistake." She spoke to herself.

She sat in the sofa looking at the clock. It struck 10.00 PM and there was no news about John. He had been out since 7.30 in the evening. She had tried calling him but his mobile was not reachable. She tried to call his friends to see if he was at their place. But it was all a waste of time.
"I will take care of her. You don't have to worry", John remembered the words he had spoken to Alina's father when they were married and he had been true to these words. There had never been a day when he had left her alone. "How could she have hidden this from me?" He kept questioning himself. "Have I no been a good husband to her"

He had no track of where he was walking. Lost in his thoughts and in her's he just kept walking. He tried to cross the road. Without looking on both the sides, he started crossing the road when a truck crossed in full speed honking loudly. Whooooooosh !!!!

 It was a narrow escape and thanks to the person who had caught John's hands and saved him from going under the wheels of the truck.

"Hello Mr. Are you trying to get yourself killed or something?" The good samaritan who had just saved him asked him. 
John who was still not able to come out of the shock was trying his best to speak. "I.... I ...." he muttered. "Thank you so much Sir." He tried to let out words..
"I was just lost in some thoughts. Thank you very much for saving my life" John smiled.
"You are lucky that I saved you today. You can't get lucky always. You got to watch the road and walk man." The man cautioned John.
John said he would be safe and took a taxi home. He didn't speak a word to Alina and slept on an empty stomach.

Alina got up the next morning to see that John had already left for work. John was the "Officer" in charge at the Crime Bureau of Investigation. John was known for his intelligent actions taken while cracking any investigation cases. He was smart, quick witted and always on his toes where he smelt crime.

The day had started on a sad note. For the first time in two years he had left his house without kissing Alina on her forehead. But she was all who was on his head. He hated lies and she had lied to him. 

"Green Park" restaurant across the road was famous for continental cuisine. John had almost fainted in hunger. He walked in to the restaurant and ordered for a bread sandwich and a cup of tea. He paid the bill and started to walk out when he could sense some confusion behind him.

"Sir, I am extremely sorry. I forgot my purse. Give me sometime I shall come back and pay the bill", the customer pleaded.
"Sorry Sir we can't let you go", the owner spoke rudely.

John gave a closer look and realised that the customer was the same guy who had saved him the previous day.
"Sirji, what is the bill amount? I shall clear it."He asked the owner.
"Rs. 200 Sir", the owner replied.

"Thank you so much for helping me out", the customer thanked John.
"Sir, don't you remember me. You saved me from going under the wheels of the truck yesterday. This was just a small help i could do for you", John replied calmly.
The customer smiled and stretched his hands forward to wish him, giving his introduction, "This is Arvind. And we have been meeting each other often? No wonder the world is indeed very small"
John smiled, "Hey Arvind!! I am John Mathews" They spoke for a while and parted.

John walked into his cabin and found his lunch box in his table with a small note.

" Please eat your lunch. I am sorry for everything. I don't have words to express how guilty I am. Hope you forgive me soon. Eat well.

Alina. "

John smiled as he read the letter. His love weighed more than his doubt and anger. He left home early that evening and bought her orchids. Alina was all the more happy that everything was fine between them now and the stalker had not troubled her the whole day.

The next day morning she opened the door to find another envelope. Without opening it she took it to John. John opened it and read,

" Alina, don't think I am quiet. I haven't forgotten you. I will come again soon."

Alina was scared but she knew John would take care of everything. John decided to find out who it was.
He reached his office and began with the investigation the save the woman he loved.

It was 6 in the evening and he had not found a clue yet. His mobile rang and he picked it up.

" Sir. I have information that there is a bomb at phoenix mall. I can't give you any more information." before John could say anything the call was cut.

He immediately left with his team to the mall and tried calling Alina to inform her when she didn't answer.

Alina was in her bedroom when John had called. She reached late to answer the call and the call was cut. On trying to call him again, she realised that her phone was dead and current had suddenly gone.

She walked to the kitchen to light a candle and "Dhadham!!!" A loud noise was heard from the bedroom.
Alina slowly and cautiously walked to the bedroom when she started to get the weird smell again. Her body began to perspire.
" I will come again soon ", she remembered the stalkers words.
" Is he back ?" Her thoughts surrounded him.

The smell had become strong by now. He was somewhere close to her. She tried to search ford her mobile but she couldn't find it.
Her pulse raised as the scent became strong. Her leg hit the corner of the bed and she fell with the candle burning out.

" Is this what you are looking for Alina ? " she heard a voice from behind.

There stood a man with a hat on his head holding her mobile in h hand and a candle in his left.

" Who are you ?" Alina screamed.
" Sshhhhhh !!!!Don't scream honey someone may hear", he spoke softly.

She tried to see his face but she couldn't because of the hat. " I have been so eager to meet you " he spoke and came closer to her. She started to move back.

" Wow. It would be nice to have a feast over you", he went close enough so that his lips could touch his.......

To be continued.........

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wounds from the grave

The sun had set and the moon was making its way to enlighten the dark sky. The mild thunder and the wild breeze had made the weather pleasant. Hearing the thunder she ran to the terrace to pick the clothes she had put for drying. Switching on the lights in her bedroom, she sat folding the clothes.

Alina Mathews, a tall slender woman in her late 20's looked much younger than her age. Her black silky hair was long enough to touch her arms. She looked at the clock, it showed 7.30 and she knew John her beloved husband would be home soon.

The breeze had started to turn into a whirlwind by now in the hill station where they lived. The windows began to bang as the winds began to bang and show their magnificence. Alina decided to close it and walked towards the window. She struggled to fight with the strong winds and close the window when something caught her eye. She could see the lights in her neighbour's house and the shadow of a person with a hat on his head.

" Mrs. Khanna had said they would be back only after a week from Darjeeling. How are the lights switched on in their house ?"  She thought to herself.

She gave a closer look to confirm what she saw. The shadow began to move and she could feel her pulse increase. Alina couldn't believe what she saw and was almost going to scream when she felt someone's hand in her shoulder.

Startled with the touch she screamed and turned around to see John standing in front of her. "Alina you are here and I have been searching the entire house for you " John enquired. She didn't hear what he spoke and in the fraction of a second hugged him tightly.

"What's it sweetheart?" John questioned.
Alina's voice shivered as she spoke. "John I saw a shadow in aunty Khanna's house. It scared the hell out of me. Come here”, she pulled his arm hurriedly, “Wahan dekho”, she pointed to the direction of aunty’s house.
“Can you see him, John? ", she held his arms and questioned.
" No one’s there Alina.  You must be dreaming dear. I am very tired. Can you get me a cup of coffee please Love ?" John tried to divert her attention.

A confused Alina was still finding it difficult to accept what she had seen. She finally concluded that it was her imagination and hallucination.
She was busy making coffee in the kitchen when John came and hugged her from the back and whispered into her ears. " Alina its been long since we have gone shopping. Shall we make it tomorrow love ?"
She turned back held his face between her palms and replied, " I am the luckiest girl J in the world to have a husband who is so eager to take his wife for shopping " She went close to him and passionately kissed him.

Alina wore a blue denim and a pista green t-shirt which covered her body just perfectly to reveal her curves. She had tied her hair like a pony tail and wore matching accessories. She waited outside the Phoenix mall for John.

John finally arrived half an hour late to meet Alina who had been boiling in anger waiting impatiently for him. "John how long will you take? Why do you like to keep me waiting all the time?"
"Sorry dear I was caught up in heavy traffic." He managed to calm her down.
She picked up two kurtis and went inside the trial room. Her first kurti was small in size and the second one didn't suit her. She opened the door and asked John to bring her another kurti. She tried it and it was elegant J.
Walking out of the trail room she was busy setting her dress right when she felt a strange smell of scent and that someone was noticing her. The smell was weird and something very unique and strong. She turned around to see who it was. But again it was her imagination as no one very peculiar was there. The customers were busy shopping.

 She began searching for John. He was nowhere to be found. She paid the bill and walked outside the shop still searching for him. John was busy talking on the phone. Seeing her with bags john came to her rescue, "Where were you John ? I was searching for you.", she enquired raising her tone. 
"It was an urgent call Alina, I had to receive it. Sorry dear.” He replied leaving her wondering, “This was the kind of shopping you wanted to take me?”.

“Hmmmm it’s fine, anyway I chose the kurti you gave me in the dressing room Honey, It was so pretty.”, she went close and cuddled him. “How do you find such cute stuffs?” she continued.
“Which Kurti, Alina? I didn’t give you any. I told you I was on an urgent call ",(Bang……) He replied leaving her bewildered.
“What!!!!!” She screamed with her eyebrows raised. “If you were out on a call, then who was it who gave me the  kurti ? " she was awestruck. John looked at her wondering. (Why was she so astonished and serious!!)
John thought for a while and replied "The sales girl would have given you honey ".
Alina was lost in her thoughts again, she thought if she was imagining things or was it really happening. She held John's hand and calmed herself thinking , " Nothing can happen to me when he is with me ".

The next morning Alina was fresh and began her morning chores. Sharp at 7.00 AM the milk man would drop milk packets at the door and as always she went to pick them up. Opening the door she could smell something weird. The smell of a strong scent, she felt it familiar. She kept wondering something strange was happening. The smell was similar to the one at the shopping mall.

She bent down to pick up the milk packets when she saw a white envelope outside her door. She turned to see who it was addressed to.  The envelope was blank. She turned to walk inside her house when she heard footsteps running fast and the smell was even more stronger.

“I think it is the same person at the mall. I can find out who it is”, she ran to the steps to figure out who the stranger was, alas there was no one to be seen. Disappointed she went back home and opened the letter with an inquisitive look in her eyes. The letter was written in black ink and the handwriting looked very familiar. It read,

" Alina hope the kurti fit you yesterday, remember the one I gave you in the trial room ? It must have looked so good on you !! I failed to see it yesterday. Can you wear it for me today evening and come to meet me at Eden gardends at 6.00PM.
A king request please come alone.

Your well wisher "

Alina's heart beat fast, she was confused whether she should share it with John. She was scared if this may hurt john or the unknown person may hurt john. She finally decided to tell john later and decided to meet the "Mr. X" alone.

At 6.00 PM sharp she stood outside the gates of Eden gardens wearing the same kurti he had asked her to wear. A foray of thoughts crowded her mind. "Why I am here? Why did I come here without informing John? What if someone is playing the fool with me?"
She kept questioning herself and looking at her watch. The strong smell again started to linger around and she was sure “Mr.X” was around. She turned around but she couldn’t see anything unfamiliar, but she was sure he was around. It struck 7 and she realized that she was standing at the same place and no one had turned up.

Impatiently she left the place and took an auto home. She reached home to see John inside the house and another envelope at her door step. Worried and scared she picked it up. It read,

 "I told you to come alone. Why was John at the garden ?"

She felt the earth move beneath her feet. Had John come to know about it. She crushed the paper in her hands hoping nobody had seen her. Just then she heard someone open her house door,
 "Alina where were you?" John stood at the door......

Who was it following Alina? How did John get to know about the haunter?
To be continued….

Friday, July 13, 2012

How about playing needle and thread???

Welcome to my “Activity Post”!!!

Moving from writing short stories to events about my life and from entries for contests to social stuff, I decided to try a different genre this time. Here, I present you my very first “Activity Post”.

 I am going to blog about the things I do in my leisure time. When I was in the 4th std, I remember we had “Needle work” classes every Tuesday in the last 3 hours. I can reminisce that I would look forward to these classes and would enjoy it. Learning the basics in school I would try them out during summer vacations and slowly I started learning embroidery too from my mother ( My teacher in every aspect of life! Love you MOM). She taught me the basic stitches and taught me how to learn discover new ways to use those stitches.

Embroidery and designing my clothes with beads and sequences comes naturally to me. You can call it my hobby or my leisure time activity. Although I am not trained in it, I work on small designs in my salwars just to add to the beauty.

Have you thought while buying a dress that you could actually spend some time in designing and making it look elegant? How about making your clothes into something that could define you?

 So here are a few samples of the same and a few tips to make your clothes look even more beautiful.

 Not to forget, it is always advisable to use “ANCHOR” embroidery threads. They give you a specific shine to your stitches and they don’t leave color stains on your clothes when you wash them.

In a recent salwar that I had stitched I found that the sleeve of the salwar could be designed. So I took golden colored thread and used the chain stitch to make small flowers. To add to the beauty I used beads and sequences too.

Back stitch and outline stitch works well when you have to give an outline to a design.  In one of my salwars I had a purple border which was quite broad and I wanted to give it some essence. I used the outline stitch to make the following design.\

A month back I had to buy a saree for my cousin’s wedding. I went in for a designer saree, cream in colour with light golden polka dots and  patch zardosi work in gold and red. The blouse of the saree seemed to be very simple after I got it stitched. I decided to buy some readymade sequences that I could stitch to the blouse and I must say it turned out to be a great idea!!!

I initially found it difficult to buy beads and sequences in Chennai, however I found out two shops which made it very easy for me.
>>ALANKAR in Chintamani, Anna Nagar is a great store where you can get all the materials related to designing your clothes the way you want.
>>Pondy Bazzaar is another stop for such articles.
>>For my Pune friends the best place you can find this is either in Laxmi road or in “YaKub and Co” in M.G Road, Camp.
For information on the various embroidery stitches you can visit They provide videos and you can learn to stitch online.

Hope you found this post informative. This is just an insight for beginners because I am a beginner too. Why not try a few stitches on your own?  Well this is the time pick a needle, make the right choice of colors and beads and play with your creativity.