Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Crescendo in battle and thriller !!!

Haiku Prompt #259 : "Crescendo"

The Haiku Prompt inspired by "Haiku Heights" is "Crescendo".

This time I have written two Haiku's for this prompt. 

Have you heard the crescendo of galloping horses before a war could begin?

Horses galloping

Thuds and Thumps, peace rescinding

Battle beckoning


Have you ever felt the crescendo of suspense while reading a thriller?

Writer amuses

Trifles with words, nerve reckons

Suspense revealed


Monday, June 24, 2013

Unknown angel !!

Haiku Prompt #258 : "Lunch"

The Haiku Prompt inspired by "Haiku Heights" is "Lunch". 

The Haiku written written for the prompt, "Lunch" is inspired by the "Share My dabba" campaign brought about by Ms. Singh in Mumbai. Each day 16 tonnes of food gets wasted in these dabbas. According to this campaign the participant can place a "Share"sticker on their dabba and the dabbawalas in turn give these dabbas to Ms. Singh. She feeds the street children this food.

Such a noble deed indeed !!

The street kids are satisfied for the day but they are not sure about the morrow, nevertheless Ms. Singh is their angel and Hero.

You can also visit this page for the details (http://www.thenational.ae/news/world/south-asia/mumbais-dabbawalas-begin-deliveries-to-hungry-children)

Famished, run in glee

Satisfied, morrow unknown

Angel in disguise

Swindler in disguise !!!

"Good evening, Gentlemen. I see the wine would not be sufficient to satisfy your famished stomach.", the waiter in a black and white suit chuckled at the two men who had been sipping their wine for quite sometime.

Handing over the menu he suggested, "Why don't you try some of our finest delicacies? How about tasting Petite Lamb Shank and grilled Merguez suasage?"

"Frank, that sounds perfect for dinner, ain't it?" the taller among the two spoke in a shrill tone.

"I agree with you Dylan." the other man raised his brows and tilted his face to one side agreeing on the menu.

"Your order would be ready in 15 mins, Sir", the waiter returned with the menu card.

The grand shimmer at the epicenter of the restaurant mirrored the vehicles that passed on the street opposite to the restaurant, Bloomsbury Bistro where the men sat enjoying their dinner. Black wheels of Nissan Juke screeched at the Whitaker Mill Road exactly opposite to the restaurant in Raleigh, North Carolina.

At the steering was a young woman with a nerdy face in her late 20's.  Her appearance didn't seem to harmonize with the black Prada that looked vivacious on her. The cold winter had deteriorated her and her fingers were cliched to the steering wheel while she tapped her legs in nervousness.

"Hannah, I really think this is the best move.", the blonde who sat beside the steering wheel comforted her.

"Dylan is a pro at it, I am sure Frank will confess his infidelity today", Hannah bit her lips as she spoke in anger but deep within she wanted Frank to be innocent.

Dylan tried playing with the second button in his shirt as he adjusted the mike that he had hidden inside. He kept looking at the shimmer to see if he could find Hannah across the street.

"I will lift my glass as a sign for you to be more vigilant." Hannah picked up her binoculars and adjusted her focus to the shimmer.

"Give me my earphones Siena, I've received the signal", Siena rushed her hands through the back seat of the car and pulled out the earphones.
Hannah connected them to the receiver so she could here the conversation.

"Dylan, man my wife, Hannah makes scrumptious grilled Merguez Sausages. You should come home sometime to try them." Frank boasted about Hannah's cooking skills.

Sienna glanced at Hannah and patted her on her thighs warning her not to get carried away. Hannah's fierce eyebrows dropped a  little and she went back the most beautiful moments that she had shared with Frank.

"Honey, these sausages are delicious........" Holding the sausage in one hand and his mouth full, Frank pulled Hannah and held her around her waist, "Am sure not a single soul could surpass you in the entire Raleigh"

Hannah pulled the microwave door as it squeaked and pushed Frank aside smiling. "Oh Frank I am totally in love with you" She ran back into his arms missing out on the door of the microwave.

Their love had grown over the past two years and Hannah, just like every woman in any part of the world was proud of her husband and she knew she would never be the victim of betrayal until that one night.

It was 12 in the night and Hannah was woken by the beep on Frank's mobile. It was a message that read, "Baby I miss you !! come back soon !!"

The sender had no name and Hannah hadn't spoken about it to Frank. However, each day the suspicions increased as Hannah began to question Frank's behavior and character.

Suspicions led to questions, questions led to frustrations and frustrations snaked to fights and arguments.  Frank denied every doubt and that was when Siena had advised her to hire a detective so Hannah could do a reality check.

"You pay me good Hannah and I will give you the truth", Dylan promised Hannah
"Money can be arranged Dylan, I want the truth in any condition", Hannah urged.

Dylan posed as a client and scheduled a  dinner with Frank the next day at Bloomsbury Bistro. Little did Frank know that Hannah was invited too.

"The deal seems to be clear Dylan, I shall ask the VP to contact you soon.", Frank assured.

"Thank you so much Frank, Would you mind if I ask you a question?"

Frank nodded in agreement.

Outside in the cold winter sat the two woman in a Porche listening to the conversation. "He wouldn't get the half a million dollars that my dad had promised him, if he walks out of our marriage." Hannah reminded Siena about the deal her father had made with Frank which he would receive on their third marriage anniversary.

"In just a span of two years, I've had three marriages. How do you manage to keep the same ring on?" Dylan  got personal with Frank.

"Hannah is a wonderful lady Dylan. I cannot dream of another woman in her place. She holds me through every thick and thin."

"Yeah, she surely is Frank". Dylan agreed not able to figure out why Hannah had ever doubted a man like Frank who had spoken so many good things about her in the past 2 hours.

"Maybe you were wrong Hannah", Siena objected.

"I am so glad I was proved wrong Siena, I need to apologize to Frank for having doubted him", Hannah wiped the tears that fell out of happiness.

"I am sure you should Hannah. You should be getting home soon for it. I will take a taxi home", She got out of the car waving at the smiling Hannah.

The street was crowded with heavy vehicles. A speeding car suddenly stopped and Siena got into the car. "Alexander road",Siena adjusted her dress and ordered the driver.

She felt fingers snuggle up to her waist and turned with a naughty and sensuous smile.

"Oh my baby I am so glad you didn't blurt out anything.", She hugged the man sitting next to her.

"Yes Honey, you just have to wait another ten days for the third anniversary and then we would have the half a million dollars", Frank kissed her passionately.

Around a mile away, Hannah stood at her kitchen making grilled Merguez Sausages.

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This story is written for a contest on WriteUpCafe and inspired with the following theme.

"There are two men sitting in the booth of a diner eating dinner together and talking. A woman sits outside in a parked car, watching them through the window. Who are they? What is their relationship to one another? What are the men discussing? What is the woman thinking? What does she do next? Write a story that opens with this scene and explores these questions."

Friday, June 21, 2013

After death - Enigma !!

Haiku Prompt #257 : "Enigma "

The Haiku Prompt inspired by "Haiku Heights" is "Enigma ". 

The Haiku written written for the prompt, "Enigma" is inspired by the mystery surrounding the life after death. Scholars and philosophers have described heaven and hell in versatile manners. We perceive Heaven as a place which describes the land flowing with pure honey and Hell as a land filled with deadly venom. Whatever we perceive it is after all an "enigma".

Oasis, pure honey

Canyon of noxious venom 

Heaven Hell, Enigma

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A - Z Challenge - Come visit places with me !!

A number of  blogs that I have visited off late have been taking up the A-Z challenge. This seemed to be groovy and it has fascinated me so much that I wish to take up this challenge.

I was thinking about maintaining a theme for this challenge. There were many different ones that I came up with. For example, here are a few,
  • Botanical names of trees
  • Things we do each day.
  • Celebrities who changed the world.
  • Characteristics of Human behavior.
Finally, I thought of writing about the places I have visited. It could be a simple cloth store to an accessory shop, or a famous hotel to a pani puri wala or even a mountain top with a beautiful scenery.

Sounds interesting isn't it?

Without much adieu, I am off to write about the place I have visited starting with the letter A.
Letter A meant only one place for me and it was none another than Aurangabad.

Here ends my introduction to my A - Z challenge and I am off with my pen to write about Aurangabad.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Ripples by a thirsty bird...

Haiku Prompt #256 : "Ripples"

The Haiku Prompt inspired by "Haiku Heights" is "Ripples". 

The Haiku written written for the prompt, "Ripples" is inspired by a thirsty bird in search for water. The bird finally finds a pool of water and as the ripples are formed by its beak touching the water, have you ever imagined the solace that the bird gets?

Bird beak pecking, thirst,

Summer's sweltering cruel heat

Soothing throat, Luscious

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Woman who loved unconditionally !!!!

(Yippee Mine is a WOW post !!!!)

“I'm a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world."-Mother Teresa.

Writing a post for WOW - brought about by Blogadda, has been on my cards since the first time I happened to have a look at it. And the topic for this week was as follows,

Who is the person from history that you would like to meet and talk to? What would you like to ask?

Numerous people made history, they brought about a change and they still do through their ideologies and philosophies. My mind raced through them and when a choice had to be made I stumbled upon a chosen few.

Adolf Hitler - the man who empowered the entire German fraternity. But I was wondering what would I question him about.
Abraham Lincoln- a very famous man or even our country's leader Mahatma Gandhi......

Not being convinced with the above options my search continued. There were many such names that crossed my mind, but I was searching for one person who would make me smile when I write and that was when I decided to write about that one lady who taught the world to love !!! And she is none other than our country's very own, "Blessed Mother Teresa"

Born as an Albanian, she had joined the order of "Sisters of Loretto" and she had been teaching in one of the schools in Calcutta. As she had stated saying that it was when she received "The call within a call", she decided that ignoring the call would be breaking her faith. Her faith and her unconditional love for God made her serve humanity in the most fittest manner.

Blessed Mother Teresa picked up the homeless, the sick, the destitute from the roads, the gutters and sometimes those who were abandoned outside her home. She had once said, "The biggest suffering a man can ever get is solitude and loneliness." 

She pledged to be a mother for all of those who were blind, crippled, homeless, aged and lonely. In the earlier days when she didn't have funds for her convent, a rich man had spat on her face when she had asked him for alms. But mother had patiently cleared it and asked him again, "Thanks for what ever you gave me, but what will you give to help my poor people".

I was only 9 when Mother Teresa had passed away, I am lucky to have been a part of the generation that could witness such a tremendously compassionate person. Although I do regret the fact that I never got a chance to see her. 

In history if there is any person I would like to meet then it ought to be our "Blessed Mother Teresa". She found love and Jesus in every person she saw. And she taught even a dying woman to forgive her son who had abandoned her. 

Wherever she went she spread love, because she knew that every human being on earth wants to be loved, wants to be taken care of, wants someone to call their own and for those who didn't have anyone, she stood by them. She held their hand and showed them the world. The home she built was not for her to live, but it was for all those lonely people who were in need to solace. 

Did you know that the fingers in Mother Teresa's feet were in a criss-cross fashion?

Many people would donate old and used slippers and Mother would segregate them ad pick the oldest and most ragged slipper and use it as her own, giving the other better ones to the people in her home. 

A Nobel laureate and a woman who with a simple white and blue bordered saree touched the lives of millions and continues to do so. 

  One of her sayings that I have always looked up to is, "Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile." 

If I ever get a chance to meet her, this is what I would ask, "Didn't you ever get angry on the man who spat on your face?" 

And I am sure show would blaze her radiant smile and tell me a no. 

I would ask her to teach me to smile in every situation, in every manner because a smile is something that costs very cheap but when we have to spread it we treat it as something very expensive. 

Well after doing a lot of research to write this post I am all set to read her Biography. Hope you too are !!

Have a blessed week ahead and do not forget to spread your smile !!!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.......

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Soul Annihilated

Haiku Prompt #254 : "Moral"

The Haiku Prompt inspired by "Haiku Heights" is "Moral". 
After analyzing the prompt over and over again, I came up with a rather social topic. My Haiku on "Moral" depicts the cry of an innocent prisoner who is spending his life in the prison for the crime he has never committed. 
This one's dedicated to such prisoners.

Morals massacred

Sentence served, prison bars clinched

Crime uncommitted

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Eyes Speak

"Haiku" has been interesting me a lot these days. And here is my first attempt to write a Haiku. This post is inspired by the prompt "ECCENTRIC" given on Haiku Heights .

I have tried to use the word Eccentric to portray the eyes of the victim of a terrorist attack. Eyes speak and perceive a million emotions. And when an incident so bizarre and eccentric occurs then this is what the eyes portray - before and after the incident.


Blithe, serene, passive

Flash of spell fell eccentric

Eyes perceive weary

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Secret

To learn to smile in my tears,
To learn to be happy in my failures.

To learn to be patient in my distress,
To learn to be calm in my anxiety.

To learn to negotiate with my fate,
To accept and be glad with my destiny.

To disregard the failures of yesterday,
To realize what's gone is away.

To be content with what is today,
To be open to what ahead lay.

To learn from my mistakes,
To learn not to commit them again.

To wish for another chance,
To make things fine within a glance.

To know that what's said above is so very rare,
But yes there lies the secret to a content life.