Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Woman who loved unconditionally !!!!

(Yippee Mine is a WOW post !!!!)

“I'm a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world."-Mother Teresa.

Writing a post for WOW - brought about by Blogadda, has been on my cards since the first time I happened to have a look at it. And the topic for this week was as follows,

Who is the person from history that you would like to meet and talk to? What would you like to ask?

Numerous people made history, they brought about a change and they still do through their ideologies and philosophies. My mind raced through them and when a choice had to be made I stumbled upon a chosen few.

Adolf Hitler - the man who empowered the entire German fraternity. But I was wondering what would I question him about.
Abraham Lincoln- a very famous man or even our country's leader Mahatma Gandhi......

Not being convinced with the above options my search continued. There were many such names that crossed my mind, but I was searching for one person who would make me smile when I write and that was when I decided to write about that one lady who taught the world to love !!! And she is none other than our country's very own, "Blessed Mother Teresa"

Born as an Albanian, she had joined the order of "Sisters of Loretto" and she had been teaching in one of the schools in Calcutta. As she had stated saying that it was when she received "The call within a call", she decided that ignoring the call would be breaking her faith. Her faith and her unconditional love for God made her serve humanity in the most fittest manner.

Blessed Mother Teresa picked up the homeless, the sick, the destitute from the roads, the gutters and sometimes those who were abandoned outside her home. She had once said, "The biggest suffering a man can ever get is solitude and loneliness." 

She pledged to be a mother for all of those who were blind, crippled, homeless, aged and lonely. In the earlier days when she didn't have funds for her convent, a rich man had spat on her face when she had asked him for alms. But mother had patiently cleared it and asked him again, "Thanks for what ever you gave me, but what will you give to help my poor people".

I was only 9 when Mother Teresa had passed away, I am lucky to have been a part of the generation that could witness such a tremendously compassionate person. Although I do regret the fact that I never got a chance to see her. 

In history if there is any person I would like to meet then it ought to be our "Blessed Mother Teresa". She found love and Jesus in every person she saw. And she taught even a dying woman to forgive her son who had abandoned her. 

Wherever she went she spread love, because she knew that every human being on earth wants to be loved, wants to be taken care of, wants someone to call their own and for those who didn't have anyone, she stood by them. She held their hand and showed them the world. The home she built was not for her to live, but it was for all those lonely people who were in need to solace. 

Did you know that the fingers in Mother Teresa's feet were in a criss-cross fashion?

Many people would donate old and used slippers and Mother would segregate them ad pick the oldest and most ragged slipper and use it as her own, giving the other better ones to the people in her home. 

A Nobel laureate and a woman who with a simple white and blue bordered saree touched the lives of millions and continues to do so. 

  One of her sayings that I have always looked up to is, "Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile." 

If I ever get a chance to meet her, this is what I would ask, "Didn't you ever get angry on the man who spat on your face?" 

And I am sure show would blaze her radiant smile and tell me a no. 

I would ask her to teach me to smile in every situation, in every manner because a smile is something that costs very cheap but when we have to spread it we treat it as something very expensive. 

Well after doing a lot of research to write this post I am all set to read her Biography. Hope you too are !!

Have a blessed week ahead and do not forget to spread your smile !!!

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