Saturday, April 28, 2012

I am a Versatile Blogger too :)

                                                   I am a versatile blogger!

Blogging is a passion, a meditation, a fervent desire to pen down my thoughts and a synergy of ideas and emotions.  I started blogging in 2010. Although I wasn’t passionate about it in the beginning, as time passed I realized that blogging gives me peace. It provides me a space where I can vent my feelings and thoughts and write on anything that I come across without any ban and restrictions.  On joining indiblogger(  I realized that there are so many people passionate about blogging. Anumber of blogs inspired me and I was astounded to see the world of blogging. The more I visited the site, the more was I encouraged to write better. I moved from writing general stuff and day to day events to short stories, autobiographies and poems. And today I have been rewarded for being versatile. Woah !!!! a feather to my hat and all thanks to another truly versatile blogger Gayathri ( Do visit Gayathri's blog too :) worth a read !!!!) Gayathri I am honored that you found me suitable for this award. Thanks a ton.

So after spending a lot of time in finding out the truly versatile bloggers, I present before you my list of bloggers who impressed me and deserve this award. There is no ranking on who is better than the other all are truly versatile.

I was asked to do the below while I was given this award. And I expect all the other bloggers who have received this award to do this too.

Nominate 10-15 fellow bloggers

Inform the bloggers of their nomination

Share 7 random things about yourself

Thank the blogger who nominated you (with blog link)

Add the Versatile Blogger Award Pic on your blog post

And here is some space to brag about me. The 7 things about me:
When I sat to think about the 7 things about me that was worth sharing with the blogging community, It was a tiresome task. I had to choose things that weren’t every personal and at the same time stuff that describe me on the whole. After a lot of introspection I jotted the below.

  1.  Books, books and more books:         Have you ever loved the aroma of a book? It smells good the older it gets. I am an ardent lover of books. You can find a book in my bag whenever I leave the house. My aunt used to ask me how I would spend my money when I start earning. I would reply: “I will make a library of books and dedicate a room in the house for it. This dream is on its way. I have started collecting books of my choice. 
  2. 100% :      Whether it is a birthday celebration at home or an important assignment at office, I would never rest in peace till I have given my 100% to it. I can never concentrate on anything else till I have completed the work that I am committed to. The reason being a superb advice given by my school friend, “Your duty Lies before you”. Thanks to Vaibhav.
  3. Writer in me:     The flow of thoughts and ideas inside me are some things that can never stop. So every time my brain is filled with something to be penned down I do it without bothering about the place I am in. I roam with a small notepad and a pen in my bag. You can find me sitting in a local train and writing points for my next post. And yes, not to forget like most of the bloggers I too have a desire to become an author one day. Come the right topic and the right time I may surely write something that could be published.  
  4. Love driving in the rain:      Rain has always been one of the best seasons of all times for me. Sitting at the window watching the droplets of water kiss the thirsty earth, I feel a sense of peace run through my veins. Driving in the rain is something that is adventurous and exciting and something that I never miss. To complete this beautiful time, who would miss eating bhutta in the rain (Oh I so love it :) )
  5. Interactions:     Just a hello is enough and I would carry the conversation ahead. When I am around with friends I try to make everyone participate in the conversation. I interact easily with people I meet for the first time and try to make my first impression the best one.
  6. Orderly and Punctual:         “It is better to be 10 minutes early than to be a minute late” I follow this principle in life and see to it that I am punctual. Even if I have to meet my friend I leave on time. And I hate people who make me wait, although Nitha (my best friend) is an exception.
  7. Lover of manners:         From an auto-rickshaw driver to the person who comes to pick garbage at home to any shop keeper, I never miss to say a “thank you” for their kind gesture. “Thank you” is just two words; however, it makes a lot of difference. It proves to be an encouragement to people who work for us. So never miss to say a thank you to anyone. And not to forget, I forgive people easily so just a simple “sorry” melts me. After all friendship is more valuable than the mistakes right?

Finally I would like to thank Gayathri again ( for this award. I appreciate it and will stand true to this award by being versatile in my writing. Sorry for the late post as Gayathri had awarded me with this long back. I am on the top of the world bragging about my award. :D

And to everyone out there keep reading my posts and keep commenting too. I would love that.

And now I am going to inform my fellow bloggers about the award to make them happy too :D…

Have a nice Sunday .

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

If I were a boy

The clock struck 8.00 and I was still confused with what to wear to office that day. I glanced through my western wear that was hanging on the top shelf(Being a Friday I could dress in casuals). A navy blue and white checked shirt caught my eye and I chose it for the day. The mirror had to now give an ok signal after which I would wear it.

“Shall I make another dosa?” My aunt stood next to the dosa tawa and questioned me in a motherly tone.

“No I’m done aunty”, I replied back (washing my hands after breakfast)

“What’s this Cynthia, you look like a boy in these clothes today?” exclaimed my aunt on a sarcastic notepointing at my clothes. I simply giggled giving her a naïve smile.

On my way to office I was talking to my friend about the next topic for my blog. In mentioning about the events that happened in the morning, he gave me a few suggestions. (so sweet, he is always ready to help me out J)

“Actually Cynthia, I agree with your aunt”

(with a confused look) “What do you mean by that?” I enquired in a disgusted tone.

“See I have a topic for you. But you should promise me you would blog about it”. He made a move that was something I dint want to hear.

(Thoughts running in my brain, Should I say yes or no? what would he ask me to blog about?)

“Aha, hmm, ok let me give a try” , I replied lowering my voice. ”Hope it’s not a crazy topic”

“If I were a boy!!! How’s it?”, my friend replied excitingly. He gave me the topic which was actually not bad. (My friend did have brains hummm)

And there goes the reason behind this post.
The glass is always greener on the other side” Heard of this proverb? That’s what I always think when I have to put my legs into another person’s shoes and think about his life. Right from my childhood I have always envied the freedom my cousin brothers would get.
So to start with, If I were a boy, I wouldn’t have to be bothered about my safety and wouldn’t have to answer a thousand questions put before me by the elders of the house.
 If I were a boy, I can think of a dinner plan at 10 in the night with 10 odd male friends to accompany me too.
If I were a boy, I wouldn’t have to worry about going home on time. I can get in at any time and still have the honor of food being served hotwith my mom and sister fighting over who would stay awake to serve me. (What a loving family J)
Whether it’s a wedding or going to a shop close to the house, I can get ready in just 5 minutesI don’t have to be bothered about what I wear, who cares no one would look at me or scan me through.
If I were a boy, I think I would finally understand what it is to love a girl, I would understand how it feels when your heart skips a beat on seeing a beautiful damsel. I would have a higher say in every relationship.
I can drink a beer/vodka when I wanted or any liquor on earth from a-z find myself in hospitaland still have a friend who would help me in that situation.
I can wear a shorts in summer and not bother about my skin getting tanned.
I can stay single even till the age of 30 and enjoy life without getting questioned, Oh my God, you are still not married ?
If I were a boy,  I can flirt with many girls simultaneously and still will hear my friends say wow u got talent man, amazed at how you can handle so many :P
If I were a boy, I would not have to search for a loo in the first place when I am on a journey, well I can pee where I wanted right :P
If I were a boy, ,I can watch anything n everything on the tv / internet and not feel ashamed of it.
If I were a boy, I can get into a densely crowded bus and can show my balancing skills by hanging outside , I can go bizarre and go on top of the bus too. I would do all this just to show my macho skills :P
If I were a boy, I can gather a group of buddies and shout out loud on the road without being questioned about my culture or clan.

“Screeeeeeeeeech, woooooooooooosh, stop”, the bus stopped with a brake. Wait a minute I have only been thinking about the positive aspects about being a boy. There is a lot more that I have been missing isn’t it? (I pondered and went ahead to dreamt about the list again)

If I were a guy, I can never wear a florescent or any eye catching color dress and walk around on the road.
I wouldn’t have had the multitasking brain of a girl that can think of a hundred things at a single time. (My, my girls are so brainy :D)    
I wouldn’t have been dignified and personified illustriously by famous poets and authors who have written a million poems on a girl’s beauty.
If I were a boy, I would have been called handsome and not beautiful. If by mistake I was called beautiful I may have to think twice that people didn’t think I was gay right? :P
I wouldn’t have enjoyed the comfort of having a separate queue at counters and the privilege to travel in a train that is called “Ladies special”.
I wouldn’t have been honoured when everyone would say “Ladies first” :P
If I were a boy, I wouldn’t have had the freedom to cry out wherever and whenever I could and get my job accomplished. And the best part is a pitiful boy would only have helped me out.
If I were a boy, I wouldn’t have a thousand choices before me for everything, clothes, accessories, footwear etc etc…
If I were a boy, I wouldn’t have the celebration of Women’s day or Girl child day, where I can receive numerous gifts J.

Well, well, well I could jot down a lot more, probably books could be written and argued upon. As I started my blog by saying that the grass is always greener on the other side. Sometimes we come across thoughts that make us think of the otherwise. Treat the person of the opposite gender with respect and dignity and never look down upon or feel superior over the other.

It may have crossed your mind that, Am I feeling bad that I am a girl and wish to be a boy. No, not at all, I am proud to be a person of the weaker sex, (that’s what everyone addresses us), I would say I am proud to be a part of the sex that has the strongest heart and the wittiest brain.

That evening I changed into a beautiful purple anarkali and got decked up for a wedding. As always I stood in front of the mirror giving that naughty smile (with my head slightly tilted and my lips curved) and thought,

“I don’t think guys can look so good :P”                                      


Saturday, April 14, 2012

I did drive them crazy

Flaunting my jazz blue colour
I drove in style and splendour
My wheels were meant to race
I was a sense of pride and grace

With groovy lights, a mirror cracking gazelle
Caught many a eyes , “ Oh my” I was ethereal
Wondered what was so special
That when I passed was glared by a lot.

Once on a bright summer day
I was with him when he gazed away
She was the love at first sight
And he wanted to set everything so right.

He used me to drive her crazy
I accepted to impress her with simplicity
They shared their moments of love and romance
I saw the love grow in my ambience.

The date was fixed to tie the knot
I was florally dressed in red and white
Many a trips they had enjoyed
But today’s was different, I was overjoyed.

Months passed, years rolled over
I started to screech, my speed grew slower
Tried my best to pull my engine together
Oiled my self to be more smoother.

Then the day dawned that I dreaded ever
I was old and gloomy , replaced with something newer
Discouraged, disheartened, demoralized
I was sold to someone not my own.

Promises forgotten I cursed a many
Time cures every a wound they say
Acquainted I became with my new family
But forgetting the old, a deep sad misery.

Taking a vow, never to be sad
I started to care again and felt being loved
Confidence was what I had lost
Perseverance was what I gained.

Another beautiful summer morning
And I was doing what I loved the most, “driving”
Far across , met my old buddies
Sadness disappeared, I jerked, winking away happily  

I am the voice of a vehicle so loved, the voice of four wheeled CAR.

Friday, April 13, 2012

A foreigner in my own land.

The wheels of Indigo 6E-523 screached as it landed in the Kamraj International Airport in Chennai. The 5.55 AM flight from Pune to Chennai must have enlisted me as one of its supremo passengers as that was my flight back from Pune everytime. I unplugged the earphones and kept them inside my bag and gave a call to my mom (who must have been impatient whether i had reached or no)

"Mamma, I just landed"
"Ok, Cynthu take care. Love you"

I collected my baggage and walked to book my cab. The morning sunlight fell bright on my face and to admit I hated this weather in Chennai. Sulking about it, I adjusted my black jacket and toed to the counter which had a board "Prepaid Taxi".

"Journey where?", enquired the boy at the counter.
"Perungalathur", I replied (wiping off the drops ofsweat that fell near my ears).
"340 Rupees Madam".
I paid him and moved to the Taxi stand.

"Tumhala Marathi yeta kai?" I heard a male voice in Marathi.
"Hoi yetha na Sanga?" I replied saying I know Marathi, Tell me.
"Itha Taxi cha pick up point kootha ahe?", He wanted to know where the taxi pick up point was.
I directed him to it and finally he said, "Thank God atleast someone knows Marathi here".
I smiled gently and pitied his condition that he was actually a foreigner in his own country. Although he was inIndia he was still lost yaar.
Well he is an example of a foreigner who dint know the language.

I heard my phone ring and it was one of my friend on the line.
"So Cynthia, you are back from your hometown?" (here hometown meant Pune) Wondering what she meant and without any wierd expression I sulked, "Yeah i am back, How are things at your end?"

Our conversation lasted for around 5 minutes and after I was done , I sat pondering on the happenings that morning. To the boy at the counter I was a foreigner because he went on my dress and thought I dint know Tamil. To my friend who thought Pune was my hoemtown I was a foriegner in Chennai. To the people i know in Pune I was a forigner because my native was Chennai. To be precise when i am in Pune i am a South Indian and whenI am in Chennai I am a North India because i was bought up there.

At the end of the day the fact that was ironical was that no one thought i was just a common Indian . I still want myself to be known as an Indian and by the work I do, not by the dress I wear and the language I speak. Why is it that we realize the Indianness in us only when Sachin hits his 100th century or when India defeats Pakistan in cricket? I agree that out country has been divided into different states and every state has its own language. However, this should only be limited to being a statement of pride that our country is so diverse. It shouldn't be a basis of discrimination and differentiation.

That day I wondered that the boundary drawn on the Map of India actually made me a foreigner in my own land.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Is life a burning candle that can be put off by merely blowing it?
Is life so worthless that you can crush it from it's roots?
Is life a motion picture that can fast forward to see the climax?
Is life a car drive that you can put a break when you see the hint of an accident and put an end to the engine?

No, life is much more than all this. Life is an adventurous sport, where you sit on a boat sailing in a sea full of storm where you row out all the waves of depression and cross it successfully.
Ask a 13 year old suffering from cancer what life is?
Ask a 4 year old who has a hole in the heart what life is?
Ask a soldier who guards our country at the border with no clue whether he would live the next minute, what life is?
Ask a dying mother who is giving birth to a baby what life is?

"Ashwin a 19 year old committed suicide in the hostel room when he had failed in his first year engineering exams. Being a state topper in his 12th std exams, this failure was something that he couldn't take it in. After being calm, upset and no interest left in life he stopped the beating of his heart by hanging himself. Life is such an irony when his mother, a doctor by profession couldn't save his life"

What words would you use to describe people like Ashwin- "A coward", " Selfish", "Loser", "Insane", " A Schizophrenic", "A Lunatic"?

Whatever you say only people with very high spirits have the guts to end their life. They never bother about their loved ones and the anguish they have to undergo. It is awry to pass a judgment without hearing from both the parties. 

While we blame youngsters for their insensitive act, Is it right to overshadow the negligence of their parents and guardians? Parents are your kitty parties and late night events more important that your child’s life. Would it cost you a lot to spend just an hour at the least with your child? Think about it.

The major reasons for suicides in India are,
  • Expectations from parents: In today.s worlds a parent wants his kin to be a "Lata Mangeshkar" as well as a "Sachin Tendulkar". 
  • Relationships: Love is the most cheapest and easily selling product on TV and every teenager wants to have a hand on it.
  • Loneliness: Lack of good friends, negligence from so called "hard working" parents.
  • Addictions: to alcohol, drugs etc.
  • Not able to live their passions: A 11 year old girl Neha Sawant from Dombvili committed suicide because her parents did not allow her to participate in a reality show.
  • The ruining education system: 20 year medical student commits suicide due to academic reason, another example like Ashwin. 

What can we do to make a change?

Honestly, we cant do anything about it till we have someone around us in that situation.
  • Parents must keep track of the activities of their children. If they come across any changes like depression or their kid is spending time alone in a closed room and not socializing with anyone, then it is high time the rod has turned hot.
  • Schools and colleges must take initiatives in spreading the awareness in such cases bu conducting camps, counseling sessions etc. for students to cope up with failure.
  • When your friend shows symptoms of depression and when he talks about giving up on life, inform his parents and keep them aware of it. Sometimes peer pressure also happens to add fuel to the fire.
It is the time for us to change. Change the way we look at life. Let every student or child live the life he wants to, become what he wants to be. 

For every youngster (who feels suicide is the only option):
When you play a game be it a virtual or a real one you do not mind attempting it a thousand times to be victorious. Then why is it that you give up on the most daring sport - "your life".
Take every minute as a challenge, there will always be a lot of barriers to stop you. Life is all about taking long leaps, crossing these hurdles and reaching the finish line triumphantly.

Have you ever imagined the plight of your parents when they would see your emotionless body?

Have you ever imagined what your mom would undergo when she calls out your name but doesn’t get an answer to it?

Have you ever imagined how that heart would ache which bore you in her womb for 9 months or how lonely that man would feel who helped you take your first steps to walk?

Don’t the dreams and tears of your loved ones mean anything to you?

Do you know how difficult it would be for your brother or sister to not have anyone to count upon?

Will it give you peace if your family wakes up every day to see a photo of you hung on a wall with a garland around it?

Life is a scent, smell the aura.
Life is a gift, enjoy its relevance.
Life is patience, persevere it from within.
Life is nothing much, just breathe through it.  

Give yourself a second chance, because LIFE will never give you another chance.

Are you scared to Live and Fight the Most Daring Sport?

This post has been written as an entry to the contest "TIME TO CHANGE" ( Be the voice of change and tell us what you would want to change). If you are a part of Indiblogger you can vote for my post here