Thursday, October 23, 2014

"Marriage" - The unavoidable tradition

The other day I happened to watch the second part of the famous Hollywood movie that was based on an even more famous television series called "Sex and the City". The trouble-prone foursome go on a trip to the Middle East to witness some life-changing incidents. The movie ends with a quote by Carrie about Marriage which goes like this, "You have to take the tradition and decorate it, 'your way' ". This got me thinking. And I sprang up with this write-up. 

Marriage is indeed a tradition, an age old one that no one can escape of. You can choose to stay away from it but, it has to be at the cost of living a lonely life. You can choose to postpone it till you find the right person, but am sure no one can avoid it. Relationships are difficult. There is nothing straight in it. No straight road that can be taken to make it easy. The moment we land up making things right in a difficult relationship is when we think the time is right to get married. 

Around a year ago, I was agitated and like troubled teens I was troubled in my twenties, fighting hard to avoid the taunts from parents and relatives on marriage. My argument would be that of freedom and space. My parents thought that I was smitten by ghettoisation. I tried hard to explain them that I wanted things differently from life. I wanted to pave a path that I never wanted to regret about. Maybe I had stopped believing in relationships and thought the happily-ever-after phrase sadly existed only in books and fairytales. My parents who had spent 26 years of their life together obviously found it difficult to understand my point of view. I didn't blame them as for me their's was a perfect marriage. 

When Mr. A(my husband), visited me for the very first time, I was agitated with the whole marriage rigmarole. I thought I needed time to figure out things related to my job, my expectations from life and above all figuring out myself. All of which turned baseless when I fell for him sometime later. There comes a moment of divine and supernatural revelation when everything seems like a bliss and on one such flimsy moment you give away to all those presumptions and say a yes to marriage. Because, you know that it is this person and no one else with whom you can ever be sure about marriage.

It seems like a fairy tale till you put on the angelic white-dress, walk with your beautiful bridesmaids, get the church decorated, exchange rings and go on a honeymoon. What happens later comes in the sequel to a perfect love story, which generally becomes a flop and unsellable. 

To make is sellable and buyable, you need to make it work. You need to put in that much of an effort and time, so much so, that you can land up getting your back on fire. You may crib, you may complain, you may wanna pull each others hair and you may wanna run away and spend time in the quietest place on earth. Acceptable and anticipated. There may be differences of opinion. There will always be a stage where nothing would seem right and everything would fall apart.
But if you once felt so sure about this person, then you will get back, you will work it out, you will sort it out and you will build your own rules. Not because you have been bound in "an unavoidable tradition" but because, you know what love is, you know what togetherness is, you know what sacrifice is, you know what peace is and you very well know how to "decorate it in your own way". 

The only way out of this confusing saga of marriage is having the heart to understand the person of the opposite sex and never giving up. You have to try till the slanting line becomes perfectly straight. Sometimes, it may never be straight but at least the curves would remind you of all the efforts you took.

For those who are struggling through this tradition, give time, spend your entire strength on your marriage, define your rules, give space to the other person, don't let him or her feel that he was better off being single, be silent when you need to be and stand by him/her when you are all that they have. For those who are like the a-year-back version of me, don't worry, marriage is not like gambling where everything is based on luck, marriage will come by your way in its own sweet time and you will definitely get a chance to "decorate it your way"

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

#Five sentence Fiction - Falling and Failing!!

A five sentence fiction inspired by the prompt


I stood at the tallest building, gazing up at the sky and thanked God for helping me achieve whatever I had wanted.
At that very minute, I remembered the person who was instrumental in my successful music career.
 It was my Grandmother.
I had been rejected by 10 music directors and I sat wailing in her lap.

She then comforted me and said those priceless words that resounded in my ears even today, "Falling and Failing are filled in the baggage of every successful person, It's upto you to strive hard and lighten your baggage"
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10/10 Tuesday Prompt #3 - "Lights in Diwali"

Hello Everybody, Welcome to the third week of 10/10 Tuesday Prompts. Hope you all had a lovely week. This week is going to be a gala time as in India we would be celebrating the festival of lights, "Diwali".

What are you doing this Diwali?
How have you planned to celebrate it?
How will you light up someone's life this diwali?

Do share it with us as our prompt for this week is inspired by this festival. It goes as follows,

"Lights in Diwali"
Deepika and I would love to hear your take on this prompt.
Take your pens and start writing. The rules are very simple. You have to pen down 10 sentences which must comprise of 10 words each.

For more on 10/10 Tuesday Prompts, visit here and add your links in the linky below or leave them in the comments section.

About last week, we received two entires from two lovely ladies. I would like to say that both Vinitha and Shalini did a fabulous job with the prompt on Water.

Vinitha's fiction is a must read. Do visit her work here. Vinitha you did a great job. Loved reading your piece. The end was unexpected.

Shalini has written a wonderful poem which is a must read too. You can visit her work here.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Secret to being Happy

Happiness is a secret recipe that no sage or saint can provide you. It is a hidden treasure that does not have a predefined route to finding it. It is a lock whose key is left to you to discover.

Have you complained on and often that you are not happy?
Have you been depressed that you have no one to keep you happy?

Hold on, you need to face the truth that no second or third person can make you happy. It is highly imperative to understand that you are the only person who can make yourself happy. Sad but true, you cannot blame anyone for your unhappiness and you cannot put the burden on someone else to keep you happy.

Now you may think that the company of your friends gives you happiness or the company of that special someone makes you feel elated. You may feel that this contradicts the point that I have mentioned above. But in reality it doesn't. This is because, you have taken the effor to build your relations with these close people who in turn are a reason for your happiness. You have chosen to be happy amongst such people.

So next time if you find youself telling someone that you are not happy, then you are the person responsible for it.

There are some tips that I follow incase I feel unhappy. Read them below and let me know if these help you in the long run.

1. Find your passion: All of us have some passion that destress us and bring a smile on our face. Pick any of that and execute it. Say if you love painting, pick a piece of chart paper and play some strokes.

2. Move out: Move out of the current place that you are in and take a stroll in a nearby park or your own parking space. Breathe in some fresh air and feel the difference.

3. Avoid: Avoid things that are a put-off.

4. Listen to some music: Music has the capability to calm your senses. For me music and the lyrics they carry remind me of some special moments and automaticall bring a smile on my face.

5. Open an old photo album: Photos are the best possible way to capture sweet memories. Ever tried opening an old photo album? Do it today.

Last week was completely stressful for me for various reasons. I chose to make myself happy over the weekend by doing pot painting and buying festive lamps for diwali.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Inspiring quotes from "The Alchemist"

Reading "The Alchemist" was on my cards for quite sometime. However, I had been postponing it till I found it in the cupboard in my Mom's house. I had heard a lot of positive reviews about the book. This was not the first work of "Paulo Coelho" that I was about to read. I was introduced to Paulo Coelho with the book titled, "Veronica Decides to die". I had loved the book would be an understatement. After that I had tried reading, "The eleven minutes" and "The Zahir", but I landed up putting down the book after reading a few chapters. That does not mean the book was bad. It's just that I couldn't relate to these books.
This is not the case with "The Alchemist". This book can relate to anyone, young or old. Age is never a question when it comes to doing what you really want and making your dreams come true.
I was initially thinking of writing a book reveiw but then I dropped the plan thinking that, no book review can make you decide if you want to read the book or not. The Alchemist in itself is enough to convince you to read it.
Instead of a review, I decided to share some quotes from the book that I had noted down while reading it. Here they are:
  • "The closer one gets to realizing his destiny, the more that destiny becomes his true reason for being"
  • "The boy was beginning to understand that intuition is really a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life, where the histories of all people are connected, and we are able to know everything, because it's all written there."
  • "People need not fear the unknown if they are capable of achieving what they need and want."
  • "I learned that these things are all so simple that they could be written on the surface of an emerald"
  • "It's not what enters men's mouths that's evil," said the alchemist. "It's what comes out of their mouths that is."
  • "When you possess great treasures within you, and try to tell others of them,
  • seldom are you believed."
  • "It said that the darkest hour of the night came just before the dawn"
  • "Why don't people's hearts tell them to continue to follow their dreams?" the boy asked the alchemist.
  • "Because that's what makes a heart suffer most, and hearts don't like to suffer."
  • "Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure"
  • "Your eyes show the strength of your soul"
  • "There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure"
  • "Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time."

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A day in Kochi

Covering your eyes with a blanket of green,

As far as the eyes can perceive,

Mellowing down the tiredness with a sheen,
Where water forgets to dry,
Where Trees grow faster than people,
Where bliss is a gift you cannot miss,

For me, this is God's own Kochi.

On the way to Fort Kochi  +Cynthia Vincent 
With a scent of mud and mild droplets of rain for the entire year round, Kochi is a place that will enthrall you with every breath that you take. Water, land, green, boats and rain are a common state of affair for the people living here. But, for a Mumbaite like me, it was bliss.

A crazy traveler that I am, my husband and I visited Kochi in the end of August to attend the wedding reception of a friend of ours. The wedding was supposed to be held in the evening, so we decided to tour around Kochi in the morning. As usual, I had made a list of places that I wanted to visit.

We hired a cab which took us around. We reached Kochi by around 8.30 in the morning and we were welcomed by a few spells of rain. The airport, being situated in the outskirts gave us an opportunity to take a small tour around Kochi till we could reach Fort Kochi.

Cherai Beach +Cynthia Vincent
There were not apartments or tall buildings in this part of Kochi. It was new for people like us. We found separate bungalows that were massive in size. We longed to have a peep inside these homes and have a look at how huge homes looked like. Every house had a name for it. At the entrance of every home, there were trees. Greenery was not something you would long for once you are in this city. Greenery is a birthright.

Cherai Beach +Cynthia Vincent
Our first stop was Cherai Beach. The weather was gloomy and windy, perfect for a romantic getaway. Calm and serene as it looked, Cherai Beach had very few visitors at that part of the day. We walked on along the pathway that was built adjoining the beach. As we walked towards the end of the pathway, from nowhere we could hear sounds of thunder. Suddenly it started raining. It wasn’t mild. It rained like cats and dogs and we had to rush back to the cab.

Near Fort Kochi +Cynthia Vincent 
We continued our tour and came across a number of tiny bridges above the backwaters. There was something else that caught my eye, it was the Chinese Fishing nets. This was something I had never seen before. I wished to ask the driver to stop for some time so that I could take a closer look at these nets. He asked me to wait for a while. Seldom did I know why he had said that.

Chinese Fishing Net +Cynthia Vincent
Our next stop was Fort Kochi. We enjoyed a jolly ferry ride before we reached the Fort Kochi. As we walked past the coast we found many Chinese Fishing nets. They were a treat to the eye. It was one of a kind that I had never seen elsewhere. Walking in between a cloud of trees and with tiny drops of rain that wet your cheeks every now and then was a memorable experience.
We visited the church where Vasco Da Gama was buried. And headed back to the cab.

Our stomachs churned hinting that it was time for some mouthwatering water. We stopped at “Dal Roti”, a restaurant that was styled in an ancient manner. We chose to eat “Stuffed Prawn Paratha” that was just finger licking. Anytime, you visit Kochi don’t forget to visit this place and taste this delicacy, if you are a non-vegetarian.

St. Francis Xavier Church  +Cynthia Vincent 

Outside the church +Cynthia Vincent 
Cochin, the English counterpart of Kochi was blessed with a Dutch’s Palace in Mattacherry, which was further away from Fort Kochi. We found a lot of valuable things in this museum which included the first coins in India. This museum should be recognized in a larger scale.

Tired that we were by the end of the day, we have just enough time to get dressed and attend the wedding reception. Cochin was marvelous and undoubtedly, I would want to visit it again.

Dutch's Palace +Cynthia Vincent 

What about you? Let me know.

Monday, October 13, 2014

10/10 Tuesday Prompt #2 - "Water"

Hola, Hello and welcome to another 10/10 Tuesday Prompts. Hope you all started with a great week yesterday. Embrace the week and I am sure all of you must be gearing up for the Diwali celebrations. 

Without rambling any further, let’s acknowledge the entry that did really well in the last week’s prompt. Being our first week at 10/10 Tuesdays, we received 5 entries, which I must say wasn’t disappointing for starters. This week, we are going to grow, share the prompt and gather more people to write for 10/10 Tuesdays.

The prompt that made its way to the top was Shalini’s. Yes, you got it right, she's the One with Brown eyes. Shalini is an IT professional with a zest for blogging and writing. I am a frequent visitor to her blogs and love the way she plays with words. You can visit beautiful Shalini’s blog here.

Here is her prompt that left us stunned. Her poem written is exactly 10 sentences with 10 words each was indeed touching and warm. I take privilege in sharing it here.

This is a reflection of life- on all commitments past,
I’ve suffered torments and tortures which still leave me aghast.
My pride and morals are inundated by scorn and disdain
What is kept as art is relegated to tear apart
I’m searching for answers and is not checking my past,
Nor am I planning any future, as it’s in vain.
Thoughts written down,  but I am on the wrong page
Destroyed wishes and dreams become more than mere frustrated rage.
I’m attempting to stay quiet and not making a scene
My lost baby, you will be close to my heart.

Loved it right? We loved to read it too.

All of the other entries did an excellent job and we would like to see your posts every week.

To get started with our second week, the prompt for this Tuesday is “Water”.
When you hear the word Water, what comes to your mind? Water, the source of life can be treacherous at times.

Deepika and I would love to hear your take on this prompt.
Take your pens and start writing. The rules are very simple. You have to pen down 10 sentences which must comprise of 10 words each.

For more on 10/10 Tuesday Prompts, visit here and add your links in the linky below or leave them in the comments section. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

What do I want from Life?

An exam would be so much simpler to crack if you knew the questions and its answers beforehand. But, then what's the point and fun in writing a known question paper. Would there be any fun in looking forward to something and testing your IQ or putting to test all those hours of hardwork that you had put in to prepare for the exam?

The inexplicable question about, “What do I want from life?” is something similar. Paulo Coelho in his book, “The Alchemist” says , “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” But that something is really “Something difficult” to find.

Years pass by and one fails to realize what he or she wants from his life. As kids our expectations were different and as we grew up the expectations increased. Our entire life passes by in fulfilling our deepest expectations and our desires or the reason for our living takes a backseat. One fine day we wake up and realize that life has been such a drab. Have I wasted my entire life?

Knowing what you really want, can be an enormous task. It can be straining and can leave you depressed. However, the immense satisfaction that you achieve when you have found this out is indecipherable.

Do not expect to get introduced to your desires in a day or two. It is a long process.

1.   Get acquainted with yourself:

You are the owner of yourself and no one but you know your deepest desires and secrets. You are the only person who has control over your life. Take time to get acquainted with yourself. Have a dialogue with yourself and ask questions. That’s the best way to stay connected with yourself.

2.   Likes and dislikes:

There are things that you may like and there are things that may want to avoid. It is always good to be around things and people that you like and stay away from things that disappoint you. It’s the best way to retain positivity in your life.

3.   Reason for your happiness:

After knowing your likes and dislikes, you need to distinguish between the likes that give you happiness. And when I say happiness, I do not mean the temporary one. It’s the one that’s permanent, the one that you feel from within, the one that can drool over your emotions and leave you satisfied and accomplished.

4.   Sustain:

Once you know what makes you happy, you are never far from realizing what you really want from life. And once, you know what that is, sustain it, cherish it and let it grow.

It took me 22 years to realize what I wanted from life, I wanted to write because writing gave me happiness and peace and now I want to sustain it, dwell in it and cherish it for a lifetime.

Does that make it easier for you to determine what you want from life?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

9 tips for a better travel

Lately, travelling excites me. Well, whom does it not? Ever since, I was a kid, I have always loved visiting new places, learning new cultures and meeting new people. Travelling is all about making memories all over the world. As Anita Desai says, "Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow". If you have planned a travel once in your life, there is a taste that you get addicted to. It's a healthy drug that gushes into your senses and cannot leave till you have visited every corner of the world. 

I do not believe in paying extra money for a tour package where some agency tells me about how I should travel and the places I should visit. For me, travel begins right from the day I start thinking about it to the booking of the places to stay as well preparing my own itinerary. My 10 days honeymoon trip to Italy was an excellent experience of how I managed and planned my travel. 

I have been waiting to share my plan from a long time. So here I am giving you few tips for a better travel.

1. Plan ahead: Planning your travel 4 to 5 months earlier not only saves you a  huge    
    amount of money but gives you ample amount of time to relax and plan for an amazing travel. You     can get fabulous offers on your flight tickets and offers from websites like Booking and Hotels for     your stay. 

2. Make a list of places: Websites like Tripadvisor and Cox and Kings 
    provide you with readymade travel itineraries. You can pick up any of them and start making a list     of all the places you wish to see. 

3. Do not crumple: While making a list of the places to visit in a particular city     
   that you are travelling to, do not crumple your travel. You do not have to visit every place that    
   Tom, Dick or Harry visited. Pick up the places that interest you. Have a look at the pictures of such 
   places on  Google and then make a choice. It’s always good to spend your money and time in    
   places that I interest you than wasting your time in visiting a place that makes you feel sad. 

4. Get to know your choices:If you are interested in art then make a list of the museums that you cannot miss in a particular place that you are visiting. Keep a checklist of all the historic places of interest. If you are a person who loves adventure, then add that to your checklist. You choice  
 is something that is very important. 

5. Dial a friend: It’s always good to call up a friend who has visited that place earlier. He/she can give you some insights that you can never find even on the internet. 

6. Know the culture: There is a famous saying which goes like this, “When in Rome do as Romans do”. It’s always good to have a brief overview about the culture and some ideas about the place you are visiting. You never know when it could come handy. 

7. Know what you pay: There are websites that provide you the cost of common items like Milk, water, bread, alcohol or a sumptuous meal. It’s always good to have a look at it rather than be cheated. 

8. Manage your time: While preparing your itinerary always keep track of the amount of time you are going to spend at every place. Make a timetable and try your best to follow it.

9. Last but not the least: The last Item in the checklist is to keep your money at different places. For example, separate your money and keep some in your wallet, some in your bag and some in a secret pocket in your dress. This comes handy especially when you are in an international travel where access to that currency is difficult. 

The 9 tips mentioned above are tested and verified. You can blindly follow them and I bet you will have the travel of your lifetime. 

Let me know If I could add anything more to this list and also your feedback!

Friday, October 10, 2014

# Friday Fictioneers - Let the light in

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright-Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The last time they met was at the farewell party in college, the day he had performed with his band, "Rock-crashers". 

It had been years since she had met the heartthrob of her college.

Sara had loved Ben secretly but never had she gathered the courage to speak to him about the deepest feelings of her heart. 

After 5 years, she had seen him outside the coffee shop and followed him to his studio. It was in tatters. 

She pulled the curtains and let the light come in. She was determined to fill his life with the same brightness.


This is a 100 word fiction written for the Friday Fictioneers brought about by Rochelle Wisoff- Click here to read the prompt and here to read the other entries in the link-up.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Unreal wishlist

I wish that I was swallowed by a whirlwind and at the other end land into the era of Cinderella. 

I wish that time ran at my pace; The sun rose with me and set with me.

I wish my dreams were fulfilled by striking the magic lamp and asking Genie to work is ways.

I wish I had free tickets to travel around the world, to touch the highest peak and sink into the deepest oceans. 

I wish I never grew old and never be worried about wrinkles. 

I wish finger licking dishes hung on trees and I never had to bother about what I had to make for dinner. 

I wish I woke up every morning in the lap of plush meadows and went to bed watching the sun die down by the beach. 

I wish....

I wish..........

I wish..................

I heard the crow's caw from my window and realised how my early morning meditation was disturbed.  

Do you have an Unreal Wishlist? I am sure all of us do have. Do share it with me in the comments below. 


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