Thursday, February 19, 2015

Anegan #Movie Review

After having watched the trailer of the movie just once and having a great expectation from Dhanush after his impressive performance in "Ranjhanaa", I decided to take my mom-in-law and grandmother for the movie.

"Anegan" is a romantic thriller that begins from the captivating scenery of Burma and travels across different era's and time to give you a story that lasts beyond a number of lifetimes. The story transcends to different generations gives you a lovely characterization of the people in that period of time.

The story begins at Burma where Munaruna(played by Dhanush), a Tamil Labourer and Samudra(played by Amyra), daughter of a Tamil mother and Burmese Father fall in love against all odds. While trying to escape from Samudra's father's eyes, both are killed. The movie transports to the present where Madhumita (played by Amyra) is having a serious stress related issue and is under treatment. She keeps having hallucinations about her previous life and is in search for her love from the previous birth as she believes that everyone around her are people who were connected to her in the previous birth. She works for a gaming company which is run by Kiran(played by Kartik).

Madhumita meets Aswin(played by Dhanush) under similar circumstances from the previous birth and falls in love with him. She tries to woo him and succeeds. What follows are a series for back and forth incidents and similarities from the previous and the current birth. Meanwhile, Meera, Amyra's colleague and a villain from the previous birth jumps from the balcony when she sees ghosts who are following her. Aswin who my now is in love with Amyra is restless about her talks about the previous birth and doesn't believe her. When Amyra helps Commissioner  Gopinath in investigating a murder some secrets from the past come back to life. What follows is something that is worth watching.

Anegan is a cluster that is put together very well. Director K V Anand and the entire crew have done a fantastic job with the screenplay, characterization and locations. The depth of the characters goes straight to your heart. They dissolve you. I was almost in tears when Munaruna and Samudra are killed.

Dhanush does a perfect job as anticipated and Amyra was someone who surprised me with her acting. I haven't seen her first movie Issaq but I can vouch that she definitely looks promising.

Kartik is one biggest let down in the movie. The director could have easily roped in someone else instead of him. Every scene where he enters in the screen is something that I detested.

The length of the movie is something that may test your patience. What starts off as a fast movie seems to slow down in its pace in the middle but quickly picks up speed. It seems to be like a full-length novel with multiple twists and turns and multiple characters.

The writers have tried their best to make the story sound as a scientific thriller, however, the climax is a bit unbelievable.

Rating: 4/5 for Dhanush, Amyra's performance and the storyline.

Negatives are: Kartik and the length of the movie;

This is definitely a one-time watch movie that is much better that the over-hyped "I" which recently hit the theater.  If you are looking for a movie to watch during the weekend then don't miss this one. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Love makes the most impractical thing practical!!

Love for me is something that I have felt and experienced. Like every girl, I have always wanted to have a partner with whom I could fall in love head over heels every single day for the rest of my life. I did find one such person and today I am married to him for 9 months and even today I feel just the same as I felt that day when I fell in love with him. Just the thought of writing a blog post on love that is dedicated to him makes my heart beat faster that usual. A slight smile tries to curve my lips and my eyes try to pop out wider than usual.

I've been busy with the promotion of my book and amidst the entire rush tried to recollect that one moment that made the launch of my book more special than ever. 

 A month ago, my husband had left for another country owing to a better job prospect. I couldn't travel with him as I had to wait for my visa. My first book was slated to release on the 7th of February and I knew I would miss him a lot. However, I did not compel him to stay back and neither did I adamantly want him to come all the way for my launch as I knew his visa process will take sometime and he wouldn't be able to come back to India so soon. I consoled myself saying that this would motivate me to write the next book and hence, have a second launch where he would be there. 

The entire month passed by and I was caught up with the preparations for the launch. Although he was away, he made it a point to help me with the launch by guiding me all along. He spoke to a couple of people so that the celebrities could be arranged. As the launch approached, I was as tensed as ever. 

I reached Bangalore two days before the launch and with the help of my friends and relatives began working on the arrangements. I visited the venue a day before and messaged to my husband saying that I was tensed and worried. He said that it will all be fine. He even mentioned that he has worked a lot for the launch and he was tired. He said that he was going to sleep the entire day. I was very angry that I was toiling the entire day, running to different places and he was going to laze around the entire day. 

It was evening and I was shopping a gift for the celebrities along with my sister-in-law. We had finalised on a gift and suddenly my sister-in-law received a phone call and she was gone. I walked the billing counter. I was busy pulling out my purse to pay when someone in a grey sweater stood at the door smiling at me. My sister-in-law appeared from the door with a wide smile. 

For a while, I stood still with my hand inside me handbag trying to fetch my purse and my eyes rolling round and round wondering if it was real. I walked to the person with the grey sweater and touched him. He smiled again. And there, without any embarrassment I stood near the billing counter and screamed. I couldn't believe that my husband was standing there. He had come straight from the airport to the store. He cooly replied, "How could I not make it to my wife's first book launch?" 

I couldn't stop the tears that were rolling from my eyes. I hugged him right in the middle of the shop to confirm if it really was him. He later told me that he had received his passport stamped just two days before and hence, he could make it. That was when I realised that when there is true love, nothing can do apart and every single force in the world will see to it that the purpose is served. 

This is the most cherished memory of the launch that was a grand success. The minute I knew he was there, everything was fine all over again. 

A pic of us at the launch:

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

The revived love for Cricket #IndvsPak - World Cup 2014 #BleedBlue

It's been almost 8 years since I watched the last match between India and Pakistan. It was in the year 2007 when India defeated Pakistan by 5 runs to win the T20 Cricket World Cup. What a proud moment that was? I remember that day very clearly. I was in my final year of graduation and the TV connection was disconnected due to some technical issues. It gave us a reason to enjoy the world cup with our neighbors. And the joy it brought to us when India won is something that gives me pride even today after such a long time.

Over the years, Cricket has become an overrated topic. It has lost the enthusiasm owing to the hype and controversies. The minute it caught the limelight for something more than being a form of sport, Cricket has become more of a money-game. I was among those thousands who stopped watching Cricket due to the above reasons.

But today, after such a long time, after a number of fights with my husband(who is a cricket fan) who has had a tough time trying to convince me, I switched on the TV to watch a cricket match. It's the India vs Pakistan match happening right now at Adelaide that caught my attention.

A cricket match after so many years did make me think. As I switched on the TV today morning, I found myself saying a small prayer for India. It was instant and involuntary. As the first wicket fell of Rohit Sharma, I found myself expressing my anger on the team. As Kohli raised his bat to hit a Six, I found myself chanting a silent prayer that it shouldn't land up being a catch. The India VS Pakistan Cricket match did revive the old memories that were somewhere buried due to the hype that media had created over the years.

Today I do not know if India would win or no, but I did realize that even after such a long time I do have a craze for the India Pakistan Cricket match with I feel every Indian is born with.

For live streaming Click here

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Book Launch of "Frozen Summer and Columbina"

"Frozen Summer and Columbina" is the amalgamation of two different psychological thrillers by two young authors from two different cities sharing only one thing in common - their love for writing fiction. Published by Half Baked Beans Publishing House in association with

The star studded book launch was held in Bangalore at a cozy bookstore called "Atta Galatta" on the 7th of February. The leading south Indian actress - Regina Cassandra, standup comedians - Sanjay Manaktala and Tushar Singh and Singer Alexis D'souza unveiled the book. 

Regina unveiled the book and handed it over to Sanjay and Alexis. Poppers were splashed and music surrounded the air. While Sanjay and Tushar entertained the crowd with their comic sense, Regina spoke about the book. She said, "I have started reading the book and cannot wait to complete it" Being an avid reader, she showed immense interest in the book. 

Alexis's band performed a foot tapping number that lightened the mood and mesmerised the crowd. Around 80 people were present for the launch. I read an excerpt from the book and Geetha did the same too. I remember the silence in the crowd when we read it. 

"Frozen Summer and Columbina" written by Geetha Madhuri and me is a psychological thriller and is considered to be India's first ever double header book. It consists of two stories that are completely different from each other.  While Frozen Summer is a suspenseful narrative tale involving a murder mystery, Columbina is a mysterious detective crime that happens at the world’s deadliest prison- Alcatraz.  Both the novellas share nothing in common. The book is a double dose of thriller for the reader. 

The most captivating aspect of the book is that each story is comprised of 70 pages which means that it is a good choice for a quick read. Pick up the book during a train journey or a flight journey and you will be able to finish it in no time.

Regina managed to finish the book and tweet about it. Here are the tweets:

The Inception:

A lot of people have been questioning Geetha and me as to how did we think of a double header. Let me tell you how it all happened. A year ago the publishers conducted a Novella contest and writers were asked to send a synopsis of their stories. Many young writers from all over the country submitted their synopsis and very few were shortlisted to write the complete novella. Novella is a 30000 word story. We were given 45 days to complete the novella. Aftwe which the results were declared and Geetha and I had made it to the top. Our stories were selected to be published.

I would be inviting Geetha to write about her experience very soon. Stay tuned for that! Until then, here are a few pictures from the event

Grab your copy at (

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The woman of the moment or the man who ran !! #Kiran Bedi vs #Arvind Kejriwal

The Delhi elections has begun to look like a tale of mockery where two highly educated individuals of different sex are fighting by putting their morals at stake. When we knew that AAP would unanimously bring Arvind Kejriwal at the forefront to stand for the post of the CM, we were clueless who would the BJP's candidate in the making be. And while we could contemplate and evaluate the prospects we were shaken from our very ground when the announcement was made that it would be none other than the (then)dynamic Kiran Bedi.

It took me a while to assimilate the entire situation. It shook me and I was numb. Almost a year ago when the entire country was looking for a change, the IIT alumnus separated from Anna Hazare and entered politics. He stood and won the Delhi polls raising the hopes of every individual in the country. The country was proud that there was finally someone who was just a minister next door, he was the God at that moment. He was the only person whom the country saw was devoid of a political dirt. The man who stood with the Jhado(broom) seemed to be the saviour who would clean the city and in turn India from corruption, malpractices and every vice.
Arvind Kejriwal after the Delhi Election win

The hopes were shortlived, exactly for 49 days after which he stepped down as the Chief Minister breaking and trashing the dreams of every individual who supported him and voted for him. Although he later apologized for quitting midway, do you think the nation cares now? Does any apology make sense now?

Speaking of Kiran Bedi, the self-acclaimed "Woman of the Moment", has let the country down again. The IPS officer who was known for her "harishchandra" ideologies has backstabbed on each one of us who has grown up admiring her.

The woman who once stood against the political biggies is now seen joining hands with the least amount of ignominy. She has coldly refused to reply to any of the questions that are asked to her with regard to the sudden change. How can a nation trust the woman who has been an opportunist and moved against her mission?
How can India's highest ranking Woman Officer set an example of deceit?

 The switch in her beliefs has clearly portrayed that this has become another Karunanidhi-Jayalalitha syndrome in the country. It has left us with no choice. Whom do we support? Are we Indian's going to always be crushed under a carpet of dirty politics where every individual performs or speaks only for his fame?

We are again caught in a pandemonium of disloyalty, fight for power, corrupt leaders and unfaithful promises. It's easier said than done, but whom do we look up to, "The woman of the moment or the man who ran" Or do we have to wait for another leader to be born?