Saturday, February 14, 2015

The revived love for Cricket #IndvsPak - World Cup 2014 #BleedBlue

It's been almost 8 years since I watched the last match between India and Pakistan. It was in the year 2007 when India defeated Pakistan by 5 runs to win the T20 Cricket World Cup. What a proud moment that was? I remember that day very clearly. I was in my final year of graduation and the TV connection was disconnected due to some technical issues. It gave us a reason to enjoy the world cup with our neighbors. And the joy it brought to us when India won is something that gives me pride even today after such a long time.

Over the years, Cricket has become an overrated topic. It has lost the enthusiasm owing to the hype and controversies. The minute it caught the limelight for something more than being a form of sport, Cricket has become more of a money-game. I was among those thousands who stopped watching Cricket due to the above reasons.

But today, after such a long time, after a number of fights with my husband(who is a cricket fan) who has had a tough time trying to convince me, I switched on the TV to watch a cricket match. It's the India vs Pakistan match happening right now at Adelaide that caught my attention.

A cricket match after so many years did make me think. As I switched on the TV today morning, I found myself saying a small prayer for India. It was instant and involuntary. As the first wicket fell of Rohit Sharma, I found myself expressing my anger on the team. As Kohli raised his bat to hit a Six, I found myself chanting a silent prayer that it shouldn't land up being a catch. The India VS Pakistan Cricket match did revive the old memories that were somewhere buried due to the hype that media had created over the years.

Today I do not know if India would win or no, but I did realize that even after such a long time I do have a craze for the India Pakistan Cricket match with I feel every Indian is born with.

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  1. I imagine it would be hard NOT to root for your own country! ;) <3

  2. And India has won the match with a comfortable margin. The sound of crackers seen to begin and there is a smile on everybody's lips. hurray.

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