Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chain 'em on

Accessorize, dazzle, ‘be a stunner’ and get yourself embellished for any occasion!!
Gone are the days where long chains and necklaces were worn only for festivals. The trend has changed from small pendants and thin chains enclosing and adorning your neck to those glitzy thick, long chains with huge pendants that make you look dashing.
It’s time to adapt every change that makes you look elegant and makes you stand out among the crowd.
Chains in different patterns with bold designs teamed up with long pendants is what the gen-X is going gala about. Sport it on a blazer with a simple, plain T-shirt and become the envy material. Team up a long oxidized chain with a pendant on a plain round-necked T-shirt or deck yourself with the pearl shaped beaded ones.
Wear anything that’s simple and adorn it with these chains and see the change. I am sure you would want more and more.
Antique jewellery and designs like a key, butterfly, rose, precious gems are what’s setting the trend.
Be it a plain Kurthi or a blazer or a dainty dress or a simple T-Shirt this accessory is surely going to add that spark to your style. Get ready to add that little extra trendiness in your style and parade in elegance.
So what’s holding you, tickle your fashion cells, strike on the right design and Chain ‘em on
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Enjoy reading and Keep shopping!!! 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

To Shop, Hop to Shopper's stop....

"Cynthia, I totally forgot to mention about Ravi's wedding", My cousin was discussing with me about her tour plans. She had called me from the States an hour before her flight to India for a visit.
She hurriedly tried to tell me the details of the call, "Cynthia, could you please shop some clothes and accessories that I and your Jeeju(her hubby) could wear for the wedding. I was so lost in getting stuff ready for the visit that this totally slipped of  from my head"

"Sure, Didi I will buy it for you both", I was all the more happy to help her out.(I was being selfish in one way because I love shopping and this just gave me another chance be lost in the beautiful world of shopping :P)

I logged onto the Shopper's stop website as my cousin had been very particular about it. She had given me a list of detailing about her clothes and her husband's which kinda made it easier for me to select stuff for them.
"Go in for a light coloured Saree, you know I prefer elegant stuff", I remember her mentioning about it.

Deck me up:
"Sarees" The tab caught my eye and I started my search for a saree that would be gorgeous for a wedding and which was a little light in colour. After going through a number of varieties of sarees from netted to Georgette to designer ones, I landed up choosing "Ashika Net Embroidered Lehenga Saree"

Match me too:
Once the main dress for the evening was ready It became simpler to choose the accessories. I noticed that the saree had designs in the shape of a flower. "Bingo, that was going to make my search simple", I thought.
A saree, "What next? Any guesses? Well .... I had to decide on something to adorn her ears and her neck"
I kept searching for a necklace which had some design of a flower and yipee, Shopper's Stop had exactly what I was looking for, "Zaveri Pearls Flower Design Set" (My gosh I was envying it. It looked tremendously inviting :))

My next stop was, "Earrings" (Thanks to online shopping, everything seemed to be only tabs away :P) To suit a silver based necklace I went into the "Fine Jewelry" section and I found exactly something complimenting the necklace- "ASPEN Earring Model No: E0141AWD" The star design suited the necklace and looked similar to a flower .

My cousin had once told me that she fancied watches a lot. What more could match her desire than a Fossil watch ? "Fossil - Womens Watch - ES3018"

I tried my luck with a few RINGS. I found one that was trendy and stylish suiting her Saree."Lucera Silver CZ Ring RF5011"
She never walked out of her house without her mobile and a pack of tissues. I wanted a clutch that could suit her requirement and leave a fashion statement too. A light ping clutch with silver work on it caught my eye. "Haute Curry Clutch - ICORCL1"

Walking in style :
Last but not the least I had to select the perfect footwear. A flowy lehenga type Saree would be perfect on high heels. And my search was complete when I found the perfect one that suited the colour of her Saree and would make her look terrific. A well dressed woman with the wrong footwear spoils her image. So I had to be extra careful in choosing the sandals "HAUTE CURRY - Sandals"

Well I matched everything together and this was what I pictured her as --- A gorgeous beauty.
My next task was a Herculean one as I hardly have experience in choosing clothes for men. But there is one motto of mine that made it very easy for me find the perfect clothes for my brother-in-law. Well, the motto says that one can guess ones personality by the kind of clothes he or she wears.
My brother-in-law is a very soft spoken person with a dynamic personality. Keeping this in mind I started my search to make him look equally dashing.

Dress in style :
He was a businessman by profession and someone who didn't like wearing sherwanis and pathani suits. So I wanted to go in for something that was professional yet something which set up the festive mood. This was what I went in for "Blackberrys-Mens Slim Fit"

To match the suit I wanted the perfect cufflinks. I found one that matched exactly with the suit "Infinity Cufflinks -09025S"

He was a man of few words but a someone who loved having a collection of pens. So I chose a fine pen that would look elegant on his suit. "Vettorio Fratini Ball Pen - BELLAGIO1B"

My next stop was to choose a watch for him and being a brand freak I went in for an espirit watch "ESPRIT Timewear - Mens Watch - Atrium Chrono Brown" My cousin had asked me to purchase a wallet for him and I searched for something that would compliment hos suit "Hidesign - Mens Wallet"

My last stop was the footwear section. I loved it when men wore shoes which were pointed towards the toe. And I found one that suited my requirement "FRANCO LEONE - Mens Formal Shoes".

I tried to ensemble my selection for my jeeju and this was what I had selected.

With everything ready, I am waiting for my cousin and my brother-in-law to be dressed in their best.

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