Friday, September 11, 2015

What happened to SHEENA BORA?

Three years ago, a young women in her early 20’s was head over heels in love with a man who was supposedly her step-nephew. Such great was a love-story that even the father of the boy and the apparent “jiju” of the girl was willing to get them married. To add a twist to this love saga, just like every other story, enters the step-sister of the girl who happens to be highly conservative about the entire story as she happens to be the boy’s step-mother. She tries her best to separate them as this woman feels it is extremely unvirtuous.

A few days later, the young girl is called by her mother to National College in Bandra. Her boyfriend drops her and leaves. Following which she is nowhere to be found. After that he receives few messages from the girl that she wants to break up a 2 year old relationship and she has moved to the USA. She even mentions that she has found someone else and is happy with him.

The boy wishes to believe the sms that was sent to him. The step-sister/ his step-mom who was against their union manages to convince her step-son that her step-sister is in the USA.

The boy who should have asked the question, “What happened to Sheena?” is convinced that she is in the USA inspite of having her passport with him.

The police officers who took the boy’s complaint three years ago forgot to ask the same question, “What happened to Sheena?” when they believed the woman who told them that she had left India.


An anonymous phone call, a tip off and the arrest of a driver with respect to an arms related case lead the police officers to begin searching for a woman who went missing 3 years ago.

The media begins to take interest in the case when a woman named Indrani Mukerjea who is the step-sister of the deceased is arrested who apparently happens to be a media tycoon and the wife of Star Tv’s ex-ceo, “Peter Mukerjea”. The media goes bonkers when it turns out that Indran Mukerjea is the biological mother of Sheena Bora(the deceased) and not the step-sister.

The following day a man is arrested from Kolkatta. Interestingly this man who is Sanjeev Khanna by name is Indrani Mukerjea's ex-husband.

The media, the nation, the police after three years began asking the question to the arrested driver, Indrani and Sanjeev, if they killed Sheena.

As the story unviels, it is revealed that three years ago Sheena was drugged and later strangulated in a car. The following day her body is burnt and thrown in the jungle of Raigad. The villagers find the burnt body and the police begins to investigate. Suddenly the investigation is stopped and no one seems to have found the answer to the question, “Who's body was it?”

Now when the story is out in the open, every news channel is trying to investigate the case in it's own manner. For 14 days since the investigation began, as I tuned into every news channel, the only headline/ Breaking News I saw was about Sheena. The other news about OROP and FTII had taken a backseat. Even the Gujarat riots was not covered properly. I found this as another high profile case like that of Aarushi and Sunanda Pushkar. Only that this time the media had taken a longer interest in this case that the previous ones.

There were a lot of interesting facts that emerged every single day as this horrific crime of honour, money, lust and lies was out in the open to be criticized and torn apart. A wikipedia page was created for Indrani Mukerjea which never existed before. A top cop who started investigating this case was suddenly promoted as the DG 20 days before his due date. It was revealed that Indrani had two children from her first relationship to a man named Siddhartha Das and Sheena was one of them.

Her son came out in the media and said that his mother was behind his life. Why was he quiet so long? Didn't he question where his sister was? Why did Peter Mukerjea who was considered to be so intelligent enough to be the CEO of a company believe his wife blindly? Was he just blind in love or is he hiding something? Why didn't the boy who was in a live-in relationship with Sheena, who claimed to be so mad in love with her that he was ready to make her his wife even after knowing that she was his step-sister stay quiet so long?

Why is the media who went haywire last month about this case suddenly quiet all of a sudden that since two days they've stopped telecasting anything related to this case?

As I see this murder case get concealed every other day with a different set of of facts like that of the financial angle or the investigating team being replaced, all I can foresee is that this is just going to be shut and closed like every other high profile case in India. The powerful will walk free and we will be left with questions that will always be unanswered.

Till today no one knows what happened to Aarushi Talvar. Based on some unclear evidences the parents were convicted.

Are we again going to be left with the question, “What happened to Sheena?” I just hope that I am proved wrong.