Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2012 - So it was... 2013 - So what will it be ?

Here goes my first post in the New Year. So before I start writing I would like to wish you all “A very happy new year” I know I am being late
in wishing but as it is rightly said, It is better late than never.
I start my first blog post in the New Year 2013 with the list of events that left an indelible impression in our lives (of course mine as well :)) in the year 2012.
(There have been many people putting up such lists. Yet I am here with my version)

2012- So it was....

Well, 2012 made me proud as an Indian in a lot of ways. And when I started penning them down the first thought that crossed my mind is that of the Olympics.
·         London Olympics 2012 proved to be lucrative to the sports arena of our country which laterally takes immense efforts to promote cricket. I am not condemning the fact but the way our heroes performed at the Olympics truly proves that we should support every game equally and encourage sports other that cricket too. India won a total of 6 medals comprising of 2 silver and 4 bronze which was considered to be India’s best at any Olympics.

·         Another important event that hit the headlines and was very well anticipated by the masses was that of the ‘End of the World’. When many people believed that ‘oh my, we are actually going to face the Doomsday’ I would just like to remind them that, “Hey people welcome to 2013, Guys wake up and usher into the new year, oops !!!  The Mayan Calendar had predicted it wrong.”

·         The presidential elections were something that both our country as well as The USA had in common this year. While Mr. Barack Obama took the oath to serve America, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee took the baton from Ms. PratibhaPatil to serve our country.

·         In a country which had attained its Independence 66 years ago, one man raised his voice against the government and corruption. He was one among us, ApnaAamAdmi. While he had backed Mr. Anna Hazare immensely, he began his political career this year by starting his own party “AAM AADMI PARTY”. He is none other than the Ramon Magsaysay Award winner, Arvind Kejriwal.
               Well, Mr. Kejriwal, are we heading towards another freedom movement?

·         There were a number of unforgettable movies in the past year that served as an entertainer and an eye-opener. Movies like Barfi, Life of PI, Kahaani etc would surely be ones that everyone had loved.
·         Although, Aamir Khan’s Talaash didn’t actually do well at the box-office, his reality show, SatyamevJayate left a mark in everyone’s life. The show concentrated on various social issues prevalent in India such as female foeticides, child sexual abuse, dowry, medical malpractice, honor killings etc. I recently came to know that there was a special screening of the first episode of SatyamevJayate in a few rural villages of Gujurat, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh, the idea being that the show should reach every corner of our country. Great idea indeed!!!

·         Banning of bulk SMS in India for a period of fifteen days in the month of August to stop rumors from being spread against the people of the North East was one such issue that had affected me as well as teenagers. How awful it was, to be handcuffed to sending only five messages a day???

·         I would be doing injustice if I miss out on mentioning about one event that left all of us spellbound and aghast. This path breaking incident truly proved that yes the leaders of our country can actually take wise decisions. I am referring to the killing of Abdul Kasab. The man who was one among the 10 terrorists who killed innocent lives and made our commercial capital come to a standstill. I would consider that the execution of Kasab was considered to be the most secret mission carried out till date. No one really had a clue.

There were some events that shook us and awakened our spirits. Among these the very first that comes into my mind and of course yours too would be that of the horrific end of the 23 year old girl.
·         16th, December 2012 witnessed an incident that made me, as a woman, question myself, Am I safe in my country? The gangrape and assault of the 23 year old physiotherapy student aroused the sentiments of every Indian. We witnessed a new revolution which was themed, “Protests against rape”. While the protest was truly justifiable, the root cause of it made us ashamed. The incident has bought into light many topics like the law against this crime, the police department of our capital, the negligence of punishment towards this crime etc.

·         Mumbai railway came to a standstill when a major fire brokedown. Our commercial capital was in for a toss that time. And needless to say Mumbai without trains running on time is like trying to walk without legs.
·         Another shocking incident that hit the news was that of the Connecticut killings where one psycho took his gun and shot his mother and went around shooting innocent children.

That puts an end to my list of events that happened in 2012. I would forget to mention the fact that my blog posts increasedfrom 6 to 37 in 2012. So it was a great year for me with respect to my blog. Thanks to indiblogger which indirectly inspired me a lot to write.

2013 – So what will it be?

There are a number of exciting events that I look forward to this year. A few among those would be….
·         The verdict given to the criminals of the Delhi girl’s gangrape case. Also the change in law which would punish rapists equally.
·         The fight against corruption, so how far will we go?
·         The country is going to make way to witness another lok sabha election in 2014. So get ready to witness the promises that would be given.
·         With respect to entertainment I am waiting for a few movies to hit the theatres, Mani Ratnam’sKadal (the songs are what’s always on my iPod), Kai Po Che and 2 states (both based on ChetanBhagat’s novels) and also the number of Oscar’s “Life of PI” would win.(Keeping my fingers crossed as I truly loved this movie)

I really do not know what 2013 has in store for me, but yes I would continue to blog more frequently and put up better posts and keep my readers glued. So here am I signing off saying “Happy New Year!! And have a great one !!!”