Thursday, February 19, 2015

Anegan #Movie Review

After having watched the trailer of the movie just once and having a great expectation from Dhanush after his impressive performance in "Ranjhanaa", I decided to take my mom-in-law and grandmother for the movie.

"Anegan" is a romantic thriller that begins from the captivating scenery of Burma and travels across different era's and time to give you a story that lasts beyond a number of lifetimes. The story transcends to different generations gives you a lovely characterization of the people in that period of time.

The story begins at Burma where Munaruna(played by Dhanush), a Tamil Labourer and Samudra(played by Amyra), daughter of a Tamil mother and Burmese Father fall in love against all odds. While trying to escape from Samudra's father's eyes, both are killed. The movie transports to the present where Madhumita (played by Amyra) is having a serious stress related issue and is under treatment. She keeps having hallucinations about her previous life and is in search for her love from the previous birth as she believes that everyone around her are people who were connected to her in the previous birth. She works for a gaming company which is run by Kiran(played by Kartik).

Madhumita meets Aswin(played by Dhanush) under similar circumstances from the previous birth and falls in love with him. She tries to woo him and succeeds. What follows are a series for back and forth incidents and similarities from the previous and the current birth. Meanwhile, Meera, Amyra's colleague and a villain from the previous birth jumps from the balcony when she sees ghosts who are following her. Aswin who my now is in love with Amyra is restless about her talks about the previous birth and doesn't believe her. When Amyra helps Commissioner  Gopinath in investigating a murder some secrets from the past come back to life. What follows is something that is worth watching.

Anegan is a cluster that is put together very well. Director K V Anand and the entire crew have done a fantastic job with the screenplay, characterization and locations. The depth of the characters goes straight to your heart. They dissolve you. I was almost in tears when Munaruna and Samudra are killed.

Dhanush does a perfect job as anticipated and Amyra was someone who surprised me with her acting. I haven't seen her first movie Issaq but I can vouch that she definitely looks promising.

Kartik is one biggest let down in the movie. The director could have easily roped in someone else instead of him. Every scene where he enters in the screen is something that I detested.

The length of the movie is something that may test your patience. What starts off as a fast movie seems to slow down in its pace in the middle but quickly picks up speed. It seems to be like a full-length novel with multiple twists and turns and multiple characters.

The writers have tried their best to make the story sound as a scientific thriller, however, the climax is a bit unbelievable.

Rating: 4/5 for Dhanush, Amyra's performance and the storyline.

Negatives are: Kartik and the length of the movie;

This is definitely a one-time watch movie that is much better that the over-hyped "I" which recently hit the theater.  If you are looking for a movie to watch during the weekend then don't miss this one. 

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