Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The woman of the moment or the man who ran !! #Kiran Bedi vs #Arvind Kejriwal

The Delhi elections has begun to look like a tale of mockery where two highly educated individuals of different sex are fighting by putting their morals at stake. When we knew that AAP would unanimously bring Arvind Kejriwal at the forefront to stand for the post of the CM, we were clueless who would the BJP's candidate in the making be. And while we could contemplate and evaluate the prospects we were shaken from our very ground when the announcement was made that it would be none other than the (then)dynamic Kiran Bedi.

It took me a while to assimilate the entire situation. It shook me and I was numb. Almost a year ago when the entire country was looking for a change, the IIT alumnus separated from Anna Hazare and entered politics. He stood and won the Delhi polls raising the hopes of every individual in the country. The country was proud that there was finally someone who was just a minister next door, he was the God at that moment. He was the only person whom the country saw was devoid of a political dirt. The man who stood with the Jhado(broom) seemed to be the saviour who would clean the city and in turn India from corruption, malpractices and every vice.
Arvind Kejriwal after the Delhi Election win

The hopes were shortlived, exactly for 49 days after which he stepped down as the Chief Minister breaking and trashing the dreams of every individual who supported him and voted for him. Although he later apologized for quitting midway, do you think the nation cares now? Does any apology make sense now?

Speaking of Kiran Bedi, the self-acclaimed "Woman of the Moment", has let the country down again. The IPS officer who was known for her "harishchandra" ideologies has backstabbed on each one of us who has grown up admiring her.

The woman who once stood against the political biggies is now seen joining hands with the least amount of ignominy. She has coldly refused to reply to any of the questions that are asked to her with regard to the sudden change. How can a nation trust the woman who has been an opportunist and moved against her mission?
How can India's highest ranking Woman Officer set an example of deceit?

 The switch in her beliefs has clearly portrayed that this has become another Karunanidhi-Jayalalitha syndrome in the country. It has left us with no choice. Whom do we support? Are we Indian's going to always be crushed under a carpet of dirty politics where every individual performs or speaks only for his fame?

We are again caught in a pandemonium of disloyalty, fight for power, corrupt leaders and unfaithful promises. It's easier said than done, but whom do we look up to, "The woman of the moment or the man who ran" Or do we have to wait for another leader to be born?

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  1. A part of me still roots for AK... he's fighting such an uphill battle - no corporates on his side, huge slander and allegations, stones thrown at him, ads in the paper, media deliberately turning a blind eye to him when he wants to make a statement yet gushing over fake stories... Bedi's u-turn was horrifying, especially when you see it from the point of view that she was once sure of the PM's role in the 2002 events... today, she calls him the most handsome man and the sun like a blushing girl... its go "gah!"
    A part of me will always root for the underdog... but then I don't know if that will be enough in the end