Monday, October 26, 2015

Is it difficult to make new friends as you grow old?

I remember discussing this with a friend of mine.

How many of us are quick at making friends?

And how many of us find it difficult to talk to new people and include them in our lives?

Was it easier to make friends when we were kids or is it easier now? 

A friend as a kid:

When we were kids all we wanted was someone with whom we could go out to play at any time of the day. We needed someone who was capable enough to pull us out of our study hours and sneak out to have some fun.

A friend as a teen:

As we stepped into our teens, we started looking up to friends who stood by us when we needed a shoulder to cry and hear our tantrums. Sometimes, these were the same who were with us in our childhood and sometimes we made new ones.

A friend later and after:

But as we started working and facing the whole new world, our thoughts changed. We started realising that friendship was much more than what we had ever known. We started looking up to those who were happy when we were happy and were sad when we were not in the best of our moods.

We started judging people and were sometimes hurt by those whom we once felt were our closest friends. As kids, we never judged anyone. There was never a preconceived notion about relationships. The one who shared his lunch or pencil box was our best friend. We didn't have a description of how our friend should be.

As we grew older, our expectations from our friends increased. We wanted them to be more than what they were before. And as expectations increased, the ones who understood and stood beside remained and the ones who didn't, left us.

After a certain period in life, we know the kind of people we wish to live with and sometimes do not want any more acquaintances of accomplices in our life. There comes a point of realisation when we find it difficult to trust in the new people who enter our life and hence, we become slow at making new friends.

But, you never know when you may land up meeting a kind friend in your life. So always keep yourself open to new friendships. It may bring with it a lot of answers to your unanswered questions.

Do you agree with me or do you feel otherwise?
 Feel free to let me know your thoughts.




  1. I have been harping on this like forever! And yes I believe making friends is an 'art' that gets slowed with time..

  2. I think I agree with you and the picture at the end of the post sums up my thoughts on this :)