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"The Walk" - Movie - 6 Lessons learnt !

I regretted watching this movie in 2D. But I'm happy I watched it in the big screen. Joseph Gordon-Levitt starrer, "THE WALK" is one of the finest movies made this year. Directed by Steve Starkey, the 123-minute account of a French high-wire artist Philippe Petit's walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on August 6, 1974, cannot be missed. Steve Starkey's "ForrestGump" is undoubtedly one of my favorite movies of all times. 

After watching "The Walk", I began writing a review about the movie. But, midway I decided to write about the lessons I took away from the movie. Every scene in the movie was well-defined and articulate. It carried a message and had a story to tell. Some of the lessons that I took away are as follows:

1. It is not a problem if the world calls you mad: 

Pic Courtesy: Google

All that Philippe wanted to do in life was to walk on the wire. His life revolved around the places where he could tie his wire and walk on it. Much to his father's chagrin, he leaves his home at a young age, to learn about his dream from the famous Papa Rudy. When he sees the picture of the World Trade centre for the very first time in a magazine, he knows what he was going to do. When he discusses his dream with Annie, he knows that she might think of him as a mad-man. If you have a dream that will make you mad in front of people, nevermind. You sometimes have to be crazy to make a mark.

2. Never give up even if your hurdles are close at sight:

Pic Courtesy: Google

On the day of the walk, Phillipe faces a number of hurdles. The first being the way he is stopped near the elevator for hours. The time he spends with Jeff under the sheet, the number of times he escapes being caught by the security personnel and losing his costume are the other hurdles that he has to cross before he starts his final walk. He even loses two members from his coup. But he does not give up. He stays strong and focused. He is obsessed with his dream and he is ready to face even the worst nightmare in order to taste success. His determination is tested when a dove comes close to him. He is on the wire, looking at the sky. For once I felt that this was it. But I guess the dove turns away when it does not find fear in his eyes. 

3. Friends and foes can be distinguished when you are in the worst of times:
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Annie, Jeff and Jean-Louis stand by Phillipe all the way from Paris to NewYork. The two friends, that he meets in NewYork also stand by him. But, at the last minute when Phillipe really needs his coup to stand by him, two other leave his side. On the other hand, Annie, even though she stands below the building, waits for him the entire night. 

4. Be thankful:

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When someone close to you helps you follow your dreams, all they wish to hear is a word of gratitude. Never take them for granted. If they stand by you just because they want you to succeed, then it is indeed a selfless deed. A word of thanks can do wonders. The moment when Phillipe thanks the wire, the audience and his coup is profound. 

5. Enjoy what you do:
Pic Courtesy: Google - The real Phillipe on the Wire

The biggest gift a man can ever get is finding a profession/passion that he enjoys. If he has found it then success is never away. Because only when you enjoy what you do can you eve succeed. Remember the dialogue from 3 Idiots by "Baba Ranchordas", "Bachcha kabil bano, kabil ... kamyabi toh saali jhak maarke peeche bhagegi" (Son become capable, success will follow you, eventually). The minute Phillipe steps his first foot on the wire to begin his epic walk between the towers, all the tension from his face fades away. It is replaced by happiness and peacefulness. 

6. Always respect people like Papa Rudy:

Each one of us must have met a Papa Rudy in our life. They are those people who have lived life in their own terms and learnt some form of art that no book or Google can give you. Respect such people. Either you are lucky enough to have found such a person or they are humble enough to share their prized possessions with you.

Truly and thoroughly, I enjoyed every bit of the movie. My favourite dialogue in the movie is the one by Phillipe, when he stand at the edge of the north tower for the very first time. He says, 

"I find myself on an island, floating in midair on the edge of the void"

And of course, the next was, 
"Carrots are cooked"

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