Saturday, April 28, 2012

I am a Versatile Blogger too :)

                                                   I am a versatile blogger!

Blogging is a passion, a meditation, a fervent desire to pen down my thoughts and a synergy of ideas and emotions.  I started blogging in 2010. Although I wasn’t passionate about it in the beginning, as time passed I realized that blogging gives me peace. It provides me a space where I can vent my feelings and thoughts and write on anything that I come across without any ban and restrictions.  On joining indiblogger(  I realized that there are so many people passionate about blogging. Anumber of blogs inspired me and I was astounded to see the world of blogging. The more I visited the site, the more was I encouraged to write better. I moved from writing general stuff and day to day events to short stories, autobiographies and poems. And today I have been rewarded for being versatile. Woah !!!! a feather to my hat and all thanks to another truly versatile blogger Gayathri ( Do visit Gayathri's blog too :) worth a read !!!!) Gayathri I am honored that you found me suitable for this award. Thanks a ton.

So after spending a lot of time in finding out the truly versatile bloggers, I present before you my list of bloggers who impressed me and deserve this award. There is no ranking on who is better than the other all are truly versatile.

I was asked to do the below while I was given this award. And I expect all the other bloggers who have received this award to do this too.

Nominate 10-15 fellow bloggers

Inform the bloggers of their nomination

Share 7 random things about yourself

Thank the blogger who nominated you (with blog link)

Add the Versatile Blogger Award Pic on your blog post

And here is some space to brag about me. The 7 things about me:
When I sat to think about the 7 things about me that was worth sharing with the blogging community, It was a tiresome task. I had to choose things that weren’t every personal and at the same time stuff that describe me on the whole. After a lot of introspection I jotted the below.

  1.  Books, books and more books:         Have you ever loved the aroma of a book? It smells good the older it gets. I am an ardent lover of books. You can find a book in my bag whenever I leave the house. My aunt used to ask me how I would spend my money when I start earning. I would reply: “I will make a library of books and dedicate a room in the house for it. This dream is on its way. I have started collecting books of my choice. 
  2. 100% :      Whether it is a birthday celebration at home or an important assignment at office, I would never rest in peace till I have given my 100% to it. I can never concentrate on anything else till I have completed the work that I am committed to. The reason being a superb advice given by my school friend, “Your duty Lies before you”. Thanks to Vaibhav.
  3. Writer in me:     The flow of thoughts and ideas inside me are some things that can never stop. So every time my brain is filled with something to be penned down I do it without bothering about the place I am in. I roam with a small notepad and a pen in my bag. You can find me sitting in a local train and writing points for my next post. And yes, not to forget like most of the bloggers I too have a desire to become an author one day. Come the right topic and the right time I may surely write something that could be published.  
  4. Love driving in the rain:      Rain has always been one of the best seasons of all times for me. Sitting at the window watching the droplets of water kiss the thirsty earth, I feel a sense of peace run through my veins. Driving in the rain is something that is adventurous and exciting and something that I never miss. To complete this beautiful time, who would miss eating bhutta in the rain (Oh I so love it :) )
  5. Interactions:     Just a hello is enough and I would carry the conversation ahead. When I am around with friends I try to make everyone participate in the conversation. I interact easily with people I meet for the first time and try to make my first impression the best one.
  6. Orderly and Punctual:         “It is better to be 10 minutes early than to be a minute late” I follow this principle in life and see to it that I am punctual. Even if I have to meet my friend I leave on time. And I hate people who make me wait, although Nitha (my best friend) is an exception.
  7. Lover of manners:         From an auto-rickshaw driver to the person who comes to pick garbage at home to any shop keeper, I never miss to say a “thank you” for their kind gesture. “Thank you” is just two words; however, it makes a lot of difference. It proves to be an encouragement to people who work for us. So never miss to say a thank you to anyone. And not to forget, I forgive people easily so just a simple “sorry” melts me. After all friendship is more valuable than the mistakes right?

Finally I would like to thank Gayathri again ( for this award. I appreciate it and will stand true to this award by being versatile in my writing. Sorry for the late post as Gayathri had awarded me with this long back. I am on the top of the world bragging about my award. :D

And to everyone out there keep reading my posts and keep commenting too. I would love that.

And now I am going to inform my fellow bloggers about the award to make them happy too :D…

Have a nice Sunday .


  1. Thanks a lottt Cynthia for this award. Means a lot to me.. :) I loved your policy. Being 10 minutes early than late.. But if you are waiting for a person who does not value time.. It is such a bane!

    Congratulations on your award! :)

    1. Thank you so much Sahana. I loved your writing when i went through your blog. Keep blogging

  2. thank you so much for the award. honored :)

    1. Your welcome, You deserved this. Keep blogging

  3. congrats for this award
    thank you so much for naming me
    i feel honoured and motivated

  4. congrats
    thanks for naming me in your blog
    i feel so much honoured and motivated

    1. Thanks Anju, You have a wonderful blog. I am happy that this has motivated you to continue writing. Keep blogging

  5. Awww I am obliged....:)Thanks for tagging my blog in the list :)

  6. Congrats on this award.. I hope to get it one day. You have a very nice blog site. I found it via Nabanita's blog page.

    Please do visit mine sometime and let me know your thoughts on my posts... looking forward to your comments! :-)

    1. Thank you so much for going through. I am just checking your blog. Reading your post too. Really interesting. Keep blogging and keep reading.

    2. You bet, sweety! :-)

      You've got yourself a loyal follower, and thanks for your comments, looking forward to lots more! :-)

  7. Nice blog you have..Congratulations..:-)

  8. I have a surprise for you. Check out my Blog

  9. Congratulations Cynthia. Thank you so much for passing it on to me. I'm honored.

    We seem to share a lot in common.
    I write when I feel like. I'm least bothered about my surroundings.
    Inspired by my teacher at college, I give my best in almost anything I do.
    My princi, with his life, taught me how important is it to value others time and be punctual. I reach at-least 10 min early for any event.
    From a friend, I learned orderliness is the simplest step to makes life easy and clutter-free.
    I never miss to thank/appreciate anyone.
    I love to drive in rain and at night.
    I learned the most powerful act of forgiveness from my mom and dad. In my case people need not even say a sorry. It's instantaneous.

  10. Thanks Leo Paw. Yeah we do share a lot in common and you deserve this award. Your posts are awsome. So i guess in your post on versatile blogger we will be sharing the same interests. keep blogging

  11. Thank you, Cynthia!!! I am honoured!! I did not understand this whole process...little slow on the uptake..but better late than never:) Thank you:)

  12. Yah no prob Bhavana. Keep blogging

  13. Yay! Thank you so much! :D I can't stop smiling! I'm totally like you with respect to manners and reading. There's nothing worse than a rude person with bad grammar :P
    Sorry for the late-ish reply. I have my CET in two days so I'm kinda busy on that front.
    Thanks again! :)