Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dubai - my first thoughts !

I've been thinking of getting back to serious blogging for quite a while now. But today as I was watching the movie "Wake up Sid", I saw myself in Aisha's shoes. Just like her I've moved to a new city, infact a new country. I've decided to discover a new career path just like her. I've set up a new home and I'm deeply trying to discover this city that I've moved to - DUBAI. The only difference is that I've moved in with my husband which makes it all the more exciting.
Dubai in a single glance

DUBAI- what do I speak about it? The first impression was a modern world where even the tallest person would find his neck hurting when he looked us to see the height of the buildings. The minute I was in the taxi heading home from the airport all I wanted to spot was the Burj Khalifa. And then within few minutes I could see the Burj Khalifa only to realise that it could be spotted from many places in Dubai - thanks to its height.

Finding a right job in Dubai is like finding an oasis in a desert. It can take weeks or even months before you find one and there is always a lot of competition. I was well aware of this fact and hence, I thought of taking it slow in that front. Meanwhile, I was busy trying to adapt myself to this new world. When my husband was off to work, I was setting up the house, hitting the gym and at times job hunting.
View from my balcony

Diverse cultures, language and food: At times, It would make me realise that life has changed 360 degrees. There were new people, diverse in culture and language. There a bit of every country in Dubai. And that was made me like this place. You could find an Italian pizza joint right next to a Thai cuisine restaurant. Although, the every second face you see is of an Indian, this city does make you feel lost in a whirlwind of competition. Everyone's come to this city to try something new and fulfill his dreams.

Cars: Apart from the tall buildings, the next evident luxury that couldn't escape my eyes were the cars on the roads. Dubai is not a pedestrian-friendly city or a bicycle-friendly city. Name the make of the most luxurious car and you will find it here. And for those who are new to the city(like me), Dubai satisfies me with a world-class metro

A bit about everything: Owing to the diverse population, you will find just a bit about everything in Dubai. From food to spices, from clothes to language, there is nothing in the world that cannot be found here. Even the shopping malls are uniquely themed.

Man-made: Something that always keeps me awed and makes me feel weird about this place is that everything is man-made. Sometimes, I find it all larger that life and to the apex to creativity. Sometimes, I find it wholly artificial.  And just when I thought this city had to history to it, I step foot in the Dubai museum which walked me through the evolution of this country from just a waste space of desert to something that leaves to speechless.

Partying: Dubai is known for its luxurious events and partying, especially for the western expats. Another huge change for me was the change in the weekend (Fri & Sat) and working on a sunday. The Friday brunch is something that people look forward to which only makes it all the more expensive.

I've visited the Dubai Mall, largest aquarium and underwater zoo, The Burj Khalifa, desert safari and some other places(blog posts coming up soon). I've given up on the job of a software developer and have started interning as a Social media manager. A new place, a new country, a new job, a new culture and a whole new career. While amidst all the change I do miss my country and would always want to go back sometime. But for now, I look forward to making myself feel at home in Dubai.


  1. Good account of Dubai. I haven't lived there but yes, been there. Roamed around, travelled in public transport etc....

    Can I give you one suggestion? Increase the size of your pics. It'll enhance your posts.

  2. All the best. You seem to be destined to go a long way.

  3. Tomichan Matheikal Sir: Thank you so much. Means a lot :)
    Nisha: Thanks for reading through. And thanks a lot for the suggestion. I immediately went and increased the size of the photos :)

  4. wow Dubai looks awesome! I'm curious to visit there one day.

  5. Dubai is a great place, I want to go there one day. Nice post, Cynthia!