Monday, September 8, 2014

Pisa - Tour to Italy

On the 6th day of our travel to Italy we set out on a half day tour to Pisa. We boarded a train from Florence's Santa Maria Novella Station and reached Pisa. The railway station at Pisa was extremely small as compared to Florence or Rome. Pisa was quiet. It brought us back to an atmosphere where people live in a city to serve the tourists who came by. We found a fountain outside the Pisa Centrale Station and clicked a map of Pisa which was laid outside on a board.

After seeing the board we realised that Pisa was not only known for the Leaning Tower, but there were a lot of places that a tourist could visit. Owing to the short duration, we decided to stick to our earlier plan of visiting the Leaning tower and the Cathedral close to it.

As we walked straight out of the station, a road led us to the Tower. This road surprised us, we found shops of all the famous brands. And that was when I realised that this place is no less than a huge city. My perceptions had changed. I grabbed a Gelato that cost me just 1.5 Euros (cheapest gelato I had eaten in Italy) Don't go on the cost, the Gelato was stupendously a treat to my taste buds.

Just like, the other city's in Italy Pisa too had piazza's(parks) with monuments of famous people raised high. Walking ahead we found a bridge, which reminded us of Florence. It looked exactly similar to the bridge near Vassari Corridor. We followed the road and reached a corner where we had to turn left. There were beautiful houses on both the sides of this small road. Every house had a grill door at the entrance and a small pathway filled with flowering plants. I felt as though I was taken back in time.


We kept walking not knowing where the street was leading us to. My husband and I were lost in taking photos of street which had a different story to tell. We presumed that it contained elderly people who stayed since ages in such homes. I began building stories when something white in colour in the shape of a window captured my attention. I felt that it was slanting in position. I walked two more steps ahead to get a better view. I could see some more of this structure. It took me sometime to realise that in front of me stood the massive structure in white marble and it was extremely marvellous and majestic.

I couldn't take my eyes off it. It was a hundred times beyond what I had imagined. Truly it was a wonder of the world. I walked around it for a while.

Next to it was the Piazza dei Miracoli where there was a blanket of greenery. We collected our tickets to visit the Camposanto which is a burial ground of the martyrs from the world war.


This was a different structure with a green meadow in the center covered on all the four sides with marble doors.


Our next stop was the giant Baptistry which was very different from the one we had seen in Florence(About which I will be writing in my next post).

Last but not the least we spent time in the Cathedral of Pisa entitled to Santa Maria Assunta(St. Mary of Assumption). This church was unique, it had a pulpit in the centre with its pillars raised on lions.


Our journey back to Florence took an hour and I must tell you that the view of the Leaning tower will always be something that left an indelible impression in my mind.