Saturday, September 20, 2014

Learn to Remember

"He is suffering from Alzheimer's", I heard the doctor speak to my daughter.
I stood outside, eavesdropping on the conversation. 

I have to learn to remember, he cautiously explained.

Which school would teach me that? I wondered. My thoughts drifted into another world. It was a lonely world where I knew nobody.

"Grandpa", an angel waved at me from a distance. Who is she? Why is she waving at me ? I am clueless. Exasperated, I sit in the steel chair close by.

My thoughts drift back. I find my granddaughter. I realise that now its time to learn to remember.

The world celebrates World Alzheimer's Day today. Visit this link to read the informative post written by Corinne.

The 100 words above are written to convey how every victim who is suffering from Alzheimer's,  feels.

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  1. How scary it must be for those who suffer from this dreaded illness, Cynthia. You've captured it so well.