Monday, September 1, 2014

5 positive P's to start your day

I started with my new job last month. Ever since then I have been on my toes every single day(Apart from the weekends which I await at the beginning of every week ). I am out of the house for almost half the day and a little of the remaining day I am cooking or looking after the house. Frustration began to loom over me and every single day began to be a dreadful disaster. So I put together a formula to bring about some positivity in my life. 

It's the formula of the 5 P's to a positive start to my day. 

Every morning start your day 5 minutes earlier that what you actually start with now. Wait a second I am not asking you to cut down your sleep. The below is what I am asking you to do. 

1. Pray : What better way to start you day than just remembering God for a few seconds? You have the entire day to think about work, your chores, your duties, your family, your parties and means of entertainment. Forget about it all and Pray for a few seconds or probably a minute. Open your eyes and feel the difference. There you completed 20% of the Formula. START YOUR DAY WITH A PRAYER. Remember the quote by Mahatma Gandhi " Prayer is the Key of the morning and the Bolt of the evening".

2. Pat: The best way to make yourself happy is by thinking about your achievements. Doesn't that prize in the school that you received 20 years ago still bring a smile on your face? You will hardly find people who would pat you on the back for the good things you do or for the great things your achieve. Begin your day by Patting yourself. Try to remember all the good things that happened the previous day, the good deeds that your did, the code that you cracked etc. Only when you start being happy will you automatically spread happiness to the people around you. 

3. Prevent: While you think about the incidents that give you happiness you may land up thinking about the negative events of the previous day. What you must do is prevent such things from hovering in your mind. These thoughts are like the leeches that suck blood. They take charge of your emotions and all you would do is keep thinking about them for the entire day. Pat yourself you have completed 60% of the formula. 

3. Plan: The next 20% of the formula is extremely important. Plan your day. Try and reminisce the unfinished tasks of the previous day and make a note of the stuff that has to be done today. This proves to be a very useful time management technique too. It is rightly said that "A Job well planned is half done". 

4. Prioritise: The last 20% of the formula is equally important. Prioritise your duties and prioritise the people around you. It may sound arrogant at the first but it is always healthy to cut down the forces that make life difficult for you. Prioritise the things that are of high importance and cut down the complexity in life. Set your priorities. A simple living is always the key to a healthy life. 

Pray + Pat + Prevent + Plan + Prioritise = A great day. 

Try this formula and let me know if life gets simpler for you. Awaiting to hear your comments. :)


Well with this I begin my journey to become a Write Tribe Pro Blogger and start afresh. It's a commitment that I have taken very late after a lot of courage that I have given to myself.
Well it's true that creativity takes a lot of courage.


  1. Thanks a ton Arjun :)

  2. Lovely list, Cynthia!
    Yes, we need these POSITIVE Ps & live in PEACE :)

  3. Excellent plan, Cynthia, and easy to remember, since they all start with the same letter! The 3rd point (Prevent) will take the most practice on my part. But I can do it!

  4. Thanks Anita. True that this can make you live in PEACE which is the everlasting P we all yearn for.

  5. Yea LuAnn its true that the 3rd point is the one that is most difficult. But I bet with Practice you can overcome it .

  6. I like that you've included 'pat' - sometimes we forget to be nice to ourselves! Great plan, Cynthia.

    1. Thanks Corrine. True that we fail to be nice to ourselves

  7. Good one.. Cynthia..
    Happy to see you following your dreams and passion.. Not many does..
    Keep going.

    1. Thank you so much Jansi. This truly means a lot

  8. This is a great list, loved the 'pat' especially because very often we do not give ourselves the credit we deserve.