Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Wedding March

It’s rightly said that there are few things that money can’t buy. And there are few things that can be felt just once in a lifetime like experiencing snow for the first time or your very first experience with sky diving. For some others who are emotional like me, there are a few incidents in your life where everything else comes to a standstill, where you feel everything around you is moving at its own pace but you are still and very much in your own small world. One of those incidents is the time I walked into the church with my Mom and Dad by my side on my wedding day.
"Watch out your gown", my dad whispered, "Am I stepping on it?"

" Hold her tight ", my mom replied.

At that minute, all a bride would ideally think was walking that aisle in the most elegant way ever possible. But I was thinking of something else. As my parents held me and walked me through that path to give me into the hands of another person and another family, I tried to picture my dad holding my hand for the very first time and teaching me to walk.
I tried to picture my mom being surprised with the very first word I spoke.
I tried to understand what must have gone through them when they were choosing the right person for me. It was such a huge decision. They were going to let a part of them go away from them. They had to learn to share their most prized possession with someone who had entered their life just a few months ago.

I turned to my left and looked at my mom. She was smiling and nervous at the same time. I could see her happy as one of her biggest dreams was about to become true.

To my right was my dad who was trying to make this the best walk of my life by holding me right. I remembered the times when I was in the most low phases in my life and the way my dad had held me through it, the way he had comforted me and brought me on the right path. He was my hero and that day I saw him match with pride. There was a sense of satisfaction that I had felt with that nervous smile that adorned his face.

They were the happy and scared at the same time. They were also worried that the wedding should take place as expected. I just felt like hugging my parents and thanking them for everything they had done for me.
And as I reached the chair near the altar where stood the love of my life, my father stretched out his hand and gave me in his hands. He had felt his duty was complete.

He was all the more happy to see me getting married to the person I loved. There was nothing more that mattered or meant to him that moment.

Years may pass and times may change but this special wedding march will always remain a truly integral part of the lives of me and my parents. Those moments have been carved so well in my deepest memories.

The church was filled that day with so many relatives and guests but every girl present there would have felt the same way as I felt on my wedding day as I walked with my parents to start a new life.


  1. Lovely narration

  2. Yea Cathy it surely was and will always be. Thank you so much for dropping by.

  3. Thanks a lot Arjun. Glad you liked it.

  4. Lovely my dear... took me 4 years back n brought me back to the present... My emotions are mixed ones... The love of my parents is complete. But my love as a parent can never come true.
    It is absolutely beautiful the way u write... ♥

  5. I am in love with that pic and watte narration.. got a run of goose bums.. your back woman!!

  6. Thanks dear. Glad u liked it. And your love as a parent will come true very soon.

  7. Thanks priyeeee... Glad u loved it.

  8. Thank you so much Debbie :) Welcome to my blog

  9. Hi cynthia. Very well written. I loved the way you expressed your wedding day so wonderfully.

  10. Thanks a lot Pooja.