Monday, January 26, 2015

The spark in every relationship

Over a cup of coffee with a friend yesterday, we began speaking about "The Spark" that exists in a relationship. Many people believe that there is no such thing called spark that exists and after a few years in a relationship, it all dies down. Infact after a few years what remains is just a compromise.

But I say, let your relationship not be based on compromises. That's the worst string that can attach the two of you in a relationship. My friend spoke of his other friend who had always dreamt of marrying a girl who was smart and shared the same ideologies.

But owing to parental pressure and discontent over his obesity, he found himself married to a woman older to him and completely different from him. His parents are happy, his wife loves him, she's affectionate but he's still not found the SPARK in his relationship.

A Spark can be anything. It differs from person to person. It can be physical appearance, the crazy behaviour of your partner, the way she smiles, the way he/she makes you feel, the way he/she looks at you etc.

I remember a friend who was trying hard to find the perfect match. He and his parents were having a tough time trying to find a girl for him in their tribe. After a tiresome search, he finally said a yes to a girl and they were engaged instantly. But he kept telling us that he wasn't attracted to her. Everytime they spoke over the phone, they didnt have much to talk about. Neither of them were interested in knowing about each other. I knew by then that they weren't meant for each other. I tried to ask my friend what is it that he liked in her. He was finding it difficult to even mention one quality about her that fascinated him. The engagement broke off within the next ten days. Thankfully a few months later he met another girl whom he really liked and they are happily married now.

When I met my husband for the first time, within a few minutes it clicked. I had found my Spark that remains alive even today.

A Spark is something that grows over time in your relationship. If it begins to diminish then you either need to bring it alive in your relationship or it was something that never existed. You do not have to be explicit about it, it can be something that needs to be felt only by the two of you. It is something that you need to cherish and make it grow inside you. It is something that will bind you together in a strong chord.

What is the Spark in your relationship? Have you found it yet? It can occur at anytime. Sometimes it may take years for you to find it. The sooner or later, don't ever miss to "Sparkle you life with that beautiful Spark"

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  1. Very interesting thought. Come to think of it, you have that spark even in your friendship and of course in your relationships. It is that special something that makes your eyes alive and your heart beat faster when you are together.