Saturday, August 9, 2014

Back in Time - From the 11th floor window !!

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“To imagine is everything, to know is nothing at all” ― Antole France

It was raining outside the window of my home on the 11th floor. I could see the eastern express highway and a ground filled with lush green meadow, which is very uncommon in a crowded city like Mumbai. I had moved in 2 months back after I was married to the person I fell in love with.

I watched the rains and the peace that it brought along with it. It was mesmerising and I was drawn to nature. These are its mighty works and within no time I found myself standing at my window not wanting it to stop raining. I heard some noise of children playing which was not usual from the height I lived in.

I watched a bunch of kids playing in the rain, jumping on the puddles and enjoying that moment not worried about getting wet or falling sick. My feet became restless and I wished to join them. I wanted to return to my childhood and run, jump and play around fearlessly without any worries of my job or work or my dreams. I just wanted to fly free. I wanted to run the stairs and play with those children not worried how I would look if I got my clothes wet or not worried If I could afford to fall sick and not go to office the next day.

I wanted to go back in time. And I paused. I began to think how it would have been if I was still a 5 year old.

 Waking up every morning would have been more easier and peaceful with my Mom's cuddle rather than a boring alarm that I would relent hearing everyday. It would be my mum's sweet voice and her sweet kisses on my cheek that I would open my eyes to.

I wouldn't sit before my wardrobe to choose what to wear but my school uniform would be ready and ironed tidily. It would be my dad's responsibility to drop me to school and I wouldn't have to wait for an office bus.

At lunch I would open my lunch to a tasty dabba filled with tons of love packed inside it by my mother.

I would get to return home by 3.00 pm and have the entire evening to myself. The park would be my entertainment arena and I would rush to meet my friends and play swings with them(which I still love to do)

My dinner would be ready and I would be resting on my mother's lap hearing stories of the Bible or some fairy tales.

Worries under my pillow,
Under my parents burrow.

Nothing to neglect,
Nothing to regret.

No ferry to catch,
No deadlines to meet.

I wish to fly, up, above and rise,
Through the meadows and the skies.

Oh take me back to those days that were mine,
Take be back, yes Back in Time.

A drop of water fell on my face and I woken up from my dream. I realised that time had flown. I was no longer a 5 year old girl.

The nature hadn't changed. It was still raining, It rained that time when I was a girl and it rained even today 2 decades later. What had changed was me. I was grown up into a woman. I was married and I had a family of my own.

I was caught in between the rush of life, rush to go to office, rush to cook, rush to earn money and rush behind my dreams. I was frustrated. Those few minutes that I reminisced brought me happiness and I was charged up. To sit back, relax, breathe and enjoy the rain was all I wanted. To forget the worries of the future and live like a 5 year old was what I yearned for. But this wasn't practical.

But to take a small break from the fast life and enjoy the rain was possible and practical. It would cost me nothing and It would make me happy. I found my reason for happiness that evening. And I would spend more evenings by my window to think about all those little moments that brought joy.

So what are you waiting for? 
Forget your present for a moment, pause it and go back in time to find that minute that would bring you joy..


  1. Interesting description :)

  2. Thanks Ajay.

  3. Nice post...I enjoyed reading it as it transported me back to my childhood...

  4. Loved reading your post,nothing is better than to go back to childhood
    Back To The Future

  5. Cynthia! A warm and WoW post. I mean, kids are so naturally at easy being themselves, care free and free from the glare of the world. I so wanna be a child all my life.

  6. Awesome girl...loved it, and obviously glad you are back to writing...enjoyed it... Bring it on :)

  7. Thanks Deepika. Glad it brought back memories of your childhood.

  8. Haha thats so true. Thanks for dropping by.

  9. Thank you so much Karish. Glad you liked it