Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just a click away...... :)

“Wheeesh”, Sushma opened the curtains of her bedroom window early in the morning. The rays of the morning sunlight fell bright on her face and her fair skin glittered. Opening the window she closed her eyes and smelt the fresh air. She breathed in and out and tried to save the fresh breathe in her chest. This was her meditation as she had a long day ahead.

“Beep beep”, rang her mobile, she smiled hoping it would be the person she loved and picked it up to check.  “Good morning dear, Have a nice day. Last day to pay the electricity bill”, it was her husband, Raunak. He was out of the country on an official visit and Sushma had to manage the entire house on her own. She wondered “This Raunak does not even ask me how am I, he directly reminded me of the bill” She sulked as she hated standing in long queues to pay bills and this department of household chores was Raunak’s.

“Okay will take care of it darling ”, she messaged back to Raunak.
Sushma turned to see the clock, it was 7.00 AM. She made her morning tea and went to open the door for her newspaper. She was always a freak when it came to news. Her mornings were incomplete without her newspaper. But alas today there was no newspaper. “Oh my, yesterday was a national holiday, I totally forgot”.

She sat on her couch and suddenly it flashed her mind. “So what yaar, I have a TOI app on my mobile, cool I can check out the latest happenings on it”, She picked up her mobile and started reading the headlines. She got lost in her morning tea and taaza khabar.

 “Oh my god, I got to wake up Rohan”, she screamed looking at the time. Rohan was her 8 year old son.

She was making breakfast and waking up Rohan at the same time when she received a message on her Whatsapp messenger, it was her boss, “Sushma need you in office in an hour with the client presentation, I forgot to inform you last night that the meeting has been advanced and it is going to be at 10.00 AM.” Sushma couldn’t believe what she was reading. The presentation wasn’t ready and she had to reach office in one hour after getting her son ready to school.(And yes we forgot, dear Sushma had to pay the electricity bill that her dearest husband had asked her to do :P)

She told her auto-driver to race to the electricity office and then to Rohan’s school. As bad luck would have it, the queue was even longer than she had expected.
“Oh God, If I wait here, I am sure I will be sacked from office today”, she told herself.

 “Bhaiyya, take me to Lovedale school”, she told the auto-driver.
“Maa, why don’t you pay the bill through internet on your mobile, that day my friend was saying that his mom uses the internet for paying bills as well”, Rohan gave his mother an idea that Sushma couldn’t deny that it was a bad one.
“Hey Rohan beta, that’s a wonderful idea”, she patted Rohan’s head and logged in to the website where she could pay her bill. It took not more than 5 minutes and Sushma crossed her first hurdle for the day.


Rohan got down at school and Sushma's office was a half an hour long drive“How am I going to complete my presentation in 45 minutes, I just don’t know”, she kept blabbering. “I think I can inform my junior, that’s a good idea Sushma :P”, she patted herself but her time to praise herself didn’t last long when she realized that her junior was on leave today. Disheartened she kept fiddling with her android phone trying to figure out some solution. She missed her husband. He had been out only for two days yet it seemed a whole year for her.

On the same day a month back she remembered an incident. It was their 10th wedding anniversay and Raunak had surprised her with something special. She opened her eyes that morning to see a parcel waiting for her. Opening it she found that Raunak had gifted her a smartphone.
"Wow Raunak, I so needed this ", she screamed and hugged him.

"Did you like the surprise baby?" Raunak asked.
"Oh yes dear its lovely", Sushma said in excitement. 
Raunak continued to describe the features of the phone, " It has an 8 megapixel camera, an android mobile, you can check mails, it has the best internet connection of Vodafone, it makes presentations.........", her thoughts suddenly stopped and she drifted back to the present seeming to be baffled.
 “Oh yes, why didn’t I think of this before, I can make the presentation on my mobile. Raunak had told me. How could i forget!!!!”

“I hope this product would bring equal appreciation to your firm as well as ours”, she stood in front of her client and her manager and completed her presentation.

"Thats a great work Sushma, you did it in such a short notice" Her boss congratulated her for giving an amazing presentation. She looked at her mobile, blinked and thanked Raunak deep inside for having given her an awesome gift.

Relaxed that the presentation was successful she returned to her cabin. She sat on her desk when someone knocked at the cabin door."Hey Sushma, i wanted some details about Ramnath Engineering College, your friend is a professor there right", Riya, Sushma's colleague enquired.
"Yeah you are right, I do have a friend but i have lost touch yaar.", she replied reluctantly feeling bad that she couldn’t help Riya who was very depressed lately.
"Oh that's sad, I relied on you for that yaar. I am leaving for admissions for my son and I was confused between Ramnath and another college." Riya spoke continuing, "Wait a second, is she your friend on Facebook?"
"Yeah Riya she is, I can contact her right away through my mobile", Sushma sent a message to her friend and got the information for Riya in no time. Providing the message to Riya she got back to her office work. It was a long day ahead and Sushma got lost in her work when her boss knocked the door of her cabin.

"Yes please", replied Sushma.
"Sushma you have to leave immediately to a site to get the details for the next project, I hope you get the deal sanctioned", ordered her boss.
She left off to this remote village where she had to sign a deal with the client.
"Oh my I left my laptop in office, how can we view the documents regarding the deal?" exclaimed her client
Sushma remembered her boss's words that she had to get the deal sanctioned.
She picked her mobile to see if she had coverage and yes, :) she did have. Her client logged into her mailbox and the deal was sanctioned. Sushma returned to office and was astonished to see her entire team congratulate her on the deal. :)

The clock struck 6.00 PM and Sushma was ready to leave office when she received a call. "Sush, what's up, How are you?" It was her cousin Sonia on line.
Sushma was very excited to hear her, "Haan, Sonia tell me? How are you? I am doing good."
"Hey I am in town, and very close to your house. I am dropping home thike", Sonia told Sushma and hung the call.

Sushma who had been very excited about Sonia coming to meet her a few minutes back, suddenly realised that she hadn't made anything for her dinner. She rushed back home from office. On her way she picked Rohan from tennis classes which he attended after school and also did something very useful. She logged into a famous Punjabi restaurant's website and ordered the food online all for her dear cousin, Sonia who loved Punjabi food. 

Sushma and Rohan welcomed Sonia and relished the dinner with her. Sonia was delighted to have her favourite food with her favourite cousin. After dinner Sushma and Sonia sat on the couch discussing their life and work when Sonia received a call.

"That's so bad, I will catch the flight right away and come there, you dont worry." Sonia answered the phone worriedly.
"What happened Sonia? Is there any problem?" Sushma consoled Sonia.
"Yeah Sushma, my mother-in-law has been admitted in the hospital for chest pain. I have to leave for Mumbai immediately" Sonia replied
"Oh that is insane Sonia, don't you worry. I will check for the tickets", Sushma told Sonia to get ready while she booked the ticket for her through her mobile. Sonia thanked Sushma for all the help and left to catch her flight. Sushma prayed for Sonia's mother-in-law.

Sitting on her bed alone, thinking of Raunak she decided to give him a call.
"Hello Sushma, I've missed you, How was your day?" Sushma was relieved to hear Raunak's voice.
"I missed you too sweetheart. There is so much to tell you." She went on to tell him the happenings of the day.
"I must say your anniversary gift is awesome Raunak. My day would have been so different if not for my phone. I can't imagine how my day would have been without my phone"
She thanked Raunak and lay on her bed pondering. Her mobile suddenly beeped and she had received a message.
“Thanks a ton Sushma for the timely help. Admitted my son in Ramnath. Feeling so relaxed.:)” Riya had messaged and Sushma was smiling.

Sushma heaved a sigh of relief and switched on the television. To add to the events of the day she saw the advertisement of VODAFONE, it displayed at the end,"Wherever you go our network follows". It was so true. If not for the network and the internet connection on her mobile would she have survived the hurdles in the day.
She wondered with deep thoughts,
"Would my day have been the same without the INTERNET ON MY MOBILE???????"
She had the answers to all her questions. ”I paid my electricity bill, I completed my presentation, Facebook, Newspaper...... The entire world is in a palm sized instrument called a mobile phone. Thanks to Vint Cerf and Alexander Graham Bell. I no longer have to rely on wired cables and desktops to finish my work. I do not have to worry about anything when life is ---- "JUST A CLICK AWAY...."

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  1. Very nice post. It was clever the way you combined mobile technology into a story without making it sound like a commercial! :-)

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  2. Thank you so much Dark Knight.... :)