Monday, May 7, 2012

Dancing to the beats of life - Part 1

Thaka dhimi Tha, Thaka dhimi Tha”, her legs moved gracefully to the beats of Bharatnatyam music. Her hands swayed in elegance and the Mudras that she portrayed were perfect. Her eyes were mesmerizing and had the power to reach the soul of everyone who watched her dance. The air blew her luscious locks that were pitching black in color. The beautiful hair just added more grace to her entire being, which was that of a damsel that had just come down from the heavens. When she danced, she did it with all sincerity and devotion. Dance was her religion; it was her passion, a prayer that she never forgot to practice every day.

Rakshita, a 20 year old Arts student from St. John’s college was a fine Bharatnatyam dancer. She had excelled in academics as well and had joined fine arts out of her interest in dance.

“Good Morning, Rakshita, Wake up sweetheart” This was her self-made alarm that woke her up every morning at 6.00 AM sharp.

“Rakshita, coffee is ready; I’ve switched on the geyser. Take bath soon”, Rakshu’s (It was her pet name, which Rakshita hated :P) mother yelled from the kitchen. Her mother, Leela, in her early 40’s was a serene and a beautiful lady, no wonder this was from where Rakshita got her beauty. Leela was a home maker and her lives revolved around her Son, Sushant and daughter, Rakshita.

Sushant was a handsome young lad who had followed his father, Pranoy Malhotra in becoming a  CA in a famous organization. Like every brother Sushant was very protective about his sister. Rakshita had always taken advantage of this and would call her brother no matter where he was if she wanted a lift. They shared a very beautiful bond and each of them respected the other. Radhika’s life was perfect just like the icing on a cake. She was 6 years younger to Sushant which meant that she was a pet to everyone at home.  

Ya coming maa, I’m going to be late from college today, I have practice”, Rakshita replied and went to get ready.
Raveena calling”, displayed on Rakshita‘s mobile and she ran faster than the wind to face another very important person in her life.
“Rakshita,  bahut jaldi aa gayi tu”, screamed Raveena(her closest buddy), into her ears. Ravs hated it if anyone made her wait.
“Rakshita, my father is behind me to join computer classes on weekends and you know my weakness yaar”, complained Ravs.
“Yeah, yeah, now you want me to join you to right? Is this not your weakness my sweetheart?” Rakshita understood what Ravs was upto.

The following week, Rakshita and Ravs were attending their first computer class at “Zeal academy for Computer Education”. “JAVA” was written on the blackboard. “R&R”, Rakshita was busy scribbling this on her notepad ignoring the lecture. “Rakshita, do you have any idea about this?” her tutor pointed to the blackboard in a hoarse tone. Rakshita stood up holding a pen in one hand and biting the nails of her other hand, trying to ponder over the question.
“May I come in sir?” entered a newbie into class. Rakshita thanked God for the distraction and turned behind to see her savior for the day.
“Yes please, take your seat and be on time from the next class”, replied the tutor bluntly.

He had fallen in love with her the moment she turned her face. Many girls had the looks that drove him crazy but this time it was different. Her eyes had a beauty that made him loose himself in it for a few seconds. Strands of her hair were covering her eyes due to the mild breeze and she pushed them behind her ears.

Varun Singhal, the new student in class had a boy-next-door kind of looks and was smart enough to lure any girl he wished. (That was what he thought. But the future had something else in store for him)

The stairs of the academy were steep and every step that Rakshita kept, Varun followed her, trying to keep pace with her and not losing his focus. That day the wheels of his bike followed her till her house.

“Rakshita, isn’t that the new guy who entered class today?” Ravs confirmed with Rakshita.
“Yeah, I guess, but why is he following us?” Rakshita seemed worried.
“Chod na! hoga tera koyi deewana”, teased Ravs saying it must be one of Rakshita’s fans.

Varun followed this almost every day. At the beginning Rakshita tried to avoid it but later it started irritating her. At times he would stand in his bike opposite her house and smoke. He started following her to college, her dance academy and all this started frustrating Rakshita. And her level of toleration increased when one day…

“Rakshu, Do you know that guy standing opposite to our house?” amused Sushant.
“No bhaiya, I don’t know who he is”, replied Rakshita and picked up her sandals from the shoe rack to leave for her dance classes.
“Wait Rakshu I will drop you”, Sushant smelt something fishy and decided to be more protective about Rakshita.

“Ravs, yesterday bhaiya noticed that guy and started questioning me. I have to put an end to this. I am going to question him today. This is it”, Rakshita was walking up and down and kept that worrying grin on her face while discussing the situation with Ravs the next day during class.
“Even I think that’s a better option. I will accompany you when you go to talk to him.” agreed Ravs.

As usual Varun followed Rakshita at the stairs after class and when they reached near the parking varun was taken aback when Rakshita turned back to face him. He moved a few steps back and was surprised when she came up to him. He could feel his heart beat faster than before and his pulse rise as she spoke to him for the first time.

“Listen Mr. whoever you are, do you know me?” Rakshita raised the tone of her voice and spoke to varun.
“Yes, Rakshita Malhotra. You live at 10, Konark Terrace, New highway, New delhi -6. You have an elder brother and you love dance. “, Varun spoke speedily and started to walk closer to Rakshita. She started getting cautious about his action and moved a little behind. The smell of cigarrete was still fresh in his odour and Rakshita found it choking her breath. Varun went ahead, “You are 5 feet and 5 inches tall and your brother is getting too protective about you I guess. I have fallen in love with you Rakshita and I can’t take my eyes off you.” Rakshita couldn’t believe the guts of this guy but she had no feelings for him. She hated the way he was, she hated the way he spoke as though he owned her. “You are mad, please stop all this nonsense before it gets late” Rakshita left from the place.

Inspite of her warning, his stalking still continued. And now it had increased from just following to trying to get close to her. At class he started taking the seat behind her and tried to touch her hair when she was not noticing. Once when she slipped off the stairs he came to her rescue and whispered onto her ears, “How I wish I could hold you every day and night!” Rakshita couldn’t tolerate it anymore and she decided to tell it to her brother.

On hearing the entire story, Sushant who was initially angry on Rakshita for not informing her earlier, comforted her that he will take care of it and she need not worry about this. The next weekend he dropped Rakshita for classes and saw Varun. He went ahead to talk to him.

“Varun, I am..”, he went ahead to complete his introduction when Varun cut him in the middle and spoke. “Yes brother-in-law, you are Sushant Malhotra, Rakshita’s brother. I know you very well”. Sushant got angry on his reply and warned him. “Varun you better stay away from my sister, she is very young and I don’t want you to distract her or even touch her anymore”

However, Varun was not among those people who could be easily convinced and warned. He repeated his acts and one day while Rakshita was walking home he went to speak to her. 

“Rakshita, baby why don’t you understand my love, I really need you, I want you and I can’t live without you”, Rakshita was scared as it was a little dark. She started walking fast and Varun followed. He pulled her hand and went close to her and tried to kiss her. At that minute Sushant who was crossing by stopped his bike and went running to rescue his sister. He slapped Varun across and took Rakshita and went to complain in the local police station.

The police heard them and arrested Varun on charges of eve teasing. Varun spent a whole night in prison, behind bars and all he could think of was Rakshita, her smell, her hair, her lips, her face. He was filled with lust for her and anger that she had made him spend a night in prison. He decided to teach her a lesson. Holding the black bars of the prison door, he planned his next movement……


  1. Don't make it painful...keep it sweet..I dont want to read a tragedy--please!!!

  2. Hey Bhavana,thanks for going through. Well i cant promise that it will be very sweet but yeah it will be interesting. Hope i live upto it.

  3. Omg.. i thot Varun ll b kind n they ll fall in luv.. expecting rakshita to b at comfort.. also hav doubt whether varun s a nice guy or not!!

    1. Uma appreciate tour curiosity. Dell Jou hav ti Wat till today ti read tht next Part.

  4. Well written, glad that you wrote the story the way you did so far. Varun deserves a sobering experience to keep his ego in check.

    Eager to see how it turns out! :-)

    1. Thanks lor ging thro. And regarding ur guess about varun u have ti Wait for the next part

  5. a bit dfrnt atmpt dan a ntml bollywd lv stories.... wana read frthr

    1. Yeah jyoti i wanted it tomo be a little different Tanks for commenting

  6. Nice story indeed! Whats goona happen next ? :o

    1. :)You got to wait tipp today evening Jude for the next