Monday, November 7, 2011

Being Vada Pav Frenzy.....

                     Its been a long time since i have blogged and since i couldn't hit on the right topic i haven't blogged. But yeah now i recently had a super cool experience and hence i ended up blogging it. The other day i left office early with my friend and on the way to the station we saw a frankie shop . Being lovers of frankie we decided to stop by and taste one as we had time before our local. We ordered for a butter chicken frankie  and a schezwan  chicke frankie. I suddenly noticed and was indeed amazed to see a board which said "VADA PAV @ Rs: 15".
Excitement ran through my veins as i saw my favorite dish being sold there.

                    For a second i thought that i was standing in front of the vada pav stall in pune opposite J J Garden. I must say they are the world's best vada pav walas. Entire pune throngs to taste his vada pav. Okay before i mention my excitement about tasting the vada pav i must say that this is one of the famous maharashtrian dish . Although  this dish seems to be very simple, over the years i still haven't tried to figure out why am i so crazy about it. I remembered the college days in Pune, it was almost  everyday that we had a vada pav. Coming back from my dream to reality i realised that i was not in pune and neither in front of J J Garden. And hence i hesitated a bit before planning to taste Vada Pav in Chennai. I decided that i could take a risk to have a vada pav and atleast in my mind move to Pune for a few minutes till i finish my Vada Pav.
                   And so i took the risk of tasting the vada pav in chennai. As i took the first bite i forgot i was in chennai and drifted to my memories of pune. And truly the risk was worth it . As a matter of fact the vada pav was not that bad. Obviously you cant compare it with J J garden's. On my way back home i realised that a single vada pav bought a smile on my face and so many memories filled  with it. I still haven't figured out why this dish makes my mouth water even if i have tasted it a hundred times. But yeah thanks to that snack i could visit my city (Pune)  through its taste and thanks to my friend too who accompanied me a helped me taste it. And so i decided that day that if i ever miss pune again i might as well grab a vada pav :).


  1. I am so amazed that you got a vada pav in Chennai.....nice post ..

  2. Yeah bhatta.... i was too hence it inspired me to write this...
    Thanks a ton

  3. i havent heared abt vada pav... but want to taste it after reading your post ka... :)

  4. @ navarajan: lol.... do taste it..... its awesome

  5. ur blog as wel as d vada pav.....indeed amazing...:)