Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chain 'em on

Accessorize, dazzle, ‘be a stunner’ and get yourself embellished for any occasion!!
Gone are the days where long chains and necklaces were worn only for festivals. The trend has changed from small pendants and thin chains enclosing and adorning your neck to those glitzy thick, long chains with huge pendants that make you look dashing.
It’s time to adapt every change that makes you look elegant and makes you stand out among the crowd.
Chains in different patterns with bold designs teamed up with long pendants is what the gen-X is going gala about. Sport it on a blazer with a simple, plain T-shirt and become the envy material. Team up a long oxidized chain with a pendant on a plain round-necked T-shirt or deck yourself with the pearl shaped beaded ones.
Wear anything that’s simple and adorn it with these chains and see the change. I am sure you would want more and more.
Antique jewellery and designs like a key, butterfly, rose, precious gems are what’s setting the trend.
Be it a plain Kurthi or a blazer or a dainty dress or a simple T-Shirt this accessory is surely going to add that spark to your style. Get ready to add that little extra trendiness in your style and parade in elegance.
So what’s holding you, tickle your fashion cells, strike on the right design and Chain ‘em on
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Enjoy reading and Keep shopping!!! 


  1. You definitely made it attractive

    1. Hey thanks a lot Priya.... Glad you went through

  2. You definitely made it attractive

  3. You definitely made it attractive

  4. I have been following your blog for some time now, and I enjoy your creative pieces a lot. So it was with some surprise that I clicked through to this one from your description on Indivine (which you have repeated in your last line). I am still surprised, a little confused, and reasonably saddened . I think you have a lot of power as a creative writer. I understand the need to balance things, but please never lose faith in your true abilities. Feel free to delete this comment once you have read it.

    1. Hi Subhorup,
      Thank you for your feedback.please check your indimail.
      Will take it positively .