Thursday, October 11, 2012

Will she be mine ??? - Part 3

Present Day:
Ek panni ka bottle do, bhaiya”, Vivan bought a bottle of water from the shopkeeper. His throat
was dry and his thoughts still lingered around her.
The chilled water soothed his throat and calmed his restlessness. It was 9.30 PM now. There
was still no clue of Nidhi. “I will be there by 8.30 in the evening Vivan. I want to see you once
before I go back”, Nidhi had called him up that evening. Vivan was shocked to see her call. He
had promised her a month back that he wouldn’t disturb her again. But as her call beeped on his
mobile, it stole his senses. “Nidhi, why do you want to meet me?” he tried asking her, but she
had cut the call by then.
You always hid your feelings Nidhi…..” he started speaking to himself as he had always done from the day she had stopped talking to him. “It was the same then and today, didn’t you trust me Nidhi?” he questioned helplessly hoping to get an answer. He banged his fist on the bench in disgust. The situation that surrounded him was pitiful.
Nidhi has suffered a lot……..” Nidhi’s aunt’s voice rang in his ears and he was lost in the
cacophony of voices.

“What happened with Nidhi was really dreadful, behenji”, Nidhi’s aunt was conversing with
Rohan’s Mother, Sushma.
“What was so dreadful ji? Even I noticed Nidhi would be smiling and laughing and then all of a
sudden she becomes quiet. Is there something that troubles her?” Sushma enquired.

“Kya Bataaon? What do I tell you? There was a person in Nidhi’s life. Everything was going
smoothly and Nidhi was going to get married to that person…..” She went to the cupboard and
picked a photo from the drawer and continued, “Sushmaji, This is the photo of Nishant. Nidhi
and Nishant…..They both looked so good together. Sab kuch thik tha…. Until that grievous
evening…. It changed our poor Nidhi’s life” She held the photo and started weeping.
Sushma tried to calm her friend down.

Nidhi’s aunt was still sobbing; she wiped the tears with her tissue and controlled herself.
“It was just a week before the wedding,” she went on.
“I remember the date, 18th of April” she picked up the photo and continued, “Nidhi and Nishant were on their way back from shopping. They were travelling on a highway, the night they met with an accident. Nidhi was in the seat next to Nishant. A foolish lorry driver who was drunk hit Nishant’s car from the rear. The car toppled and screeched towards the divider. “ Her hands started shivering as she explained the accident.

Sushma was shocked to hear this. With her mouth open and her hands covering them, she
continued to listen.
“Nishant was hit on the head and he expired on the spot. Nidhi survived the accident……” Aunt
dropped on the sofa as she recollected every minute.
“Nidhi wasn’t able to sleep for days. There was a time when her presence would fill the house
with laughter, but now no one knows even if she is standing behind you. This was the reason
why she left Delhi and came to stay with us. She is my husband’s pet. And he couldn’t see her in
that pathetic condition. We are happy now behenji, she started going to office and has begun to
recover slowly”, her aunt spoke without a pause.
“Please don’t share this with anyone. Nidhi does not like to be pitied upon”, She pleaded to

(But little did she know that Vivan had heard it all :( )

Vivan had gone to meet Rohan at his place. While entering Rohan’s house, he overheard the
conversation and the minute he heard Nidhi’s name, he stopped. His heart started pounding as he
heard every word come from Nidhi’s aunt’s mouth.

“So this was the reason, Nidhi?” He started walking up and down trying with his hands pressing
his head and brushing through his hair.
“Nidhi, I am so sorry !! How can I console you, Nidhi?” He kept asking himself. Rohan opened
the door of his house coincidentally and found Vivan standing there.
“Vivan, what’s up Bro? Where you waiting for Nidhi to come and open the door? :P” He
chuckled, teasing Vivan.
Vivan ignored the small talk, “Nothing Rohan, I wanted that book on data structures from you.
Can you lend it for a day?”
“Sure vivan, why are you being so formal? By the way “bet” ka kya hua? Did Nidhi say a yes?
I mean you 6 months duration to woo Nidhi and get her head over heels on you is almost over
Vivan” Rohan was puzzled at the way Vivan spoke and tried to ask him about the bet.
“Rohan, can’t you just talk about something else other than the bet?” Vivan snatched the book
from Rohan’s hands and left.
“Arre Vivan…..” Rohan kept calling him but Vivan had run down the steps to the ground floor
by then.

The clouds had opened up hard in Mumbai. It was raining like cats and dogs and every channel
on TV and radio kept requesting everyone to stay indoors. Vivan stood at his window wondering
what was happening in his life. Five months back, Nidhi had entered his life like a flash when he was never serious. Her existence had itself made a difference and he had started losing himself slowly to her.

He opened his window to hear the rain drops. He looked at Nidhi’s balcony wondering if she
would come and stand there. Till today it was all about a bet for him. It was all about defeating
Rohan and winning Nidhi over. But her past had changed everything.

“Am I feeling bad just because Nidhi has had such a horrific past? Why is it hurting me so much
when I got close to her just because of a bet? “ He picked up the jug of water that was kept at his
table and drank water directly from it.
It was quiet late at night at Vivan was still struggling to sleep. The events of the day had made
him restless. He closed his eyes trying hard not to think about her, but she had taken a toll over him. He got up and sat on his bed, “Nidhi, Have I fallen in love with you? Do I really have feelings towards you or is it out of sympathy?”

Present Day:
I didn’t know Nidhi…..I didn’t know that I had fallen for you… I didn’t know that you were
going to be the girl for whom I was willing to make a hundred sacrifices”, His complains went
Kaash….. I wish I had realized it earlier. Then I wouldn’t have hurt you. I just wish things were
not the way it turned out to be.
Wish I had the chance to tell it all before you came to me that evening……… “His voice had
chocked by now….
“Vivan, how come did you wake up so early, Beta?” Vivan’s mother
He hadn’t slept the whole night and he finally decided that he would tell Nidhi about his feelings
towards her.
The day had never been so bright for him and he was trying all the possible ways to meet Nidhi
in person. Nidhi was however lost in her work and she seemed to be busy.
“Bandra Bandstand today?” Vivan sent a text to Nidhi
“No I am busy” Nidhi replied after 15 long minutes which almost seemed like a hundred years
for Vivan.
“It’s urgent, just 15 mins” Vivan urged her.
“I don’t wish to see your face Vivan”, Nidhi replied arrogantly.
Vivan was surprised to hear this. Nidhi had never been rude to him since they started spending
time together.
“Kya hua?” Vivan text her back. But, Nidhi did not reply.

“Nidhi, ek minute….” Vivan saw Nidhi going to the cafeteria and called out to her.
Nidhi stopped and looked at him in frustration, “Vivan, Please this is office….. I don’t wish to
talk personal things here. And by the way I don’t wish to talk to you at all. Why don’t you just
leave me alone?”
She virtually slapped him with her words and walked off.

“How could you do this, Vivan?” Nidhi kept asking herself. Nidhi reciprocated on the
happenings the previous day.
“Did Nidhi say a yes? I mean you 6 months duration to woo Nidhi…….”, Nidhi had overheard
Vivan and Rohan’s talk the previous day.
“Vivan, I trusted you!!!!” Nidhi sat in her office restroom, crying. She was shattered.

Two months passed by and Vivan was still unaware of Nidhi’s sudden change in behavior. He
tried asking her a couple of times, but everytime Nidhi shunned him arrogantly. His 6 months
duration for the bet was over and Rohan was elated that he had won the bet.

“Vivan, I had told you….. Nidhi is not like the other girls.” He exclaimed trying to console

“Yes Rohan, Nidhi is not like the others and that was what made me fall in love with her. It
took me 5 months to realize that and now when I can’t live without her, she does not even want
to talk to me…….” Rohan was surprised to hear Vivan.
Present Day:
I wish you had heard me out Nidhi. I was helpless”, Vivan murmered looking at her photo kept
in his wallet.
He walked out of the station now. It was still raining.
I know you would come, Nidhi…. Just like you had given me a surprise that day” He hoped and
remembered one of those evenings with her

“Alone today, Vivan?” Vivan was shocked to hear Nidhi call his name. Like every Friday
evening, he was standing at Bandra bandstand. He knew she would meet him one day there and
he would be able to ask her the reason for her hatred.

“Nidhi……. What a surprise? How are you, Nidhi? What is wrong with you, Nidhi?” He kept
burdening her with questions without even taking a break to breathe.
“It hurt you…. Right Vivan?” Nidhi adjusted her dupatta that was falling off her shoulders
because of the intense wind.

“But…… wait a minute… Logically… hmmmm”, she tried to play it sarcastically.
“Logically it shouldn’t hurt you Vivan. After all I was a game right that you were using to win a
cheap ‘BET’”, her words fell like a hard hammer on his ears.
“ BET??????” Vivan was shocked to hear that Nidhi knew about this.

Vivan couldn't believe his ears.
"Nidhi, wait a second, please give me a chance to explain. Please hear me out." He went close to
Nidhi to hold her hand.

"Don't you dare touch me, Vivan. Stay away" her anger was at its high. Today was the first time
Nidhi's eyes spoke the truth. The moment had come when finally Vivan could read her eyes, alas
today those eyes were filled with hatred for him.
"I had judged you the first day I saw you near the lift. But I thought that appearances can be
actually deceptive…… No…… Vivan…. In your case this wasn’t the truth….” She screamed
and kept moving away from him.

Vivan tried to hold Nidhi’s hands asking her to let him talk.
“Nidhi…. What you heard was correct. I do not wish to lie to you. But there is another truth that
I don’t wish to hide” He tried to walk behind her and finish the unfinished words of his heart.

“Nidhi… Please wait”, he tried to race her and stopped her from the front.
“I…… “, he panted as he spoke, “I never wanted to tell you the feelings of my heart this way…..
But I really love you….. Nidhi I know it all started with a bet….” He tried convincing her but
she cut him like a sharp sword…

“And it still...... is a bet, Vivan. You can never be truthful with anyone and give me one damn reason why I should trust you”
“Nidhi, I know what you have been through. I know everything about you and Nishant….”
Slaaaaaap….. Nidhi hit him hard across his face as he said the word, Nishant.
“You do not deserve to speak about him” She left leaving him perplexed.

Present Day:
“I deserved that slap Nidhi…..” he held his face as he remembered the incident.
“I just wish you give me a chance today….. I just wish I can convince you”, He tried to search
for her in every train that left the station that day.
The following days were filled with agony for Vivan. Nights and days had become one and his
guilt kept on increasing every minute his thoughts confronted Nidhi. He tried avoiding her to
give her peace of mind. Whether it was office or home he tried not to disturb her. That was the
best he could do as a penance.

A month had passed and 5 members from their team at office were sent for a 3 months training to Delhi. The weekends at Delhi were often spent in sight-seeing. Since it happened to be Nidhi’s hometown, she was the one playing the role of the guide. “Nidhi, you won’t join us in the car, right?” her colleague questioned on one such evening. “Arre, Nidhi ab car mein travel karti hai. Hai na Nidhi?” Anusha her colleague
replied saying that Nidhi has started travelling by car these days.
“Really? Nidhi how did that fear go?” Her friend questioned. Nidhi stood their quietly staring at
Vivan who had heard the conversation and was looking at her too.
Their eyes had met after a long time and Nidhi kept gazing at him with multiple questions in her
“Nidhi, come inside”, her friend pulled her inside the car.
Delhi was filled with lights in the evening. They visited various places and everywhere they
went, Vivan tried hard to stay away from Nidhi. But after a long time, Nidhi remembered Vivan.

“I actually got out of my fear because of you Vivan” she told herself.
“Why did you break my trust, Vivan? You were such a great friend”, she continued to think
about him failing to pay attention to her friend who was calling her from a distance.
“Nidhi Come here… Why are you so lost”

There was a shopping center were Nidhi went searching for earrings. She picked up one and put them
on. “Arre, Bhaiya reduce the price na?” She requested the shopkeeper. He did not budge and
walked out of the shop leaving the earrings.

Present Day:
The white stones sparkled in the moonlight. “You looked so pretty with these earrings, Nidhi”
He held the earrings in his hands and played with the drops.
“I had brought it that day for you with a hope that I would gift it to you someday……. Would
that day be today?”


“Nidhi is getting engaged, Vivan….” Rohan broke the news, the day after he had returned to Mumbai from the training. Vivan who was still not able to forget Nidhi was shattered and smashed the minute he heard the news.

“She is leaving next month to Delhi…. I am sorry Vivan. I tried explaining to her how much you
love her but, she is not ready to give up her anger” Rohan patted on Vivan’s back comforting
“It’s okay Rohan. It was my fault” Vivan didn’t find words to speak.

Nidhi on the other hand was preparing for her engagement. She remembered the minute her
father had sent the groom’s photo to her. The moment she opened it a strange thing happened.
She closed her eyes to perceive a vision and she saw Vivan’s face in it. She opened it instantly
telling herself, “Nidhi, what’s wrong with you? Why did Vivan come in front of you?” She
closed her laptop and walked out of the room.

(Was Nidhi attracted to Vivan???? Did Vivan have a chance??Where the doors really not
closed on him???)

The day for the engagement was nearing and Raj uncle and his family had made preparations to
leave for Delhi a week before the incident. He had sent Vivan and Rohan to buy some important
articles to Colaba and had been waiting for 5 hours for them to return.
He kept walking up and down in the porch. “Uncle, Kya baat hai? Why are you looking so
“Nidhi, this Rohan and Vivan have not come back yet. Its worrying me”, he replied and picked
up a phone call as his mobile rang.
“Hello…….. What? ……. Yes, I am coming”, Raj uncle spoke in a worried tone.
“What happened, Uncle?” Nidhi kept walking behind Uncle as he searched for his car keys

“Nidhi, Rohan and Vivan met with an accident near Marin drive, They are admitted in Fortis”,
He ran to the lift replying to the worried Nidhi.
Nidhi couldn’t believe what she had heard. At that instance she remembered her accident after a
long time. The fear had relapsed in her and her hands began to shiver.

“Nahi, Vivan… I won’t lose you as I lost Nishant….. “, she screamed standing in front of a picture of Lord Krishna in her room.
“I am sorry, Vivan. Please come back to me. I can’t lose you”, her thoughts went back to all the
minutes she had spent with Vivan. Unknowingly, in those moments of fear she realized how
much she longed for the person whom she had shunned months back.

(It was later confirmed that the accident wasn’t a major one and both Vivan and Rohan were
safe. Obviously, it was a sign for Nidhi that she should tell Vivan her feelings)

The day had finally arrived when Nidhi was travelling back to Delhi for her engagement. She
packed her suitcase still wondering if she had taken the right decision. She scanned her laptop to
take backup of her important office related stuff and happened to look at a folder named “Vivan”

“It was fun when you were around Vivan”, she thought to herself.
“Your one smile would lighten up my day….. I started living because of you”, she continued to
“Did you invite Vivan for the engagement, Nidhi?” Her aunt questioned her and Nidhi tried to
close all the photos that she was viewing.

“Yea, I guess Rohan must have told him” She left the room trying to avoid the conversation.

She picked up her phone and dialed Vivan’s number. “I will be there by 8.30 in the evening
Vivan. I want to see you once before I go back” She spoke and cut the call……..

The noise and clatter at Victoria terminus made Nidhi clumsy. She looked at the clock. The clock
now showed 10 pm.
"oh Shit !!!! Am late. I couldn't avoid the traffic Vivan. Hope you waited for me " she kept
pushing people and ran to the std booth. She looked around hastily but Vivan was not to be seen
" Vivan have you left ?" She pulled her duppatta and started searching for him like a mad person.
She lost all her energy and sat at the same bench where Vivan had sat waiting for her. She closed
her eyes with her palm covering her stream of tears.

"Nidhi........" A voice called her from behind.
"Vivan....." She looked back to find him standing behind her.
"Vivan waited for me? " she ran and hugged him.
It took seconds for him to realize what was actually happening around him.
(First of Nidhi had come, next she was crying, then she ran to him and hugged him and last but
not the least she wasn't ready to leave him .... Poor Vivan .... :P he still thought it was a dream )

" Stop crying, Nidhi... Please tell me what happened is anything wrong ?" Vivan held her face
between his hands and asked her.
" I am so sorry Vivan..... Only going away from you made me realise what you mean to me ..... "
A drop of tear rolled from Vivan's eyes. (was he actually going to hear what he wanted to ? :) )
"You know how scared I was after Nishant left me .... " Vivan wiped of her tears as Nidhi tried
to compose herself to explain.
"I thought I would never be out of it but then you happened..... You helped me out of it ....." She
held his hands for the first time....
"I was angry when I knew you played with me.... I guess deep inside I really wanted you to love
me for real :)so the entire bet thing..... It made me mad " She smiled as she let out her feelings.

"I love you Vivan......" She went close to him and whispered as he kept holding her.....
Vivan, couldn't breathe... He felt as though it was all an illusion...
His dream had come true... His Nidhi was finally his forever.

He pulled his hands from her face and moved two steps behind..Nidhi was amazed watching him.
He pulled out something from his pocket and kneeled before her avoiding the crowd that was
staring at this wonderful couple.
"Earrings? " Nidhi giggled as he knelt holding the earring in one hand in a pose as though he was
proposing her.
"Sorry Nidhi I had got these for you that day in Delhi...... Will you marry me and spend your
entire life with me ? " he went on with a big smile on his face....
She accepted the earrings and replied, "Wearing these earrings ? " she smiled naughtily....
" YES I WILL " she ran into his arms to celebrate their togetherness....

The crescent in the sky flashed on their faces and Nidhi's earrings were dazzling away... They
had come to bandra bandstand from the station to witness their first date....
They were together never to be separated again......


  1. Ha At last An Happy ending!! Really a nice touching story... it's awesome :-)

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    1. Hey thanks Kavitha... Glad u enjoyed... Yes the last part is long but I couldn't do justice to the story by cutting out a few scenes and shortening it...