Monday, March 1, 2010

On the shores of Besant Nagar beach

Dhivya(D): Hey cynthia, its been long since i've been to a beach. Let's just go there today evening before we return back to the hostel.
Cynthia(C: that's me): The plan sounds really cool. Lets go to the besant nagar beach and spend the evening there.But mind you the sun will surely take its toll. 
D: That's ok. I dont mind. Do you?
C: Nah, that's fine with me. Will manage (sulkily). I hate the sun.

     And there I and my cousin dhivya started off to the Besant nagar beach from santhome. Dhivya and I are of the same age group so we get along really well. My dad asked me to write about a few of my experiences in Chennai. So here i am sharing with all of you about something that i experienced just a few days ago.
         It was a Sunday evening. We reached the beach at around 4.00 pm. The sun was not so harmful that day or rather put it this way, ‘the sun was not smiling extra in Chennai that evening’. Since it was a Sunday the beach looked beachfull (say housefull). As usual there were a lot of hawkers prowling the beach. There were ice cream stalls. Some of them were busy selling fried groundnuts, unripe mango slices, boiled corn in cups and a lot more. The hot breeze brushed through our skin. We kept walking on the crowded shore to find a place to sit. After having found one finally, we sat on the sand. The sand granules had by then deposited their sediments on our feet. As we sat gazing at the sea that was so silent yet horrific, I glanced at the crowd that believed the sea even after the city had overcome the aftermaths of the tsunami, just a few years ago. The water has got its own glory especially in a city where the sun burns you down. I looked at the sun that had already started to change its colour which was an indication that it was going to bid goodbye for the day.
         The sea looked peaceful that day with just sending smaller waves much enough to cool our heated skin. There were kids who loved to see the water from a distance but, when it actually came to beat the tides they wouldn’t leave their father’s hands. Dhivya and i kept watching different kinds of people who came to the beach. Some had come to play in the water and beat the heat while some had come to just sit and watch the sea (like us). Behind us there was a group of youngsters who were celebrating a birthday party. But amidst all of this there was one helpless creature that caught our attention. It was a tortoise that was lying down helplessly on the shore. No one knew whether it was alive or dead but the waves had just come and dropped it on the shore. For the initial few minutes there was hardly anyone who noticed it. Few of the inquisitive ones came and clicked a few snaps if it. It was a huge one with a fully grown shell that covered it. People tried to push it back into the water but they were unable to do it. It was then that we realised it was dead. We felt sorry for it and got back to just talking about various things under the sun. We suddenly found our attention guided back to the poor tortoise. There were a group of boys who surrounded it. At first we positively thought that they were going to help it out. But then one guy just tilted it upside down. Seeing this another boy did the same, by the end of the whole torture that the tortoise went under it was stamped by at least 10 boys. For a second i was amazed by god’s creation. He had already interpreted that humans will always be heartless and therefore he kept the most beautiful creatures under the sea to preserve their beauty from the inhumane creatures. For a minute i was ashamed that i couldn’t do anything in saving the tortoise.
                      We got up from the place and moved a bit away to spend the rest of the evening. My list to my likings in Chennai increased that day. And what added to my listings was the Chennai beach. I wouldn’t say that they were the best beaches in the world because i know no one would agree to it. But, I would surely say they were lively beaches with so much life. The evening at besant nagar beach was indeed a day i wouldn’t forget.  


  1. nice blog de.. hmm.. glad to c u write positive things abt bessy beach... abt chennai for that matter.. keep blogging :)