Tuesday, September 23, 2014

#Proud Indian's post (MOM)

Mars Orbiter Mission - India - ArtistsConcept.jpg

It makes me proud as an Indian to say that the Indian Space research Organization(ISRO), successfully sent Mangalyaan (MOM) into the Martian Orbit, making India the first Asian country and also the first in the world to have successfully acheived it in the maiden attempt. The brilliance and intelligence of Indian Scientists proves that out country is never behind in such massive operations. When I read the news paper this morning, I had goosebumps, I was proud that my country was making a mark and proving that this is just the beginning for many more acheivements like this.

As a tribute, I present a small Haiku,

Feet in red planet,
Intelligence and brilliance,
Mangalyaan in Mars.

The next Haiku is inspired by the prompt at Haiku Horizons, "SPACE". How we wish to run back to our homes everyday? How we wish to be aloof from the noise?

Away from Clamor
Tranquility at apex
I, Me and Myself

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