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#Inspirati presents - Round 2 - Episode 9 - Helter-Skelter

After successfully marching into the second round, My team #Inspirati and I are ready to enthrall you with some amazing fiction. 

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And read Episode 9 here written by me. 

*********Episode 9 ***********

"Everything has fallen apart.... How did I miss it? What the hell was I doing?" He continued to stare from the bedroom window. 

"It happened under my surveillance. How could I just let it happen?" Guilt driven, he continued to murmur in vain. 

"I've lost signals from him as well. I feel disgusted. I need to do something. I have to figure this out before it gets completely out of hand.", determined, he banged his fist against the glass window which almost cracked. His huge fingers left a patch on the glass window as he touched them. 

He was tall, well-built. He was trained to be the best. He had left no stone unturned till today. 

He had a perfect view. Yet, it all happened. He was trained to make no mistakes. His job has only one rule, that he performs every task in an error-free manner. How could he not have foreseen this?

He kept a watch. He had done his duty. How was he going to save everyone on the mayday?


The ambulance screeched as it came to a sudden halt outside the Fortis hospital. Two male nurses, stepped beside the ambulance and pulled out the stretcher in which lay, Cyrus. He was rushed into the ICU and on Inspector Tawde's orders, no forms were asked to be filled and the operation had begun.

"Vijay, please ask the auto driver to rush", her eyes were drenched with tears as she tried to remain calm. A few kilometers away, the love of her life was hanging between life and death. He was suffering. She felt responsible. Had she not left his side, he wouldn't have come here and he wouldn't have been a part of this entire commotion.

"Relax, Jen. He is going to be fine", Vijay tried assuring to deaf ears.

"Don't call me that, Vijay. Only Cyrus calls me Jen. You know....", she tried pulling back her tears and sucking them inside. "You know I feel like a princess when he calls me Jenn."

She pulled out another tissue and sneezed. Vijay felt bad. He was hurt that in spite of his numerous endeavours to woo her, she still hadn't changed her mind. Jennifer was still madly in love with Cyrus. He felt he had made a mistake. Could things be changed now? He never knew how everyone's life was going to change after that day.

"Jennifer", Before he could inform her that they had reached the hospital, she sprinted out of the autorickshaw.

"Cyrus", she stood at the reception trying to find out the room number where the operation was taking place.

"Full name, Madam", the receptionist coldly inquired.

"Cyrus Daruwala", Jennifer managed to gather courage to speak.

"ICU second floor", as soon as Jennifer heard this, she immediately took the stairs to the second floor.

Like a mad woman, she hysterically searched for the ICU. Vijay followed her meekly. He had never seen her in such a frantic state.

On finding it, unrestrainedly she tried to push the door open. Vijay came to her rescue and made her sit in the chairs outside. "Jennifer, I understand your irony. I understand your pain. But dear, you have to be strong. All you could do is pray for him."

Jennifer'r phone rang at that instant. Before she could pick it up, the ringing stopped. She was about to keep the phone back in her bag when she spotted a notification in her phone.

Wiping the tears that were rolling down incessantly, she stared at what she had just seen in her phone.  "An email from Cyrus?" she whispered to herself. She ensured that Vijay was unaware of it.

She typed a few words and hit the search button in google. She goggled at what she had googled. She was amazed in disbelief. She couldn't believe her eyes. Sometimes situations arise and put you in a stance where it becomes difficult to believe what you see or hear. Jennifer was caught in a maze that made her world go round and upside down.

She had to help Cyrus. She had to bring him out of this. She had to reveal the hidden secrets, But for that to happen, she had to ensure if all the proofs were correct.

It was time, she wiped away her tears and became chivalrous. It was time she lifted the baton that Cyrus had left behind. This was the time to decide. This was the time to prove.


Tara could suddenly feel her weak body and limbs giveaway. She hadn't eaten anything since her darling Roohi had disappeared.

Shekhar was still waiting for his answer. Tara was comprehending on the question. She wished to start it afresh. She blackmailed her God in her prayers that she would work everything out between her and Shekhar if Roohi returned safely. But her heart couldn't forgive the hurt that Shekhar had caused. She was reminded of all those nights she had slept alone while waiting for him to come and lay down beside her. 

How much had she craved for it all? How much had her heart yearned for some words of love from him? And all of a sudden, he wanted her to forget those miserable years. How could she? 

She was reminded of Roohi. Her smile, her laughter, her gaze, her naughtiness, she missed her daughter. She pictured herself as Roohi in the arms of unidentified people. She wondered if her daughter had eaten anything. In no time, she felt her cheek wet with tears. 

The agony of her husband and the pain for her daughter had increased. She couldn't make a decision. 

At that instant, Shekhar receives a call on his phone, "What you missed them, Inspector Tawde? How could you? How could you be so careless? This has gone way out of control. I need to do something." He yelled and banged the phone.

"Shekhar, Where is Roohi? Did the inspector see her? How is my baby? Is she alright?" pulling the collar of his shirt, she pleaded for answers as Shekhar silently gazed at his wife helplessly.

"Vijay, I need to go. I have some important work. Tawde is not answering my phone. Can you ask him to call me once he is here?" Without waiting for Vijay's reply she sprung to her feet. "Keep me posted"

"I hope I am doing what is correct", Jennifer whispered a silent prayer and set off ignoring Vijay's phonecall.


"I have to get to him soon", he spoke to his master.

"Who are you talking about, Aryan Ahuja?", She stormed into his room.

To be continued.......

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