Thursday, September 25, 2014

Winter Bucket List!!

With the rainy season just passing by and leaving us with a few spells here and there it's time to welcome the season that brings with it serenity and tenderness. It's time to welcome Winter!!!

Winter has always been one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. There is a kind of feeling where emotions outplay you. It is that time of year where you find yourself luring into romantic sounds, you find yourself squeezing inside think blankets, when your mornings are nothing but a silent quarrel between you and your alarm clock and it is also that time of the year when the climate lets you fall in love with itself.

Winter always reminds me of Christmas. The carol singing, the crib decoration, Santa Clause, Stockings, gifts etc.

Following my fellow blogger Nabanita, I landed up on the link up activity on Fall Bucket List. Since, Winter is my favorite season I planned to put up my Winter Bucket List:

1. South Mumbai: I moved into Mumbai a couple of months back after my marriage and since then I havent had the time to explore south Bombay. I did visit Marine drive and Delhi Darbar :) but I wish to walk and explore the entire South Bombay on one weekend.

2. Cook from my heart: As I said in one of my previous posts, I never enjoyed cooking before my marriage, but now I do trying out stuff on weekends when I have time. So this is up on my list. I will try new recipes and ofcourse put it up on my blog too soon :)

3. Adapt in my new office: With marriage, there has been a lot of change that has come around in my life. One of which is I landed up working in a huge organization where I still haven't found proper friends and it is sickening to go to such a place everyday. I am going to try and make new friends and stop cribbing about this.

4. Fitness: Fitness is something that I have given up owing to the lack of time which supposedly is something I shouldn't be using as an excuse. I am planning to get back to working out as much as I can and planning to get back in shape.

5. Creating a small Garden: It has been on my checklist to create a small garden in my balcony with tiny pots where I can sit and enjoy the evenings by sipping a cup of hot Coffee in Winter. I hope to get that started soon.

6: Write and Write: Now that I have made it a point to write as much as I can, I wish to continue this with passion and determination.

There goes my list, Now if you have yours, why don't you put it up on your blog or drop them down in the comments section? Who knows it may motivate you to have a great Winter.....

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