Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Power of Acceptance

Have you ever felt the need to accept something as it is, important?

Let's take an example. When you fell in love with someone, did you not accept him for the way it is? Or did you want him or her to change according to your wish? 

I was introduced to the power of acceptance through my friend who is also my mentor. It so happened that I had hurt another friend of mine and felt guilty after a couple of days. I was filled with ego to apologise for my mistake. I resort to wallowing in it for another couple of days. It didn’t bring me any relief. Knowing that I needed help, I decided to talk my heart out to my mentor and told him the situation. I even told him about how it had been eating me for a couple of days. 

He told me, “I may sound harsh, but the truth is that you have made a mistake”.

When someone condemns you and you know that the condemnation is true it hits you hard. Being a normal human being covered with a lot of flaws it did burn me for a second. “How on earth could someone tell me that I am wrong?” These were exactly my emotions translated into words. 

I breathed for a second and having suppressed my emotions, decided to hear him out. 

“Whether you acknowledge it or not, what stands true is that you were wrong. First of all learn to ACCEPT your mistake. ACKNOWLEDGE the situation. UNDERSTAND that it was wrong to have hurt your friend. CONFRONT him or her and if you think saying a sorry is going to give you some relief then PERFORM it”, He said it with such an ease. 

For the next few days, I ran through these words of advice for a number to times over and over again. What didn’t make sense initially later started to sink in my senses? I accepted that I was wrong. The next I had to do was acknowledge my mistake and understand that I was at fault. The best way to get out of the entire situation was to confront my friend and perform the action of saying a sorry. I did the same and to my own surprise I felt a huge relief. 

Ever since then I have adopted this in my day to day life. This does not always apply to the situation where you have committed a mistake knowingly. There may be certain situations where you may land in an irksome situation unknowingly. 

Two months back I joined a new company and was initially posted in an office that was 17 km away from home. If you have heard of the term, “MUMBAI TRAFFIC”, then you would surely sympathise with me. It took me an hour to travel in the morning and another hour and a half in the evenings. I was spending 13 hours out of the house and managing office and home started to be difficult. 

Initially, I cribbed every day and wished I worked from a place closer to home. I later realised that nothing was going to change because of me ranting about it. I decided to ACCEPT the situation that I was in. I acknowledged my plight and understood that things will change for the better soon. I just had to confront the entire situation by waiting for a project in an office that was closer to home. I performed the action of preparing for any interview that could come my way and studied for an entire week without losing hope and kept praying every single day.

After 10 days of meticulously sticking to my routine, I received a call for an interview and moved into a branch closer to home. Everything was in place. I do not know if it was the power o acceptance, positivity or prayer. But this served the purpose. 


Next time you are in a difficult situation all you need to do is,


Let me know if this made a difference. 

Happy Sunday and a great week ahead!!


  1. Love this article

  2. wonderful post.. totally agree with it. It is a hard pill to swallow sometimes even when we know we are wrong but I feel that we have no chance of correcting ourselves or becoming better unless we accept our flaws/shortcomings...

  3. Thanks a lot for going thru. Yes we can become better if we accept our flaws and start working towards changing them

  4. Thanks Arjun. All thanks to you or else this article wouldn't have come up.

  5. Seeds positivity in mind while reading..Enjoyed it Cynthia :-)

    1. Thanks a lot Janani. My purpose of writing this post is served after reading your comment.