Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Is life a burning candle that can be put off by merely blowing it?
Is life so worthless that you can crush it from it's roots?
Is life a motion picture that can fast forward to see the climax?
Is life a car drive that you can put a break when you see the hint of an accident and put an end to the engine?

No, life is much more than all this. Life is an adventurous sport, where you sit on a boat sailing in a sea full of storm where you row out all the waves of depression and cross it successfully.
Ask a 13 year old suffering from cancer what life is?
Ask a 4 year old who has a hole in the heart what life is?
Ask a soldier who guards our country at the border with no clue whether he would live the next minute, what life is?
Ask a dying mother who is giving birth to a baby what life is?

"Ashwin a 19 year old committed suicide in the hostel room when he had failed in his first year engineering exams. Being a state topper in his 12th std exams, this failure was something that he couldn't take it in. After being calm, upset and no interest left in life he stopped the beating of his heart by hanging himself. Life is such an irony when his mother, a doctor by profession couldn't save his life"

What words would you use to describe people like Ashwin- "A coward", " Selfish", "Loser", "Insane", " A Schizophrenic", "A Lunatic"?

Whatever you say only people with very high spirits have the guts to end their life. They never bother about their loved ones and the anguish they have to undergo. It is awry to pass a judgment without hearing from both the parties. 

While we blame youngsters for their insensitive act, Is it right to overshadow the negligence of their parents and guardians? Parents are your kitty parties and late night events more important that your child’s life. Would it cost you a lot to spend just an hour at the least with your child? Think about it.

The major reasons for suicides in India are,
  • Expectations from parents: In today.s worlds a parent wants his kin to be a "Lata Mangeshkar" as well as a "Sachin Tendulkar". 
  • Relationships: Love is the most cheapest and easily selling product on TV and every teenager wants to have a hand on it.
  • Loneliness: Lack of good friends, negligence from so called "hard working" parents.
  • Addictions: to alcohol, drugs etc.
  • Not able to live their passions: A 11 year old girl Neha Sawant from Dombvili committed suicide because her parents did not allow her to participate in a reality show.
  • The ruining education system: 20 year medical student commits suicide due to academic reason, another example like Ashwin. 

What can we do to make a change?

Honestly, we cant do anything about it till we have someone around us in that situation.
  • Parents must keep track of the activities of their children. If they come across any changes like depression or their kid is spending time alone in a closed room and not socializing with anyone, then it is high time the rod has turned hot.
  • Schools and colleges must take initiatives in spreading the awareness in such cases bu conducting camps, counseling sessions etc. for students to cope up with failure.
  • When your friend shows symptoms of depression and when he talks about giving up on life, inform his parents and keep them aware of it. Sometimes peer pressure also happens to add fuel to the fire.
It is the time for us to change. Change the way we look at life. Let every student or child live the life he wants to, become what he wants to be. 

For every youngster (who feels suicide is the only option):
When you play a game be it a virtual or a real one you do not mind attempting it a thousand times to be victorious. Then why is it that you give up on the most daring sport - "your life".
Take every minute as a challenge, there will always be a lot of barriers to stop you. Life is all about taking long leaps, crossing these hurdles and reaching the finish line triumphantly.

Have you ever imagined the plight of your parents when they would see your emotionless body?

Have you ever imagined what your mom would undergo when she calls out your name but doesn’t get an answer to it?

Have you ever imagined how that heart would ache which bore you in her womb for 9 months or how lonely that man would feel who helped you take your first steps to walk?

Don’t the dreams and tears of your loved ones mean anything to you?

Do you know how difficult it would be for your brother or sister to not have anyone to count upon?

Will it give you peace if your family wakes up every day to see a photo of you hung on a wall with a garland around it?

Life is a scent, smell the aura.
Life is a gift, enjoy its relevance.
Life is patience, persevere it from within.
Life is nothing much, just breathe through it.  

Give yourself a second chance, because LIFE will never give you another chance.

Are you scared to Live and Fight the Most Daring Sport?

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