Wednesday, April 25, 2012

If I were a boy

The clock struck 8.00 and I was still confused with what to wear to office that day. I glanced through my western wear that was hanging on the top shelf(Being a Friday I could dress in casuals). A navy blue and white checked shirt caught my eye and I chose it for the day. The mirror had to now give an ok signal after which I would wear it.

“Shall I make another dosa?” My aunt stood next to the dosa tawa and questioned me in a motherly tone.

“No I’m done aunty”, I replied back (washing my hands after breakfast)

“What’s this Cynthia, you look like a boy in these clothes today?” exclaimed my aunt on a sarcastic notepointing at my clothes. I simply giggled giving her a naïve smile.

On my way to office I was talking to my friend about the next topic for my blog. In mentioning about the events that happened in the morning, he gave me a few suggestions. (so sweet, he is always ready to help me out J)

“Actually Cynthia, I agree with your aunt”

(with a confused look) “What do you mean by that?” I enquired in a disgusted tone.

“See I have a topic for you. But you should promise me you would blog about it”. He made a move that was something I dint want to hear.

(Thoughts running in my brain, Should I say yes or no? what would he ask me to blog about?)

“Aha, hmm, ok let me give a try” , I replied lowering my voice. ”Hope it’s not a crazy topic”

“If I were a boy!!! How’s it?”, my friend replied excitingly. He gave me the topic which was actually not bad. (My friend did have brains hummm)

And there goes the reason behind this post.
The glass is always greener on the other side” Heard of this proverb? That’s what I always think when I have to put my legs into another person’s shoes and think about his life. Right from my childhood I have always envied the freedom my cousin brothers would get.
So to start with, If I were a boy, I wouldn’t have to be bothered about my safety and wouldn’t have to answer a thousand questions put before me by the elders of the house.
 If I were a boy, I can think of a dinner plan at 10 in the night with 10 odd male friends to accompany me too.
If I were a boy, I wouldn’t have to worry about going home on time. I can get in at any time and still have the honor of food being served hotwith my mom and sister fighting over who would stay awake to serve me. (What a loving family J)
Whether it’s a wedding or going to a shop close to the house, I can get ready in just 5 minutesI don’t have to be bothered about what I wear, who cares no one would look at me or scan me through.
If I were a boy, I think I would finally understand what it is to love a girl, I would understand how it feels when your heart skips a beat on seeing a beautiful damsel. I would have a higher say in every relationship.
I can drink a beer/vodka when I wanted or any liquor on earth from a-z find myself in hospitaland still have a friend who would help me in that situation.
I can wear a shorts in summer and not bother about my skin getting tanned.
I can stay single even till the age of 30 and enjoy life without getting questioned, Oh my God, you are still not married ?
If I were a boy,  I can flirt with many girls simultaneously and still will hear my friends say wow u got talent man, amazed at how you can handle so many :P
If I were a boy, I would not have to search for a loo in the first place when I am on a journey, well I can pee where I wanted right :P
If I were a boy, ,I can watch anything n everything on the tv / internet and not feel ashamed of it.
If I were a boy, I can get into a densely crowded bus and can show my balancing skills by hanging outside , I can go bizarre and go on top of the bus too. I would do all this just to show my macho skills :P
If I were a boy, I can gather a group of buddies and shout out loud on the road without being questioned about my culture or clan.

“Screeeeeeeeeech, woooooooooooosh, stop”, the bus stopped with a brake. Wait a minute I have only been thinking about the positive aspects about being a boy. There is a lot more that I have been missing isn’t it? (I pondered and went ahead to dreamt about the list again)

If I were a guy, I can never wear a florescent or any eye catching color dress and walk around on the road.
I wouldn’t have had the multitasking brain of a girl that can think of a hundred things at a single time. (My, my girls are so brainy :D)    
I wouldn’t have been dignified and personified illustriously by famous poets and authors who have written a million poems on a girl’s beauty.
If I were a boy, I would have been called handsome and not beautiful. If by mistake I was called beautiful I may have to think twice that people didn’t think I was gay right? :P
I wouldn’t have enjoyed the comfort of having a separate queue at counters and the privilege to travel in a train that is called “Ladies special”.
I wouldn’t have been honoured when everyone would say “Ladies first” :P
If I were a boy, I wouldn’t have had the freedom to cry out wherever and whenever I could and get my job accomplished. And the best part is a pitiful boy would only have helped me out.
If I were a boy, I wouldn’t have a thousand choices before me for everything, clothes, accessories, footwear etc etc…
If I were a boy, I wouldn’t have the celebration of Women’s day or Girl child day, where I can receive numerous gifts J.

Well, well, well I could jot down a lot more, probably books could be written and argued upon. As I started my blog by saying that the grass is always greener on the other side. Sometimes we come across thoughts that make us think of the otherwise. Treat the person of the opposite gender with respect and dignity and never look down upon or feel superior over the other.

It may have crossed your mind that, Am I feeling bad that I am a girl and wish to be a boy. No, not at all, I am proud to be a person of the weaker sex, (that’s what everyone addresses us), I would say I am proud to be a part of the sex that has the strongest heart and the wittiest brain.

That evening I changed into a beautiful purple anarkali and got decked up for a wedding. As always I stood in front of the mirror giving that naughty smile (with my head slightly tilted and my lips curved) and thought,

“I don’t think guys can look so good :P”                                      



  1. hahahaa nevermind..why would you flirt with all girls like anything...girls would slap you man... :D trust better be a girl..and who says if you are a boy then you can watch everything and anything without being ashamed...Whats this Cyn?

    1. I wrote this post saying what things a guy can do not what a girl cant do. Hope this answers both your comments. Thanks for going through my post :)

  2. Mmmm! Now I am confused:) Should i feel happy to be a man or be vexed abt it?:)

    1. Ha ha Suresh. As i said in my post treat the person of the opposite gender with respect, so i guess you should be happy of being what you are and not be vexed about it :)

  3. and who says boys cant wear florescent clothes...even we have a wardrobe full of clothes and love to wear any colour under the sun...
    but totally agree with you,how much we try , we boys cant look as beautiful as you!!:P

    1. Lol... Animesh dont tell me a guy's wardrobe contains pants in florescent pink maroon :P Thanks for going through my post and giving your comment :)

  4. agreed to the fact tht no guy can look 'soooooo beautiful'..... !!