Thursday, August 8, 2013

55 fiction - Love in the cafe and Deathly mystery

I have been eyeing on writing a 55 fiction from a very long time. Thanks to the "Write Tribe", I tried writing this one on love and mystery. I have tried to write each of it in a single sentence accepting the challenge put forth.
Love in the cafe

He sat exactly three tables away looking strikingly handsome in a blue tshirt intriguing my heartbeats insanely and although we had never spoken to each other our eyes met aimlessly; sighing hopelessly I left the cafeteria to my work floor when a message beeped which read, “Hi, wondering who I am? Guy in the blue tshirt”

Deathly Mystery

Loosening his grip he dropped me on the bed and nudged a knife piercing through the veins in my stomach ,splashing drops of blood across ,I scream and wake up instantaneously realizing it was a dream and reach out to drink water ; my hands shiver as I find gory blood stains on the ground.  


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