Saturday, April 14, 2012

I did drive them crazy

Flaunting my jazz blue colour
I drove in style and splendour
My wheels were meant to race
I was a sense of pride and grace

With groovy lights, a mirror cracking gazelle
Caught many a eyes , “ Oh my” I was ethereal
Wondered what was so special
That when I passed was glared by a lot.

Once on a bright summer day
I was with him when he gazed away
She was the love at first sight
And he wanted to set everything so right.

He used me to drive her crazy
I accepted to impress her with simplicity
They shared their moments of love and romance
I saw the love grow in my ambience.

The date was fixed to tie the knot
I was florally dressed in red and white
Many a trips they had enjoyed
But today’s was different, I was overjoyed.

Months passed, years rolled over
I started to screech, my speed grew slower
Tried my best to pull my engine together
Oiled my self to be more smoother.

Then the day dawned that I dreaded ever
I was old and gloomy , replaced with something newer
Discouraged, disheartened, demoralized
I was sold to someone not my own.

Promises forgotten I cursed a many
Time cures every a wound they say
Acquainted I became with my new family
But forgetting the old, a deep sad misery.

Taking a vow, never to be sad
I started to care again and felt being loved
Confidence was what I had lost
Perseverance was what I gained.

Another beautiful summer morning
And I was doing what I loved the most, “driving”
Far across , met my old buddies
Sadness disappeared, I jerked, winking away happily  

I am the voice of a vehicle so loved, the voice of four wheeled CAR.

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