Monday, March 12, 2012

Fantasy, Guitar and Her

"Next please", shouted the teller at the ticket counter in the nungambakkan railway station. I had just entered the long queue to collect my ticket to Tirusulam. I was busy in a conversation with Jai, my close friend, "Hey buddy, did you hear about Dravid's retirement?". "Yeah, it was very melancholic to hear that :( ", exclaimed a disheartened Jai.

I finally peeped to see the beginning of the queue and that was when my eyes caught something very alluring. Giving a second glance, my eyes caught a resplendent beauty. She stood ahead of me in a purple top and a knee length white skirt which had blue colored printed flowers on it. A few strands of her hair were flying in the air due to the mild breeze. She was carrying a guitar in one hand and a handbag in the other. I found her fiddling with her purse for some change to buy the ticket. Turning around, she asked me, "Do you have change for 100 Rs. ?" "Sorry, I don't have change but i can surely buy you a ticket." I responded, overly joyous to help her out. I gave her the ticket and she left the counter with a smile.

Oh and before I move ahead, My name is Karthik, I am a sound Engineer and have a passion for Guita and Music. I work in a music studio at Nungambakkam and music is my zeal. My friend Jai and I work together at the same studio and travel in the evening trains. Moving back to where i stopped, Jai and I walked to the platform and found her standing for the train.

 I wanted to strike a conversation with her but refrained from doing so as I may loose the freedom to look at her. And not to forget her guitar which was also captivating gave me a reason to step closer and talk to her.
"Hi, that's a nice guitar that you are carrying, Ibanez is it?"
"Yes, my boyfriend gifted me for my birthday", she replied with a shy smile.KSHH!! CRACK! SHCHING! CLASH!! My heart broke into multiple pieces. :( How i wish i hadn't heard what she just said."It ok Karthik, there is always a next time :P".I consoled myself and walked away to wait for my train.

 She came across and started talking. Her name was Kiera and she was pursuing her MSW at Loyola. Seeing her interested in my music book, I told her about my passion and profession.
"I wanna learn playing the guitar
"Then why dont you join some good classes", I replied.
"I go for classes at college, but the teacher is not that good. Do you know of any other good tutors?" 
I asked her excitedly, "Can I teach you? :D". She readily accepted and I started my guitar and "trying my luck on her :P " classes from the next day. It did not take long for us to become close friends and the saga of texting and chatting started. Every evening she entered the studio and I would be like,"OMG!!! Did God take extra time in sculpting her".We used to walk to the station together and the conversation with Jai had almost reached ground zero.

Days went by and after a galore of time she went missing, her mobile was off and there was no news about her. I was really upset and one fine day i got a call from  Kiera  . She had broken up with her boyfriend and her life was in a devastated condition. She said she din't want to live anymore. I pleaded asking her to stop talking crap. A few days passed and she was back to normal with a lot of support from me. Our meetings and classes resumed and  I tried to give her as much peace as I could. One day i played a romantic number for her and at the end of it, I said " Kiera  , I fell in love with you the minute i saw you flip your hair back that evening when you asked me for change and as i went mad that day i want you to be crazy for you for the rest of my life. Will you marry me? " She was astounded and she got up and left the class.

I din't like what she did, She again went missing for a couple of weeks. I kept getting irritated with everything and everyone around me. With every message and call on my phone I wished it was her's. After around 3 weeks ( which was almost a century for me) I was bewildered when i received a call from her to meet her at CCD. We started talking about wierd things and suddenly she asked me, "Karthik, Do you still love me? That day i was scared to fall in love again but now I  feel if not you then who else?" The earth moved from beneath my feet and I could hear a million angels playing the guitar around me. We had fallen in love and within a year got married and were blessed with twins.

One day  Kiera  became poignant and wanted to revisit the old memories. We went to the station and sat on the same bench waiting for the train. She wanted a cup of coffee and I went to buy her one.
Wait someone is patting me from behind.
"Kiera, take the coffee."

Again i hear someone patting me and calling me.
"Karthik, Karthik, Listen to me"

"Where is Kiera gone, she was just sitting at the bench a while ago. Oh god will you please wait i am searching for my wife", I shouted and turned back >.<.

"Karthik, this is the last train left for the day, do you wanna go home or are you planning to spend the rest of the night here in the station?"

I sulked and shouted back at Jai, "You insane, you spoilt my beautiful dream". And alas that was the end of my fantasy. :(


  1. nice story and i liked this line..
    "I wanted to strike a conversation with her but refrained from doing so as I may loose the freedom to look at her."

  2. wow nice story,.. I became a fan for ur short stories,..
    I regularly visit ur blog to check for ur new release,.... lol :)
    Great work,.. keep going,..........

  3. Hey thanks a ton Sweety. Glad that you follow my posts. I appreciate your comments too. Keep reading ... thanks a again

  4. hahaha... :D very nice and different from a girls point of view! loved it.. :) Keep writing Cynthia!