Friday, March 9, 2012

That was when i started living - Part 2

Anu stood anxious at the gates of Child's Mission hospital as she was always afraid of hospitals and doctors.She had carried the little girl with the help of the driver and bought her to this place. Lost in her own thoughts, she failed to hear the voice of Dr.Verma who had been trying to converse with her for quite sometime now. He questioned, "Mrs, Anu, can you please give me the details of the patient and how are you related to her?"

Anu replied with a worried expression, "I do not know who she is, but i found her in a pool of dirty water and she was unconscious. I bought her here and i am willing to take her responsibility. "
After thorough investigation it was found that she was suffering from acute pneumonia and it would take a day or two to give a complete report on her health.

You were my shining light,
Refining my life bright.

Come back to me forever,
For i promise to lose you never.

I wait and walk thither,
That you would wave and come hither.

It was the longest wait of her life more than the wait Obama would have undergone to become the president. After 2 days of patience Dr. Verma finally relieved her by saying, "Mrs, Anu, she is better now and out of danger too. You can meet her now". Anu's joy knew no bounds. She ran to the Grotto of Mother Mary near the hospital and thanked her. 

It was the most beautiful morning of her life after a long time. Anu had brought Riu home to stay with her. Yes, the little girl was Riu. Anu managed to finally get to know her name after a long intervention with her. 
"Will you come to stay with me at my house?" Anu had asked her earnestly. 
She replied with a light smile curving her lips to an end, "Ok"

The first thing that Anu wanted to know was who she was and where did she come from. Although it dint matter to her but she wanted to gain Riu's confidence in her. Anu soon started getting to know Riu more, her likes and dislikes had become a priority for Anu. Everytime she asked something related to Riu's parents, Riu would become quiet and not talk to her for a long time. 

One morning when she woke up she found Riu sitting in the balcony alone. She was crying. Anu went close to her and sat next to her with curious eyes. Riu saw her and hugged her. "Thank you Anu Maam(That was how Riu addressed her) My parents had sold me to that man on the street. I tried to run from him and that was when i slipped and fell in the subway when you found me"

I thought my life was lost,
Grief and strife was free at cost.

Shattered dreams and  hopes all lost,
You suffered more than I ever thought.

Happiness is when you started sharing,
And that was when I started living.

And since then Riu had become Anu's life. She started coming back home early, started spending time for her, helped her with her studies and guided her in every way she could. Riu counted on her for everything and soon adjusted with her. Every evening the two of them would spend time in the garden. Anu, gained strength every time she saw Riu smile. Her morning's now started differently, She cooked for Riu and drove her to school. She head become her world and her cosmos. Suddenly her life started changing, she started living for someone else and started being happy. 

It was the 15th of February, and like everyday Anu dressed Riu for school and opened the door. To her surprise she saw Arun standing at the door. It had exactly been a year since she had seen him. He looked as though he hadn't eaten properly for days. His eyes were red and his cheeks were covered with tears . Seeing his agony, Anu wanted to hug him, caress him but then she had lately realized that she had actually got over Arun. The pain and the grief that he had given had all been erased by the love and happiness that Riu gave her.

He took her by surprise and said, "Anu, I need you back in my life. I realized my mistake and the pain that i had given you. I feel disgusted that I ever let you out of my life. " Oh these were the words Anu had waited to hear, her heart started beating faster than ever when she saw Arun standing before her, but today she had something else to tell him.

                      "I am sorry Arun, I have another person in my life who means more 
                                          than you and i cant leave that person for you."

From Anu's Diary:

"That day I closed the door on Arun's face and his life. I lost the man I loved the most.  I am a divorcee now but i am proud to be the mother of the most loving daughter. She was the angel who filled my life with so much love and compassion. She was the reason i started living again. Today is her 15th birthday, she has turned into a very sane and beautiful girl. I stand at the Central Mall waiting for her to come. And there she walks elegantly in her denim and pista colored T'shirt. But my eyes still visualize her as the small little girl who asked me the time on that wonderful evening "

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