Thursday, September 18, 2014

Haiku - "Train"

Back to Haiku after a long time!! This Haiku is inspired by the prompt at Haiku Horizons.

Wheels screech,time to leave
Memories flash, come alive
Like Leaves during fall

Out he runs, Train halts
Candy, juice and toy in hand,
Dad,Tears turn to joy

The first Haiku puts forth a scene where a person is reminded of something and his memories take him back in time as the train leaves. 

The second Haiku is inspired by some events during my childhood. I remember travelling with my parents to Chennai every summer. My dad would run to the door as the train halted at every station. This would make me scared and I would start crying my lungs out wondering if he would return on time. And each time he would return with a candy or toffee in his hand :)

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