Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I want to become _________ when I grow up !! Aspirations as a kid.

Do you remember that as a kid, there might have been a number of times when you were questioned about what you wanted to be when you grew up?

I'm sure your answer would have varied every year depending on various factors. Of which the major factor would have been media or the people surrounding you. When Indians made history in the Aeronautical space you may have wanted to grow up and become a scientist and work for NASA. Or after watching a famous circus show you may have wanted to become a part of it after being fascinated by the artists who flew high up in the sky jumping from one place to the other.

Off late I had overheard a couple in a restaurant laughing over the aspiration of their 5 year old who wanted to become a Police officer like Singham after he had watched the movie for over 5 times. (At least someone had liked the movie :P)

Like every other kid, even I had a varied list of aspirations as a child. From being a doctor to being a journalist, the list was long. In today's post, I will list down a few of my I-want-to-become-so-and-so-when-I-grow-up.

1. Doctor: When I was small (don't remember  the exact age), whenever I fell sick I would be irritated, not because I had to bear the pain of it, but because I couldn't go out to play and I was made to sit at home the whole day. Only a doctor could rectify this problem by treating me with the best possible medicine and healing me. I thought this was the best profession. Apparently as I grew up I realised that I had to sacrifice my play time to study more in case I wanted to become a doctor and with that the aspiration of becoming a doctor died down in a course of time.

2. Social worker: I studied in a convent school run by the Sisters of the Holy Cross and many a times we were taken for outreach programs and one of that was a visit to the Orphanage. Seeing the orphaned children, my heart reached out to them and I wanted to become a social worker when I grew up. When that didn't work either I decided to give it up.

3. Military Officer: When I was in my 10th std, I was asked to carry my school flag for the March past on our annual sports meet. I felt proud holding the school flag when the entire platoon marched after me. I thought that if I became a military officer I could do so more often(Foolish that I was then). Later I realised that my height was not enough to even clear the screening test.

4. Journalist: Somewhere after my dream of being a military officer was suppressed, I thought it was cool to be a journalist and visit different places and collect stories to bring it to viewers in the country. I still regret on not being a Journalist. Whenever, I watch the news, I tell myself, "I could have been one of that". But sometimes I wonder that It is good I am not a journalist, I may be forced to bring in news that is not true, just to increase the TRP's.

5. Computer Engineer: This was something I wanted to be after I had the opportunity to represent my school in a National Level Computer quiz competition and we came second. Ever since then I had the affinity for computers and landed up becoming a Software Engineer. Only after studying computers for 6 years and working in the software industry for 3 and a half years I realised what a wrong choice I had made . :P

6: Event Manager: My friend and I have a chat almost once in a month on starting an Event Management company after having organized 3 successful picnics and a number of successful events in college. We think of starting up something similar but then land up realising that we do not have the amount of money to invest in it. Of course, this is not something that I can say which comes under my aspirations as a kid but I do not mind putting it under this title.

7. Writer: Aha! I get excited even at the thought of it. Being a writer is something that I never thought of as a kid. I feel I was writing ever since I don't know when. I feel I was born with it. And now there is no stop to it. This is something that I can't even dream of giving it all up. And I am sure I am going to make it big one day.

What were your aspirations as a kid?
Do drop it in the comments section. I would love to hear it. It may be anything and everything. However crazy it may sound, do post it.


  1. Hey Cynthia...I wanted to be a doctor as well and wasted 5 years at it.
    Well, you can still be a journalist. Start writing short community pieces and sent it off to yur local daily. All publications take community stories...you can begin thus. May be soon you become a columnist...Good Luck!

    1. Hey Nisha welcome to my blog. Glad that you became what you wanted to be. And yes I wish to be a columnist. Let's see how it works. Thanks for dropping by

  2. I never really gave a thought to this question seriously when I was a kid..But now once I'm all grown up you know I realise I never wanted to be an engineer...All I want to be now is a writer..I want to keep writing...If only life was as simple and I could have stayed in one corner of my home writing...

    Random Thoughts Naba...Every Woman should...

    1. That's so what I wanna do too Nabanita... I agree with you.