Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Unreal wishlist

I wish that I was swallowed by a whirlwind and at the other end land into the era of Cinderella. 

I wish that time ran at my pace; The sun rose with me and set with me.

I wish my dreams were fulfilled by striking the magic lamp and asking Genie to work is ways.

I wish I had free tickets to travel around the world, to touch the highest peak and sink into the deepest oceans. 

I wish I never grew old and never be worried about wrinkles. 

I wish finger licking dishes hung on trees and I never had to bother about what I had to make for dinner. 

I wish I woke up every morning in the lap of plush meadows and went to bed watching the sun die down by the beach. 

I wish....

I wish..........

I wish..................

I heard the crow's caw from my window and realised how my early morning meditation was disturbed.  

Do you have an Unreal Wishlist? I am sure all of us do have. Do share it with me in the comments below. 


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