Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dream Forlorn #Sonnet

Did you know that the Sonnet is a poetic form that originated in Italy?

It is derived from the Italian word, "Sonetto".

All of us must have heard of the Shakespearean Sonnet. A sonnet is a fourteen lined Poem that follows a strict Rhyme Scheme. The Italian Sonnets followed a different rhyme scheme, while the Shakespearean Sonnet followed another.

I tried my hands on the Italian Sonnet rhyme scheme which is a-b-b-a-a-b-b-a-c-d-e-c-d-e.

Intense, the emotions I wish to subdue (a)
Imagining a world so calm and serene (b)*
I lay in the pasture, wide and green (b)*
Immersed in a daydream, world I bid adieu (a)
Innate my desires, Ah the mind too shrew (a)
Incognito I wander in my kingdom like a queen (b)*
Indifferent of the sphere, nowhere to be seen (b)*
In this time, the soul yearns to be born anew (a)
Infatuated I walk, into that garden so dense (c)**
Incessantly with no rest, driven by instinct (d)***
Into the wild, am I lost with no retreat (e)****
Instantly, courage I gather, covering my pretense (c)**
Infected with sweat, Illusions become extinct, (d)***
Inherently awakened, the morning I greet (e)****

I went through a website called  DailyPost, where they provide 365 writing prompts in an ebook format. You can download it from here.

The prompt for October 1st is - 

Fearful symmetry 

Pick a letter, any letter. Now, write a story, poem, or post in which every line starts with that letter.

I have written a Sonnet in which every line begins with the letter "I".


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