Monday, October 20, 2014

Secret to being Happy

Happiness is a secret recipe that no sage or saint can provide you. It is a hidden treasure that does not have a predefined route to finding it. It is a lock whose key is left to you to discover.

Have you complained on and often that you are not happy?
Have you been depressed that you have no one to keep you happy?

Hold on, you need to face the truth that no second or third person can make you happy. It is highly imperative to understand that you are the only person who can make yourself happy. Sad but true, you cannot blame anyone for your unhappiness and you cannot put the burden on someone else to keep you happy.

Now you may think that the company of your friends gives you happiness or the company of that special someone makes you feel elated. You may feel that this contradicts the point that I have mentioned above. But in reality it doesn't. This is because, you have taken the effor to build your relations with these close people who in turn are a reason for your happiness. You have chosen to be happy amongst such people.

So next time if you find youself telling someone that you are not happy, then you are the person responsible for it.

There are some tips that I follow incase I feel unhappy. Read them below and let me know if these help you in the long run.

1. Find your passion: All of us have some passion that destress us and bring a smile on our face. Pick any of that and execute it. Say if you love painting, pick a piece of chart paper and play some strokes.

2. Move out: Move out of the current place that you are in and take a stroll in a nearby park or your own parking space. Breathe in some fresh air and feel the difference.

3. Avoid: Avoid things that are a put-off.

4. Listen to some music: Music has the capability to calm your senses. For me music and the lyrics they carry remind me of some special moments and automaticall bring a smile on my face.

5. Open an old photo album: Photos are the best possible way to capture sweet memories. Ever tried opening an old photo album? Do it today.

Last week was completely stressful for me for various reasons. I chose to make myself happy over the weekend by doing pot painting and buying festive lamps for diwali.

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