After winning a contest hosted by Fablery in the year 2013, my book was chosen to be published by Half Baked Beans, a publishing house that is based out of Delhi.

I had received a message from Fablery on a cold winter night in the month of November that my story had got picked to be published. Ever since, the journey as an amateur to an author has been worth revisiting.

Presenting before you the blurb of India's first ever Double header book, "Frozen Summer and Columbina"

'Labyrinth of secrets and a trap from the past lead to the death of a man on the shores of the world’s most cruel penitentiary – THE ALCATRAZ. The walls of the Alcatraz tells tales of notoriety bundled in the shape of men. Profoundly known as the inescapable prisons of the world, Alcatraz holds a dark secret that will arise a few venoms and rekindle a few viscous forces.

After a body is found in a trunk on the island, Martin Herd is hired to solve this unfathomable mystery. Deciphering the riddle and finding the truth will pose a big question before him, Should the secret of the Alcatraz be left buried or should it be brought before the world?

Set against an extraordinary historical museum and based on the most brutal prisons of all times, this thriller unearths some secrets that are deeply buried within the walls of the prison.'

Does the blurb sound interesting? Then you can buy my book online at Amazon.

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