Monday, February 16, 2015

Love makes the most impractical thing practical!!

Love for me is something that I have felt and experienced. Like every girl, I have always wanted to have a partner with whom I could fall in love head over heels every single day for the rest of my life. I did find one such person and today I am married to him for 9 months and even today I feel just the same as I felt that day when I fell in love with him. Just the thought of writing a blog post on love that is dedicated to him makes my heart beat faster that usual. A slight smile tries to curve my lips and my eyes try to pop out wider than usual.

I've been busy with the promotion of my book and amidst the entire rush tried to recollect that one moment that made the launch of my book more special than ever. 

 A month ago, my husband had left for another country owing to a better job prospect. I couldn't travel with him as I had to wait for my visa. My first book was slated to release on the 7th of February and I knew I would miss him a lot. However, I did not compel him to stay back and neither did I adamantly want him to come all the way for my launch as I knew his visa process will take sometime and he wouldn't be able to come back to India so soon. I consoled myself saying that this would motivate me to write the next book and hence, have a second launch where he would be there. 

The entire month passed by and I was caught up with the preparations for the launch. Although he was away, he made it a point to help me with the launch by guiding me all along. He spoke to a couple of people so that the celebrities could be arranged. As the launch approached, I was as tensed as ever. 

I reached Bangalore two days before the launch and with the help of my friends and relatives began working on the arrangements. I visited the venue a day before and messaged to my husband saying that I was tensed and worried. He said that it will all be fine. He even mentioned that he has worked a lot for the launch and he was tired. He said that he was going to sleep the entire day. I was very angry that I was toiling the entire day, running to different places and he was going to laze around the entire day. 

It was evening and I was shopping a gift for the celebrities along with my sister-in-law. We had finalised on a gift and suddenly my sister-in-law received a phone call and she was gone. I walked the billing counter. I was busy pulling out my purse to pay when someone in a grey sweater stood at the door smiling at me. My sister-in-law appeared from the door with a wide smile. 

For a while, I stood still with my hand inside me handbag trying to fetch my purse and my eyes rolling round and round wondering if it was real. I walked to the person with the grey sweater and touched him. He smiled again. And there, without any embarrassment I stood near the billing counter and screamed. I couldn't believe that my husband was standing there. He had come straight from the airport to the store. He cooly replied, "How could I not make it to my wife's first book launch?" 

I couldn't stop the tears that were rolling from my eyes. I hugged him right in the middle of the shop to confirm if it really was him. He later told me that he had received his passport stamped just two days before and hence, he could make it. That was when I realised that when there is true love, nothing can do apart and every single force in the world will see to it that the purpose is served. 

This is the most cherished memory of the launch that was a grand success. The minute I knew he was there, everything was fine all over again. 

A pic of us at the launch:

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