Monday, June 3, 2013

The Secret

To learn to smile in my tears,
To learn to be happy in my failures.

To learn to be patient in my distress,
To learn to be calm in my anxiety.

To learn to negotiate with my fate,
To accept and be glad with my destiny.

To disregard the failures of yesterday,
To realize what's gone is away.

To be content with what is today,
To be open to what ahead lay.

To learn from my mistakes,
To learn not to commit them again.

To wish for another chance,
To make things fine within a glance.

To know that what's said above is so very rare,
But yes there lies the secret to a content life.


  1. Inspiring and thought provoking poem!

  2. indeed ... well jotted !!
    A content life needs all these attributes ... be it learning from mistakes or be it letting go whats gone ... easier said than done .. people say .. but fact is easily done if we believe in it and if we are willing for a life repent-free !!
    a verse out of experience and with depth and there can be none who would say they cannot relate with this .. :)
    Suppa Like !! :)

    1. Hey Thank you so much... That was one of the best comment I could get on this poem.... Overjoyed !!!

  3. To know the meaning of contentment is something we pursue and find it at times only to have it ruffled by circumstances. We traverse pitfalls with shoes that we can toss when the soles are too muddy. Sorry, I got carried away from reading your words. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love the title of yours!

    1. Thank you very much for your comment Susie. Means a lot !! thanks for stopping by :)