Thursday, June 20, 2013

A - Z Challenge - Come visit places with me !!

A number of  blogs that I have visited off late have been taking up the A-Z challenge. This seemed to be groovy and it has fascinated me so much that I wish to take up this challenge.

I was thinking about maintaining a theme for this challenge. There were many different ones that I came up with. For example, here are a few,
  • Botanical names of trees
  • Things we do each day.
  • Celebrities who changed the world.
  • Characteristics of Human behavior.
Finally, I thought of writing about the places I have visited. It could be a simple cloth store to an accessory shop, or a famous hotel to a pani puri wala or even a mountain top with a beautiful scenery.

Sounds interesting isn't it?

Without much adieu, I am off to write about the place I have visited starting with the letter A.
Letter A meant only one place for me and it was none another than Aurangabad.

Here ends my introduction to my A - Z challenge and I am off with my pen to write about Aurangabad.

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