Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wish, wishes came true !!!

"Oops, Where did I keep em' ? " I was searching for my red ribbons to tie it to my plait. 

"Mom, I had kept them in the drawer yesterday after school", I explained to my mother who by now had got irritated on me for misplacing stuff.

"You are in the 10th std, and you still don't know to be organized", My mom yelled and did a final search in my cupboard. She finally found it. 

10th std was really awful for a kid who is 14 years old. It was where my future lied and I had to study well. I packed my bag and put on my badge.  It had, “HEAD GIRL” printed on it with my name below it in bold. It was a dream to shoulder this responsibility and I knew I had to be my best on duty.

The early morning bicycle ride was actually a self-imposed competition which I took everyday. Ten minutes was the time I would give myself to ride to school.

The cycles had to be parked in the cycle stand which was near the sister’s convent. Our school had an exquisite architecture and lush green trees. The cycle stand had an adjoin pathway which had tree surrounding it on both sides. To the right was a huge ground where we had our school functions and sports events and to the left was the convent.

The pathway took us directly to a huge statue of Jesus with open arms (welcoming us J) with black marbles supporting it below. It was a practice that Ankita, Priyanka, Sheba and myself did it everyday. We would stand before this place in the morning pray and write the name of our group (CAPS) on the black marble every morning.

My bag was pretty heavy with my books and I adjusted it around my shoulders. Time was up and the bell for the morning assembly rang.

It was the 5th of  September, Dr. Radhakrishnan’s birthday and more importantly Teacher’s day. This day was held significance in the life of every teacher. And every student played a vital role in making this day a memorable one. This was going to be my last year in school and I was hell bent in giving in my best on this day.

 I was standing backstage to check if all the participants for the function were ready. The narrator, the singers, the actors, the dancers, competitors etc…School was the only place we would get to see so many talents simultaneously.

The function started and the students who were getting ready for the dance were busy getting dressed in the classrooms on the ground floor. Since, it was a grand event we had decorated the auditorium for it. The auditorium was adjacent to the building where our classrooms were situated. I ran to the ground floor to check if the dancers were ready and asked the house captains to check on the the remaining list of events for the day.

The show ended with the vote of thanks by our principal. I had lunch near the main stage on the ground. That was where our group always had and we wouldn't let anyone sit in that place. The day was over and I walked out of school waving my friend’s good-bye.

I was happy that the function went on well. It was 9.30 PM and I was in my bed almost trying to sleep when I remembered about the Science exam the next day in school. It had been such a long day and I had totally forgotten about the exam. I got up and rushed to pull the book from my bag.

“Science…. Science….. Oh gosh…. I had given it Ankita the other day !!!! What Do I do now…. Mammaaaa…….”

“Cynthia, What’s wrong with you? Why are you battling and screaming in your sleep?” It was my mother’s voice.

I got up from bed and took time to realize that it was actually my dream. The time machine had swirled backwards and I had dreamt about the golden era of my life, my school !!!

Sipping my morning coffee, I was happy that time has changed and I do not have to write exams now.

But, wait a minute I do have to give interviews and prepare for office presentations. The only difference is that, I do not have ever forgiving teachers who would give me another chance.

I do not have companions with whom I would have a group study, but I do have group discussions now which turn out to be quite evasive at time.

I do not have cultural functions and programs, but I do have meetings and discussions.
Life has changed and so have we. School is over and all we have with us are the memories and the lessons learnt. The best we can give back to our school is by doing our duty well. No matter which corner of the world we are in, we will always be remembered as students of our school.

If any point in life we meet our teachers we mustn't turn our face thinking, “Oh my god she hated me in school, I am sure she does even now !!” 

Our teachers may have been strict but we fail to realize that it was for our good. The lessons we learnt from our textbooks will be enough to get into a good college, to get a good degree, to get a good job and have a lavish life. But the lessons learnt in school on discipline, self-respect, self –esteem, dignity of labour are the ones that will make us a good human being, a good son, daughter and a good father, mother.

I only wish my early morning’s dream ever comes true. I just wish I could go back to school one day and live it with the same companions once again. Well, Don’t you all also wish the same ?  

Classrooms, Recess bells, Competitions,Exams,
Uniforms, Ties, Socks, Tiffin boxes,
Teachers, Homework, Books, Bottles,
Put together and my school revamped.

My first fancy dress,debate and quiz,
My first crush,friend and foe,
Put together and my school revamped.

Wish, I could go back to school,
Wish, wishes came true!!!